Proverbs 27:17 states that "as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." Now this has long been known as instruction for us to learn from another. Yet, does it go further?

Think for a moment about the process of swordmaking, iron sharpening iron. In order for iron to sharpen iron, first there is a lot of heat required. The flame on the iron has to be hot enough to even cause the iron to glow. Then once the iron is glowing hot, the other piece of iron has to violently smash against the other with such force that it disfigures it, molding it into the sharper and stronger sword.

Too often (and I have been guilty of this myself) we try so hard to make discussion too peaceful, resulting in limitation on growth. The example of true iron sharpening displays a great example of what we should follow when working with each other to encourage each other's growth.

First we should be so "on fire" for God/YHWH that we are "glowing hot." Once we have dug into the heat of His fire long enough, we are ready for the next step. The next step is where be begin the interchange of scripture, interpretation, debate, exhortation, validation, and ecouragement for molding and sharpening ourselves in the image of the Father. Just as hard hitting and violent is iron to iron during sharpening, if we really want to grow stronger and sharper, we should be ready to really have heated, intense debate. After all, when we stand against those in the world they surely will have no sympanthy or compassion. It's kind of like if the military was training soldiers for war, you'd want the training to be as intense or more intense than the actual war zone so that the soldiers will truly be prepared for the battle rather than giving them some weak training that will set them up to be destroyed by the enemy. So with that, let our discussion (if truly strengthening and sharpening is the desired result) be strong, intense, and firmly founded in the holy scriptures (albeit with mutual respect). And truly, even such intense debate can still be respectful and mature, just as the two professional boxers are intensely tearing each other apart, yet not taking cheap shots nor losing tempers.

As we begin then, to strongly challenge and encourage eachother's faith, scriptural knowledge, and interpretation, we shall be able to grow even greater in the faith, and be even more effective tools for the Everlasting Father.

Peace to you,


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