Well I guess when it comes down to it, just as Esau sold his birth right for a pottage, Obama, everyone's great hope forgot who gave him the victory and decide to sell his soul for another shot in the White House.

And before anyone jump up I have been an Obama supporter, but I can't agree with this move. Obama has just decided to put worldly prize above principle and above the things that is scared to God namely he has decided tojoin in the desecration to Gods oldest institution, the marriage.

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Social injustice is social injustice.


PO cannot legislate God's sanctification onto immorality; a man cannot trump God.  Any victory gained for ssm is temporal.  As God is on his throne,.. know that.

Gays have many states and even apostate churches that recognize them and 'pronounce them married; so what is it that's really evading homosexuals' and failing to live up to your sense of justice and righteousness?   Its God's mandated blessing and the true Church's total acquiescence. 

PBO's signature on a 1000 Exe.Orders is not going to take away the stain of sin and rejection by God of ssm.  Mal 3:6.

Actually Phil I am straight and married.  What is missing is that people are voting on the lives and rights of others.  That is a major problem.  Thank God my rights were not up to a public vote.

You know what I find hard to believe is most of these people claim there is no God that God do not exist yet they apparently finding it hard to live and go on with their lives without God's approval.  Hey folks marriage was institutionise by God so why the push to have rights to be married, what doesn't the evolutionist have anything to offer..  

I wouldn't say most of those people claim that there is no God.  Those that seek legalized marriage are seeking just that.  Legalized marriage.  I think you are confusing this issue.  They can get legally married without the church but not without the state.


Its our rights as Orthodox worshipers is what's really at stake here under PO's powers without public vote.  This is easy to see if one is not willfully attempting to be short-sited in one's understanding of the big picture.

The right of Christianity to not be subjugated by a small minority is the "end-all' in this matter.  PO has to silence the Church and scripture to insure gays they will never, ever again have to hear of any disapproval of their agenda.  If this is not where all of this is going then 2,000 year-old prophetic scripture is all a lie. 

Total Gay liberation/freedom won't and can't allow the Church to continue its open disapproval.   It you prefer reprobates to silence and discriminate against believers soon, I'm sure all such sympathizers are welcomed at their table.

As for you and I, we can agree to disagree.  I prefer not to indulge in anymore direct discourse with you personally.  As the Apostles Paul and Peter warned us then that in these times some of the 'faith' would no longer endure sound doctrine, . . but would give heed to seducing spirits, etc.   Helluva crystal ball, wasn't it?

It is not about the "church's) approval.  Who cares about the church's approval?  What I care about as a straight Christian who is a lgbt ally, is that 1.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not tarnished by those who have no idea what the Bible really says about the issue of homosexuality.  2.  That people don't get approval twisted with squashing the rights of others.


I really folks would learn what the Bible really says.

Angry, now?  Good,

The Holy Spirit's knocking at your door.  Please open the door and let him in.  Fire Baptism will put his tongue, his Spirit and his understanding in you so you will no longer be conflicted. That's the 'rights' he imparts. Godspeed.

Phil I let the Holy Spirit in a long time ago.  I also let bad theology go. 

Actually it is all about the churches or the body of Christ or the brides approval or rejection of any group. It is the body of Christ that has the same power and authority in the grooms absence and while we have the right to judge, it would be rather foolish to judge for we are forgiven our sins if we forgive others, well that is the concept of the Lord's prayer at least? To forgive us our sins as we forgive others?

So yes we have the right to condemn others, but would be foolish if we really understood the principles where we condemn ourselves by condemning others. If we are of Him and He did not come to condemn the world, then we also should not condemn anyone. We do however have the right to pray for others and hold them up to God and intercede in their behalf, but I am fairly certain that we will not be praying for them if we are condemning them?

If Jesus left things up to the Father, including Judas then we probably should be doing the same things.

Now as far as Christianity is concerned for those that have read scripture and profess to know it, we do not find the word Christianity anywhere and we do not see that any of the apostles or disciples told anyone to be a Christian, which would lead people to believe that Jesus came to start a new religion called Christianity, when in fact Jesus came so that all could be grafted into the promise.

The big difference is that a Christian is not required to represent the love and will of God where a person of God is required to represent the love and will of God to be of God. It is a very important difference.

Gerald, You apparently don't see anything wrong in the fact that if this law is pass Christians will be force to partake in this abomination against God, you keep harping about the rights of gays but they are able to have civil marriages already why is it so important for them to be married in a church by a Christian minister, why should Christian minister be force to married them in the site of God and in a Church when it is an abomination to God.  You seem to think that this is just about the rights of gays but what about the right of a Christian Minister to refuse to participating in marrying these people. 

Gays already have their civil marriages but they now want to be able to marry in church by a Christian Minister. Dont kid yourself the law already recognise civil marriages between lesbians and gays that is not the issue.

Their civil marriages is already recognise by the law that is not the issue the issue is to change the law means that they can go to a church and a minister has to marry them or get their licience taken away.  So where is the Ministers right to withdraw from committing an abomination against God.

And I ask again why is it so important to gays to have their marrigae accepted by God when they clearly do not believe in God because if you believe in God you would not want to do what is an abomination to God. 

And clearly if you do not think homosexuality is an abomination to God then you my dear sir is the one who need to study the word of God and I suggest you so prety sharpish because to believe otherwise then you are in the great falling out one who move above from Biblical truth


The church has no right to regulate one's civil rights or even right to marry.  In our country we are a democracy and not a theocracy.  There is no government assigned religion.  So condemn and judge all you want but the church has no rights to deny the rights of others. And I am speaking on the law.


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