There is a question that people would ask, "Is healing for today?" The answer is yes!!! Hebrews 13:8 says that Jesus Christ is they same yesterday, today, and forever. That means that Jesus stills saves, heals, and delivers. There are cessationists who believe that miracles, especially healing, had ceased after the bible is written. Newsflash: Jesus still heals people and He never changes. The reason why healing seems like it's not for today to you is because you are putting limits on God. Things don't work out very good because you are putting limits on God. So, take limits off of God and let Him do whatever He wants to do.

Sadly, there are some Christians who believe in the doctor's report instead of the report of God. Isaiah 53:5 says that by the stripes of Jesus Christ, you are healed. It's important to claim what the Lord has in store for you. Instead of speaking illness and death over yourself, you must claim healing over your life if you want to be healed. The bible says that life and death is at the power of the tongue. So when you pray, it's important to confess the Word of God. Do not identify with labels that people put on you. When you receive your healing, it's important to testify about how God has healed you of diseases and illnesses because testifying about your healing can lead people into a relationship with Jesus Christ. People need to see that Jesus is still healing, saving, and delivering people. You also need to see for yourself that God is still not through with you yet. When it comes to deaf ears open, blind eyes opening, crippled legs being straightened out, cancer disappearing, and great miracles, it's not coincidence nor luck. God is a god of miracles and healing, not luck.

To talk about my experiences with healing, my mother was telling me about an event when I was a toddler, I had suffered from headache and her mother laid hands on me and prayed for me. Then, I got healed. As a preschooler, I had been diagnosed with a speech delay, but the Lord had healed me. Now, I'm being used by God to preach is word. Yes, there were memories when my mother and my Aunt Hannah was laying hands on me and praying for me when I was sick and afflicted with pain. I am glad to be a miracle. You should be glad to be a miracle when you get your miracle.

Healing is not done only by a preacher laying hands on you and having you to fall on the floor. Yes, Mark 16:18 says that the believers shall lay hands on the sick and the sick shall recover. But don't limit the healing to the laying on of the hands. Healing can be done by anointing oil, praying, fasting, touching and agreeing with someone for their healing, nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, prayer cloths, taking communion to remember that Jesus bore our afflictions on the cross, and faith confessions. You don't have to get the preacher to lay hands on you and slap some oil on you to get your healing. All you have to do pray, receive your healing by faith, have your life aligned with the word of God, and thank God in advance for the evidence of healing. You don't have to be an ordained minister to be used by God to minister healing to people. You can intercede with for someone who is afflicted with an illness, anoint your children with oil when they're sick, and visit a relative or a friend in the hospital and pray with them. It's important to expect God to work signs, wonders, and miracles that could lead people to Christ. Yes, it's possible that God can use healing to draw people to Christ.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not against medical help. It's important to go to the physicians to get yourself checked out and treat the illness that you're suffering with. Take the medication that your doctors prescribe you. But all I'm saying is that don't put your confidence in your doctors, put your confidence in Jesus Christ, M.D. who can do what the doctors cannot do. Nothing is too hard for God!!! Also, when you get healed, go to your physician so that he or she will check out what happened to you. Remember that God does his part, but you must do your part, too. To maintain good health, you must eat right, exercise, drink plenty of water, and get enough rest. Don't expect God to heal you so that you can abuse your body. The bible says that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and you must take care of it.

Feel free to bring up some testimonies about your healing because you overcome by your testimony.

I pray that this message is a blessing to you, and if you believe and receive it, say amen!!!

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Yes, healing is for today. God bless you.
Healing is for today, but not as it was then. God has given man more insight, education and technological advances. Here is the problem I have with the way healing is being presented today, it makes people believe they don't need to go to the doctor because their pastor can put his hands on them and heal them. This is detrimental to the black community. We are more susceptible to systemic diseases than any other race, we go to the doctor less than any other race, we still believe in folk medicine for healing and we do not take prescribed medicine according to instructions; therefore to tell us we can be healed or cured by someone's hand is making our health issues worse. I know there are times when people go to the doctor and are diagnose with a problem and when they return there is a different answer, but they return. Most people get the diagnosis and go to a so-called healing service and never return. God may not chose to heal during that time and one must keep taking their medication and keeping their appointments until it is confirmed by a doctor they are in remission. I do not believe all will be healed and I don't think we will see it as it was in the New Testament, for if we really look at the scriptures miracles and healings are a fractional part of what God was doing. His purpose is to give His people the Word and have them live according to His word.
Rev. Jeff, with respect, I call our attention to the difference between the Word being true and our poor teaching or illogical response to that Word.

I am a witness to the continuance of supernatural healing as one used to facilitate healing as well as one healed. I've laid hands and seen God move supernaturally. I am also an overcomer of both mild brain injury and a stroke. The stroke happened this past First Sunday while I was in the pulpit. I can tell you the very moment I received God's healing through the laying on of hands. Yet I was clear that as I walked through the manifestations of having these conditions, I needed to heed the advice of the medical doctors, take medications, and do my therapy. Scripture affirms the validity of medical doctors. We know that the woman with the extreme hemorrhage condition has seen many doctors before seeking Jesus. We also know that there are instances of Jesus healing and telling those healed to present themselves to the priest for verification. Additionally, we know that even when Jesus healed, the full manifestation of that healing was not always immediate. When Jesus healed a man's eyes, his vision returned incrementally.

No, we cannot negate the power of the Word for this present age because we have not taught the spiritual gifts, including healing, properly. The challenge is for us to teach an empowered Word that builds faith as we admonish our people that even when they've experienced supernatural healing, they are still to go to the doctor until released.

And you're correct. God does not alway choose to heal. Because He does not always do it does not mean that it's not for today. Yet I would respectfully disagree with you about healing being a "fractional part" of the divine mission. Salvation is all about healing and wholeness. Jesus' announcement of His mission in Luke 4:16-21 was summarized best by the late Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson, International Prelate of the COGIC when he said, "Be healed, be delivered, and be set free!"
As a final statement, healing as used by your laying on of hands is nothing more than voodoo. We have doctors and advanced technology that is effective but you choose folk lore and mis-interpreted doctrine. It is the gift of doctors to facilitate healing, preachers gift is to spread the Word of God, so people can be save, if more time was spent preaching and less times on tricks we could save our communities and planet. I have traveled to many countries and people line up to hear the Word of God, but all too often in the United States people line up for money and healing. The woman with the hemorrhaging conditions was first poor and medicine was not to the extent as it is now, and she had the intellegence to go to available doctors, again another attempt to twist scripture. To fleece the people by faining a stroke is clever at best, healing with out diagnosis is the same as so called tongues without interpretation..fake. Now people who are sick will never go to a doctor, but come and bring their money to you, as I would guess is your intent. These type of tricks are the reason real men of God are loosing people. Jesus mission statement was for His mission it fulfilled an Old Testament prophecy for Him. Salvation is about saving souls period, anything else we receive is called Grace.
Rev. Jeff, you are out of line as you have gone from presenting a point of view to blatant error, personal attack, and defamation of character. As I am recovering from a "feigned [ischemic] stroke", I praise God for medical doctors who treated me initially and continue to do so. I affirmed both supernatural healing *and* medical science.

Your ranting and personal attack is offensive, fallacious, and beneath one who presents himself as a *minister* of God.
Yes - thank you Meshiac! It is for today!!!!
It is for today indeed... I've seen it personally take place in my life and in the lives of some close relatives of mine, my mother and grandmother included.. so cant nobody tell me healing does not exist today, I've already seen it manifest.


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