"In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;" 1 Timothy 2:9.

Paul wrote this, and I see our world today getting worse and worse with the clothes they wear in public. Women are wearing tighter, shorter clothing and showing more and more skin. Have we let multi-media and fashion step over what the Bible teaches us about how we conduct ourselves when it comes to appearence? Has Lucifer tricked us into letting clothing get out of control? And what are we doing to fix this egregious oversight? Are we not aware of how much temptation this is to men? Are men aware of how much of a temptation it is to a woman to walk around without a shirt on?

Women have to understand how much men have to try to mortify lust with our eyes on a daily basis. Women have their vices with lust as well. Our society is become so secular, that Christians are dressing inappropriately with blind understanding. Victoria Secret is not just a secret of a man designing lingerie, but Lucifer's secret to making a society that lives by his deceit.

If we dress in a manner that is a temptation to the opposite sex, we are dressing offensive to God and his children. Christians need to set the example when it comes to this rapidly declining situation. We look negatively at the way Muslim women and men dress, but do they not dress the way people dressed in the times of Jesus? Fully clothed with a wrap over their hair. A man or woman shouldn't dress so that others can see the contours of their bodies. We have to be aware of what is Godly and what is not, what is worldly and what is heavenly.

"Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust." 2 Peter 1:4

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women are to always dress becoming of holinest. however outside of the Holy Ghost's admonishment of sudden danger, we do not know what tempts one man or the next.

We Christian women will do our part, I pray that Christian men will do their part in renewing their minds, what turned you on in the world should not still be turning you on.
Elder Williams

There is a difference between admiration and lust, now I feel in Christ we die from the lust, I admire good looking men, but lust is a craving, and I crave only my husband. When that emotion surfaces and I'm still in the flesh, it surfaces at times, I flee!

Christians have to be honest with themselves, we know our weaknesses, I don't have to see skin, imagining what's behind that suit can get next to me, if I let it go that far.

to the question? now I agree with your answer, example is everything,
I do not think we have any reason to look at if a womanor man is attractive or not. We are to be like Jesus, and treat others as if they were Jesus. So when we look at another person's buttock area just once, you and I know it is wrong. For we have no reason or right to look there in the first place. It is an ungodly gesture that we would not see Jesus doing if He were standing next to us. When I look at a man, I do not say in my mind if he is attractive or not, and I should look at all women the same way. I am in no way pointing at you as though you are guilty of this, I am merely generalizing. For I am like Paul, the chief sinner on this topic, and I try to mortify that sin on a daily basis.
keywords "daily basis" we are all there with you brother
I don't know about dressing offensive to God and his children, clothing is materialistic, I don't think clothing is irrelevant in Gods kingdom, you can't put clothes on a soul. I think judging someone clothing has nothing to do with God that's a personal judgement, a very conservative judgement. Jesus Christ wasn't in a designer robe & sandals. Jesus in fact taught compassion for the poor.

As far as women and Victoria Secret and lust, women could walk the earth naked as far as I'm concerned, I'm a mature man seeing naked women is not a big deal and could be seen as art not lust for me. I could have a conversation with a women naked it has nothing to do with lust or clothing. If a man wants a woman or vice versa it's natural not lust. I think it's art to see supermodels, past and todays models, posing I think it's art.

I rather talk about clothing stereotypes. Why is it white, Asian, Indian folks can dress how ever they want and they always look like they fit in, any environment. If they wear footlocker clothing they look cool, not like a criminal, [everyone knows footlocker clothing as been branded black folk clothing] if they wear Polo, Hollister or American Eagle or any other clothing folks consider white suburb clothing they fit in their environment. If they look unshaved & wear ripped up jeans, no name T-shirt with holes in it, and beat-up shoes and walk around a college or university they don't look poor or stupid, in fact the fit in more because they don't wear name brand clothing. Black males are connected to most social and economic hardships. Hardship and black males are connected like wealth & white folks so black folk go overboard when it comes to fashion so they want look broke.

Yours truly,
Anthony Smith
black folk go overboard when it comes to fashion so they want look broke.

Amen lol, Bro Anthony, there is a difference between wealth and rich, rich is seen on television, in movies, on videos, in store windows......

wealth is rarely visible, and it last longer.
Oh amen Evangelist!
Wow... Now what part of 1 Timothy 2:9 did you understand? Because it seems as if your saying it is ok for our culture to be secular. Secondly, color and culture are not of a concern to our Father God, what is in your heart concerning His will, His Son and commandments are.


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