Well I guess when it comes down to it, just as Esau sold his birth right for a pottage, Obama, everyone's great hope forgot who gave him the victory and decide to sell his soul for another shot in the White House.

And before anyone jump up I have been an Obama supporter, but I can't agree with this move. Obama has just decided to put worldly prize above principle and above the things that is scared to God namely he has decided tojoin in the desecration to Gods oldest institution, the marriage.

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Well Angela you are not quoting what I said, but what you thought I said. I did not say that a Christian was not of God, but said that one is not required by scripture anywhere that one needs to be a Christian. I never said that a Christian was not of God. I don't have a right to say that, but I did say if we are going to represent the truth then we need to deal with concepts that we us that are not of scripture. I am saying if we continue to represent things in error and we know it then we are in sin.

I have the title of Doctor, because I have a doctorate. I am not sure why you would even ask such a thing? How one gets classified as a doctor is by going to college and earning a doctorate, I would think?

Back to my original statement which was quoting scripture which is "those led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God," which I cannot imagine anyone would be concerned with? If one is being led by the Spirit of God or are a bond servant then they really do not have a choice? The concept is that we lay our lives down for His.

I will show you scripture about Doctor if you will show me scripture about the name Angela?

I can give you one scripture that I fully identify with which is "physician, heal thyself." I do get it. 

I mean your hurling accusations at me as a person and I have not said anything bad about you and if I did I apologize. I have said things about Christianity being UN-scriptural and that is totally true. I also have stated that if we are teaching things outside of scripture it is heresy as that is the definition of heresy. That is true for anyone.

If one belongs to God then they are not to make choices to do this or that, but seek God for what to do or what to say. That is true? Right?

I am not attaching this to anyone's particular reply, but I found the dialog very interesting and my spirit spoke and said "YOU CAN SEE WHO WILL ACCEPT THE MARK OF THE BEAST"....wow. 

You must know the ORDER....and ANYTHING that anyone put first in their order of life, is their GOD.  Chose who you will follow....society have excepted so much they don't know what is right.  This is a reflection of what the Word of God warns us about...The Wolves in Sheep clothing.  Those professing they love God...these are some wicked days and don't get fooled by those THEOLOGIANS....those that disect the word of God and make it their word...those that will take the word of God and say man has distorted it....whoa to the ones who do not want to walk up right.  Society is trying to make a SIN law...and that is dangerous.  When something is law...you can be sued and there will be same sex married people saying they want to be married in your church and if you refuse them....you can be sued...that will be LAW.  People better see the subtle serpents and harken to God.  The first man refused to OBEY...and you know what happened.  Here we are again...serpent is saying you will surely not die....OH YES YOU WILL.....ANYTHING that is an abomination to the Lord, is suppose to be to those that are HIS. 

In Love Sister Denise

P.S.  I still love and pray for the President, but I love the Lord MORE.

Magnificent testimony!

I thought it was extremely, and seriously CREEPY, and much too SIMILAR how all of this ssm time-bomb exploded at the 3.5 year point of the reign of PO since his inauguration in '08.  As Daniel 9:27 prophecy states, a false covenant of peace (policy deception) was deliberately sold to a spiritual tribe of God's people, (Black and/or Democratic Christians).   PO gave CLEAR assurances to the Black Church in the bible-belt of America regarding his (marriage policy and his Christian faith) when he was campaigning.          

And before anyone blows a gasket, I'm not saying PO is the anti-christ.  But this attempt of his to break down biblical OBSERVANCES in American society and BIBLICAL righteousness, at the demand OF the ssm community is not a coincidence.  This is certainly ushering in some unheard corruption on a world scale.  The parallels are too close not to be a fore-runner of and/or foreshadowing of the great apostasy before Christ returns.

And here is another parallel just as large and foreshadowing.  If you read Daniel 9:26-27, and continue on to Dan 10:1-2.  Daniel begins a three week fast to cry and receive deliverance from God regarding this apostasy at war with the House of God. 

Just this week, 40,000 Evangelical HISPANIC churches finally spoke out and joined our ranks in dissent, and are now undergoing a 30-day fast and prayer protest against PO and this policy.  On Father's Day, their pastoral elders and leaders, as well as their congregations, are going to verbally pledge to fight this heresy and pray for PO's soul.  

Fear not true saints, . . behold our bridegroom comes quickly. 

