Well I guess when it comes down to it, just as Esau sold his birth right for a pottage, Obama, everyone's great hope forgot who gave him the victory and decide to sell his soul for another shot in the White House.

And before anyone jump up I have been an Obama supporter, but I can't agree with this move. Obama has just decided to put worldly prize above principle and above the things that is scared to God namely he has decided tojoin in the desecration to Gods oldest institution, the marriage.

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     God raised up Pharaoh and the Egyptians so that he could bring them down.  Understand that there are those who are an enemy of God in a finite sense.  God can allow one to become reprobate. 

     Also remember that you are not God.  If I give up on you that means I am not taking anymore of what you are dishing out and I will let God deal with you and or the situation.

     When do you give up on your marriage?  Are you going to continue to stay in an abusive, adulterous and disrespectful relationship and talk about God hates divorce and he will honor you for not giving up? 

     Now in Exodus Chapter 14 the Lord admonishes the Israelites to encamp before Pihahiroth in verse 2.  Pihahiroth means "place where the sedge grows."  The quality of the sedge is that it is a flowering plant that will grow in all kinds of situations even when the soil is of a poor quality. 

     Here God is saying for you to encamp, don't let them run you off because the situation does not look promising.  Don't let them run you because you are not the most qualified.  Don't give up because you came out of a poor and dysfunctional situation.  He is able to raise you up and grow you in spite of your situation.  

     So here we see that God will use his people to bring down his enemies.  They thought they had the advantage when they were over you, but God was just setting them up to fall.  You were the cause.  All he needs is a cause.    

Well, we are mixing Old Testament rules or Law with New Covenant love and the two cannot be mixed, The law of love is harder than rules. When does a person give up on their marriage? When they judge they have had enough? Get that one? When they judge for themselves they have had enough? Ok so now we have created a new rule in that marriage covenant is no longer eternal? Ok so how long should a marriage last? Well for one person it lasts as long as ..... and for another person it lasts as long as ..... and I would venture to guess that women will answer it one way and men would answer that a different way unfortunately?

It should be mentioned that in the Old Covenant a person could not have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, but in the New Covenant we not only can have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, but also the mantel of the office which is what could be obtained in the Old Covenant, but then again in the Old Covenant they were believers and while in the New Covenant we are supposed to be born again, we see that many still look to the cross, which is the sign of death and the sign of law, where in the New Covenant the focus is on the empty tomb and the power of the Holy Spirit which says we can do all things through Christ, where in the Old Covenant, it was not possible to do all things.

Perhaps in the New Covenant it is us that determines who makes it and who does not make it, because when we judge others, they are judged, but then we fall back in to the Old Covenant and are also judged. In the New Covenant we have the power of God to forgive sin. In the Old we did not have the power to forgive.

Now we come to the issue of Obama? Well, to start with it was the body of Christ that allowed Obama into office and only the body of Christ can stop Obama, at least from a scriptural standpoint. The truth is that we in looking back should not have allowed Obama into office to begin with. So do we learn from our mistakes? I mean if we were not led by the Holy Spirit to vote for Obama then if we have not learned the consequences of putting people into office then we have learned nothing and will continue doing the same thing. Good grief look at all the presidents that have claimed to be a Christian, which is how they all have gotten into office. 

The point is that we do the judging or we allow God to do the leading, but it says in scripture that those led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God and all have the power of God to become sons of God, but that also means we need to learn to be led by His Spirit. God's Spirit will not keep us from voting for a person not of God. We are supposed to have the wisdom of God to know the difference. A person of God will always represent the love and will of God. A person, including Christians, are not required to represent the love and will of God.

Look at the temperance movement to see the point. While God does not want us to be drunkards, we are not to control others. Christianity in the past has attempted to control people from doing this or that and while if we are God's people we should not do this or that, we do not have the right to control others, which takes away a persons free will. If God intended for free will then we are not to take it away from people. Now in our own house, we can serve the Lord, but we cannot force others to do the same. 

I hardly think any of us thinks we can, or is even remotely trying to take away anyone's "right' of "free will" to choose how they want to live.  Are we no longer commanded now to declare, "what  saith the Lord?"

We are required to take a stand for God against egregious sin, not be silenced into submission and compliance under a pious veil of  "pseudo love."   Does the Church shy away from influencing society after Christ declared,  "Ye are the salt of the earth, AND IF THAT SALT HAS LOST ITS SAVOR OF WHAT USE IS IT, .  except to be thrown out?"  

