While I don't subscribe to the notion that we are to be perfect, I do believe that we have to be willing to honestly lead a consistent life with the word of God. Perfection is rightly defined as maturity and not "fautless" in the perspective of the word of God. On the other hand, God has the right to expect "reasonable" lifestyles among His children and we have a right and mandate to lead a "reasonable" life. What is reasonable to God is clearly outlined in the Bible for those of us who follow it. The challenge is that we see His reasonable expectations as those things that we MUST abide by without excuse. Sin is one thing, but abomination is something different. The reasonable expectations of God make it necessary that each of us evaluate ourselves based on His word and our obligations to Him and those around us. We therefore cannot pick and choose what we want to pick and choose as a lifestyle. There are no real explanations that are justified in God as to why our leaders often choose one lifestyle in the church and another one outside the church. Listen, if I am "holy" in church setting, I must be that way outside of church. If not, I am either a hypocrite or I am psychotic. Either way, I would need to reevaluate my calling as God would not call me to something so sacred as ministry knowing that I am not the example His unredeemed people need. I would therefore need to deal with my reality and then take hold of His precious ministry. Weakness is always in need of being submitted to God, but weakness first has to submit to the will of God to become strong if for no other reason but to glorify the Lord. I submit my brothers and sisters that perfection is not the issue, rather, what is reasonable is. Is God asking too much of you to be His example? Did He prematurely choose you before you  had a chance to " lay aside every weight," or did you just decide to "come as you are," without any consideration for change? Perhaps those are not relevant questions to most, but to go they are. Find out what is reasonable to Him and then seek to lead a consistent lifestyle that others may understand the expectations of God. Otherwise, leave the ministry until you are willing to submit to what is "reasonable" to Him.

Those of you who are walking in the "reasonable" keep up the good work. Your crown awaits you as well as your mansion.


Your Brother

Dr Willard L Smith

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