Is anyone disturbed by this?...Children deserve much better than this.


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"I wont discourage people from practicing their cultural practices just because it makes me(or my religion) uncomfortable"

Is there anything that people might do because its of their culture to do it - that would offend you enough to say "Hey guys, that's wrong and dont teach that to your children"

You've got to have some boundaries. I know you do because you just spoke of being apart of some kind of religion. And a religion has a teaching and rules by which you follow. Some rules and guidelines may be easy to follow and some may be a little harder but there are boundaries.
Are you saying - you dont TRY to follow the rules of your religion?
Im saying I dont force my beliefs on others. I wont view their culture with the same guidelines I use for mine.
Are you a Christian - a follower of the New Testament?
Zoey Since you are a follower of the New Testament - do you think that Jesus and His holy apostles would approve of such 'goings on' ?
These break no rules he laid down so I would say he wouldnt take issue with it.

There is no scripture that says kids should refrain from doing the hoochie koochie dance - however it does say stay away from every appearance of evil…
So ask yourself - if what those kids are doing with each other is so pure -
-Then it should be Ok for a 30 year old man to dance like that with a six year old girl…Correct?
-It should be Ok for the children to stand in line at the grocery store and grind on each other without the music...Correct?
-It should be Ok for mothers to show their sons how to correctly get behind them and rhythmically move against their own mother…Correct?
Its wrong wrong evil evil hellish hellish - this goes for every nation and every culture because Jesus’ love and instructions are for everyone.
This video of our our innocent children being led to slaughter, made me sick and angry. To corrupt the souls of our children is one of the greatest sins, and these so called adults will pay heavily for what they are doing, if not here, surely in the life to come. It is obvious that they have no morals, values or fear of the Lord. This is what is happening all around our nation. "Godlessness" has taken root and being perpetuated on every hand. Listen to the filthy language spoken by our old and young alike. Look at their actions. Many say we can do nothing. That it is a sign of the times. I don't believe this. Dr. King once said that in order for evil to reign it only requires the silence of all the good people. We need to speak out, stand up and fight for the return of Judaeo-Christian Values.Majority should rule. One of the first places to start is within our Schools. There needs to be a return of the Spoken Power of Prayer there every day. The Power of the Spoken Word of Prayer will drive out the demons that have taken control. Secondly, we must allow discipline for the children again as well. How can they hope to learn when there is no discipline or order in the classroom. Thirdly, we need to organize to stop profanity in public places. This is a major corrupting influence on our young people and it also demoralizes the community. My Brothers and Sisters, there is much work to be done. We must strengthen ourselves with the word of God and step out to fight for the saving of souls.Our children's souls are being lost! We are called for such a time as this. We must become Christian Soilders marching as to war. . . because it is. We have only to look at this video to know the truth of what is happening.
I couldn't even finish watching this filth. They will pay for what they are doing to these little ones. Is this in America in a Spanish speaking community or in another country? This world is getting worse and worse and Satan is moving quickly. This is so sad.
This is what does me proud and no matter how anyone tries to justify a culture or what! Wrong is wrong I don't care what the culture is.
Wrong is not universal sir...
Of course it is!!! To kill in any country and under any circumstances is wrong!!! To corrupt the innocence of a small child under any conditions and in any country is wrong too!!! A fiendish act whatever it is and where ever it takes place is still just that - regardless of the country or the culture! It is still evil...It is destructive. It violates the Divine Laws of Almighty God. The Moral Laws of God are higher than the Laws of Man!!! The Laws of God are written in every man's heart. We know the difference between right and wrong. However, we are given free-will to choose the path we shall take. . .


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