Do we just go along while gays have required of a professed Christ follower that he turn the land over to a reprobate mind?  But, God forbid it if we speak out  'least we offend someone?"

How many times do we listen to gays QUOTE SCRIPTURES AT US, "Judge not, least ye be, . ."  and how the woman caught in adultery was told by Jesus, ", . . neither do I condemn you."  Isn't it convenient how these same souls never read Jesus' next words. "GO AND SIN NO MORE."

Sisters and brothers, let's not mistake these events.  They have declared war on Christ influence in the  nation, and have decided they want to control us.  PO has lost all restraint against them for reason of their "causes."   Even with droves of us praying for him.  Read their archive blogs before this incident occurred.   They've wanted the flood gates opened against God and his Church, (our 501.C3 STATUS, what we will preach, etc.)   Their 3% of the population!!!

Saints gotta pray against this evil instead of trying to decide if our witness and our conviction are too strong or God's word is too full of condemnation.  And if we missed the spirit telling us don't vote for anyone of them, past or present, then so let the remedy be 1 John 2:1  unto us as believers.. 

Well, you throwing a lot of things in one pot and calling it good, including the governments covenant 501c3. Enter covenant with the government and that is what the 501c3 does, enters the government as partners to the church. If you do not believe it look at your corporation charter. It says YOU (those that have a 501c3) will obey all the laws that the government passes.

Your preaching to the choir. I mean you can preach to the world, which you should, but the world is at odds with Christ and Christ is not the US or any other government and the two should not be confused. If you do not thing being gay is not the right way to go, then do not be a gay, but you do not have a right to tell others what to do. Really we can make it more complicated, but if we look at Ruth and Naomi and others in scripture, you will see some things you probably do not want to see, but that is the funny part about the truth, it sets you free.

Facts are if Jesus does not condemn then neither should any of us if the object is to be like Jesus? Now if the object is to get to judge people or condemn them there are plenty of religions to do that? I mean God does not need to judge, if the rest of everyone else is judging? The salt of the earth is not the world, but those of God, but if one is of God then they are required to represent the love and will of God. If a person does not represent the love and will of God then they are not of God. Those of God have a different standard than those of the world and one a person of God cannot "make" or control a person to do anything.Yes it is a good idea to seek after God in His ways and will, but one cannot force someone to do the same? That is how all theses laws keep getting passed. Making more laws only creates more criminals. Allowing people to be themselves allows them to decide that they too should seek after God, because nothing else will work, but when we force people to do anything, they rebel.

Yes indeed look at history and Christianity which does attempt often to take away peoples free will, believing that Christians are there to dominate or rule others? It is a common belief in Christianity, but when one starts dominating they fall into control and manipulation, which are minor forms of witchcraft.

If there are any rules then it is a rule of love and learning how to be led by the Spirit of God, but if He is our Spirit, then He dwells in us and we in Him.

Amen and peace be unto all.

Let God be true, . .and everything else ,. .

     Don't separate the O.T. from the N.T. it is all good for instruction.  God's convenants are perpetual, however they all have conditions.  When you break your end of the covenant then you alter the deed.  When you get a check in your spirit you move with the Spirit. 

     Mark 6:5, "And he could there do no mighty work, save that he laid his hands upon a few sick folk, and healed [them]."  Until you get sick and tired of your current situation, God cannot do anymore for you.  You have accepted being in an physical and mentally abusive relationship.  Only when you are tired of your situation and are ready to make a change can the healing process begin, to forgive and love.  Some people you are going to have to love from a distance.

         In the O.T. there was a different manifest presence of the Lord.  The Holy Spirit would come upon people for its purpose.  N.T. the Holy Spirit is freely given to all those who believe, accept and walk with purpose.   


Well actually the Spirit of God was passed from one person to the next after experience in the upper room.

Part of the rightly dividing the word of truth is to understand the difference between one covenant and the next and while the are connected and one needs to build off of the beginning to understand other covenants. Mark 6:5 was still under the Old Covenant where Jesus was limited because of a lack of their faith. If we believe for example that the New Covenant started in Matthew the first chapter then we miss much of what happened prior to Acts chapter two which is when the New Covenant actually started. Actually in Acts chapter two we see the first born again people on earth. The New Covenant could not start until after Jesus actually ascended to heaven. We find in the book of John Jesus blew on them the Holy Spirit which was a mantel for the office they were called to serve in, but the indwelling could not happen until after Jesus ascended.

