Well I guess when it comes down to it, just as Esau sold his birth right for a pottage, Obama, everyone's great hope forgot who gave him the victory and decide to sell his soul for another shot in the White House.

And before anyone jump up I have been an Obama supporter, but I can't agree with this move. Obama has just decided to put worldly prize above principle and above the things that is scared to God namely he has decided tojoin in the desecration to Gods oldest institution, the marriage.

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Yes of course it does matter. I mean the message you just gave I would assume that you have given it to all the gay people that are out there? I mean I got it, but I am one of the choir.

I mean when you go into the places where gays hang and you tell them they are all condemned, "how is that working?"

So yes it matters because it sounds like there are no gays where you live that you have to tell me that? Remember your preaching to the choir?

Well I hope Sarah when you go into a gay community you will tell them the truth that God loves them as His creation but the act of man sleeping with man is of satan considered an abomination to God. You have a duty to tell the truth and offer to help them to get out of the situation by offering to pray and intercede for God's help in them being change, turn around

I mean I have read this reread this a few times and do not take it lightly.

Now I would like each of you to close your eyes and picture the following just for a moment. Here we have the righteous saying to a child that no longer has a place to live or food. And now imagine you saying to them the wages of sin is death. Their response to your surprise is "no kidding, we are living it."

Yesterday close to 14,000 people starved to death and the only reason they have starved to death is because there are not enough people working to end starvation or homelessness or a few other things I could mention? Are all of our congregations not in some sin of one kind or another? Is everyone that you know doing everything they can to end starvation even the innocent?

I mean by these responses is anyone going to work harder to end starvation? Maybe if we all put our shoulders to the task of ending starvation, which honestly should be a no brainer, do you think with all of us and our congregations could reach out just to reduce the number of starving people.

Mind you starvation is one of the worst ways you can possible die? I mean mothers giving their children pebbles to eat so their stomachs have something in them? Any of you ever watched anyone starve to death because you HAVE to say to them :"hey the wages of sin is death?" Or have to say to them that the body of Christ does not care enough to make sure you have something to eat or a safe place to sleep?

Oh ya well thats over there right? Thats not in the US or maybe where you are? Are there no people in your area that should be reached out to with the love of God? Have you reached everyone with His love and will?

Now see if we haven't then we are in sin. If your congregations have not then maybe your not getting on them enough to end hunger or homelessness? I mean sin no more people go out and get a job......

Right? Hows that working for ya? Honestly? Really?

Guys I live with the wages of sin is death. Are you? Do any of you even know what we work to do? Do any of you that are saying go sin no more even see what is happening out there and that the body of Christ with all the love it says it has allow this to continue?

See here is the point.Scripture tells us that we can do all things through Christ and we all believe scripture, right? Ok so if we can do all things through Christ then we are allowing to let starvation continue, which by the way is a SIN! For what we do even to the least of these let alone the gays and those that need or want an abortion or those kids that have no home or parents that lost their job even if it was not their fault they lost their job. Oh yes the mortgage is more important than solving the problems? I mean the mortgages of the church comes first. This last month more was payed in mortgages for churches than was spent on ending starvation. How about that? Here we have God looking down at us, what do you think He is thinking?

Welll.................................... if He is a just God those not working to end starvation as they allow it.......... maybe need to go hungry............. cause after all the wages of sin is death? Is our sin less than their sin?

Ok that is rather harsh yes, but then again I keep reading that these folks over here or there are an abomination and the church is allowing starvation to continue because the hey after all the church mortgage is more important than feeding and caring for people?

How about salvation is living by faith? If the wages of sin is death then the equal side is we can do all things through Christ, but lets try to be honest with ourselves let alone our congregations, we can do all things through Christ, (if it is important enough to us). I would suspect that God sees it that way, if it is important enough to us or important enough to our congregations.

Here is a clue that may help you understand where I am coming from. The church means community and the community is were we live, so are we saying that in our communities or church there is no sin? Really I am not being rhetorical. I am approaching this with honesty and truth. 

You see I got it! I mean your preaching to the choir here on this end. Do you get it? Really?

Good Grief, Charlie Brown!

Hey you preached at me and thought it was ok. If that is true then I should be able to preach at you as well, that is unless you somehow think you are over or better than I am? More spiritual or smarter or something?

I mean I am not one of those girls that just sit back. I can dish it back to those dishing it out and that was my point.

Go hit people over the head calling them an ABOMINATION and they turn you off.

I mean I see ya your trying to turn me off at this point thinking it is just my problem, but you have to read your posts to see that you have been telling me something about ABOMINATIONS.

We are all equal right?

Sarah this discussion is about marriages between gays, it is not about the poor, the homeless it is about the gay marriages that the word of God says is an abombination not our words Gods words so if you say you accept God then you ought to accept His word dont twist it, the act of homosexuality is what is an abomination. And the fact is there is no gay marriages in the Bible that has got to tell you something and in every occasion where man lie with man God either destroy the whole city or there is great admonition and warning to shun sexual morality.

All sin is connected, many are the afflictions of the righteous. Those afflictions are probably there because of sin? It is all connected if sin is sin unless you are saying that one sin is bigger than the others, but scripture does not say that. That would be a teaching outside of scripture which is also a sin?

I am not poking fun or anything, but it is rather easy to poke it at gays or this group or that group and not see what is happening in our own backyards thinking we are ok and that is the point I was making.

so vote for the mormon mitt who hate people look like you and the president....OBAMA 2012

Let him hate me then!!!!!, , , and the ships our ancestors rode over here on! I wasn't going to vote for MR before, but maybe I should.

Bro, I am so beyond any inferiority complexes I cannot feel what you are saying.  I use to feel it everyday; but Christ, an olive skin, wandering Hebrew preacher say he made me and all things in the beginning and said it was good.  Black's good enough for him, . .its good enough for me.

We don't need a president who's at war with God, the Mosques, Synagogues and the Church!  Our leader's black, brother, . and I feel pain cause 'one of us??????' is visibly undermining similar scriptural truths for Christians, Muslims and Jews..


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