This also means that the work by faith that the disciples all had done were done by people that believed they could do those things. We see in Mark it says those that believe will do these things. It does not say that those that are anointed etc will do these things, but those that simply believe. The church at one time taught that the reason the disciples could do those things was because of some special dispensation, but it does not say that anywhere in scripture. The Old Covenant was a different dispensation, but we find that there are two types of believers today, those that are born again and those that are not born again, but they also have the power of God to become sons of God even to them that believe on His name, but to be a son one needs to learn how to be led by the Spirit of God.

It says no where that if one simply believes one is born again. What it says is that in order to see the kingdom of God one must be born again, but that not all that believe are born again. In Acts we find believers that had not heard of a Holy Ghost.

There are many today that are simply believers and not born again believers in part due to how they came in. One of the problems of names is that in calling ourselves a something like Baptist for example we limit the power of God. John was the last prophet of the Old Covenant, but all of the teachings of John the Baptist including being baptized for the remission of sin was all under the Old Covenant, which is why one needs to be careful and know the differences between one covenant and the New Covenant. Yes we are to baptize in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, but that only works if one is under the New Covenant. I mean one can only pass a covenant along to another if the are in the same covenant. In other words if a person is in one covenant such as John was, then he could only pass along the Old Covent to others, which also holds true to all those that follow the teachings of John. Do we get rid of John's teachings? Well, it is important to know one from the next, but it was written about two prophets at the time of Jesus. One being a good prophet and the other being a bad prophet as they were having fun? The good prophet was thought to be John and the bad prophet was thought to be Jesus.

     To much with the covenant stuff.  The whole bible is good for instruction.  If you can't preach from Genesis to Revelation than you are not called to preach this Word.  

Ok, so here is the point?

Maybe just maybe there is something to all the covenant stuff and it is part of the truth of which God wants you to know about and understand for your life?

We need to be open enough to seek God for the truth. I am not saying that to be mean or over anything or anyone.

Accepting Christ is to accept not only Jesus as the head, but also accepting the body of Christ, for what we do even to the least of these, we do to Him directly.

When PBO abandoned GOD and the promise he made in '08 in the black churches to uphold "one man one woman", . .that was the last straw for many, not all . 

Not when AAs as a voting block waited, and are still waiting an audience with the king; much longer than anyone group for stabilization of horrific unemployment, school to prison assaults on our youth, foreclosure and crime blighted neighborhoods. 

As a voting block, we were faithful and DEFENDED HIM behind others criticizing 2 years ago for not helping his own people.  How's is this now us throwing HIM under the bus?   AAs waited while other groups were favored with bills and executive orders to address their communities' specific issues.  Some, (the gays) got in line 2 and 3 times, while we still opened our hearts/prayers wide to him.

We as an AA/Christian entity never asked him for anything.  We followed PO as long as he, professing his Christianity as he did, followed God, too.  If we have no option, politically, so be it.   When did God become feeble and inadequate? 

He's been known to rain bread from heaven and even send an unclean bird to bring meat.  And for that matter, when did our  'big mammas, grand mammas and aunties' forget how to gather us around even if all they have is nothing but a  "pot of pinto beans and a pan of cornbread'?

And if true believers get a check in their spirit, it won't be from God telling us to compromise.  Are we going to put Barack before God's word? 

I guess this entire incident is possibly God still saying today, . . . "Thou shalt have no other "god" before me."

It is interesting how black folks quickly dump their own over the issue of homosexuality.  Burn your Obama shirts because he supports marriage equality?  How about the NAACP? Do we dump them as well?  They support marriage equality as well.

Dear Brother:

We are "burning our Obama shirts?!!" because he places his compromising, political beliefs and influence above that of God's word and moral instruction.  We are saints or children of God,  first, and we're black, second.  Do we love God or Obama more?  Its being decided individually.

Marriage Equality? . nice, palatable words, .,God calls it an abomination.

Do we dump the NAACP?  When they dump Christ,, yes.  Now its the NAAGP (g for gay people).  So be it if that.'s their conviction, here is another.


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