Oh don't anyone blow a gasket at what Phil is saying because if one study one's Bible one will know there is no posibility of Obama being the anti christ , he does not fit the clear definition given in Scripture of who the actual anti christ however, let us all remember that Scripture also states that even now there are many anto christ in the world and your guess is as good as mine out of those many anyone of us including Obama it might be because if the anti christ is using us to do his work to prepare his ground them we could be one of the many anti christ who is right now amongst us.

I should have said it like that!  "There are many anti-christ types among us."

Very exact with nothing wanting.  Thank you.

The saints of God have too and should stand up for what is right; As the word of the Lord says homosexuallity IS AN ABOMINATION BEFORE GOD. Yes, God loves mankind but that sin is TOTALLY PREVERSE IN THE SIGHT OF GOD as well should be in the saints eyes. If we don't stand up we will fall for anything.

You do know that we have the power of God to forgive sin?

It is sort like going to prisons and telling people they are sinners? I mean really do you think they are even going to want to listen to someone that goes around calling them ABOMINATION before God and the truth is all sin to God is an ABOMINATION?

Here is a choice we have, which is to do as Jesus did or sort of do what we want? If Jesus did not come to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved and we are supposed to be of Him then we are to condemn the world?

Isn't our job to reach all on earth with God's love and will, starting with His love? The fruit of the Spirit of God is love, joy, peace and condemnation, maybe?

Like before we came to Jesus we were not an abomination ourselves? If we want to help people get out of a life of sin, then what do we do call them an ABOMINATION? Put that in CAPS too just to show how much of an ABOMINATION THEY ARE?

Is it the Spirit of God that is encouraging people to go around and tell them they are an ABOMINATION or how about BABY KILLERS or such the like?

I know this sort of cuts, but when we go out of our way to condemn people don't you think it cuts them as well?

How about it?

Yes we should stand for the love of God and forgive. I fully agree. Ok if we stand up as saints of God then we will probably not be condemning people? What would we do if God called us each on all of the sin that we have done before we came to Christ and how about after? Wages of sin, any sin, all sin is death.

Dear Dr. Carol....where did the word abomination come from?  It is in the Word of God....where does the words "The Wages of Sin is Death", its in the Word.  We must stop taking the word of God and twisting it to suit our needs and use it as it is there to cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness.  We must stop mixing the words to suit our situations.  The wages of sin is DEATH....that is a warning from God, that if we sin...the end result is death.  There is no where in scripture that God compromise with man...God tells/warns him and if he/she disobey, there is punishment.  We have to stop acting like God is this wonderful, loving, caring God.  God is a God of wrath to those who disobey, because He is TRUE to HIS Word.  Yes, He loves us ALL...it rains on the just as well as the unjust...we ALL have the SAME opportunity to trust, believe and OBEY.  And if we don't...He warns us that HE come quickly and HIS reward will be with Him and those that are filthy, let them be filthy still...those that are holy, let them be holy still...Rev. 22:211.  It is our choice and He warns us...Chose today, whom you will serve.  Jesus said John 14:15 if you love me you will keep my commandments....and they are not just the 10.  It is our job to do like Jesus...who is the liar?  Jesus say the things that I do you will do and more.  Who is the liar?  Jesus said He came to do the Will of the Father...He kept focus....stay focused people....you cannot say you love the Lord and be contrary to His teachings.  Remember the woman the accused and Jesus asked where were her accusers, He told her he didn't condemn her, but He told her to go and sin NO MORE.  What do you think happen if she did?  The wages of SIN is death....Gods word is TRUE and it don't change for NOBODY.  You MUST speak the truth and what is the gospel and what is the great commission?????  Go and spread the gospel....which is the TRUTH.  We need to stop lying to people because it makes them feel good and accepted or ourselves.


In Love Sister Denise

Our.Sister is on fire in the Holy Ghost!

The words 'righteous indignation' are on display!  (All utter nonsense should best be tipping softly to the nearest exit!)


Ok then go sin no more.

Anyone in here sin after they came to Christ?

Wages of sin is death? How many years do you think you are going to live? I mean no one is living a couple hundred years because they have no sin>?

So by your words one would assume you have no sin? I mean you can't be saying all of this if your still a sinner?

I mean hypocrisy is when people walk around telling others they are sinners and sin themselves?

I suggest you read 2 Tim 3.

You and the Gays are in for a rude awakening one day.

So let's us just agree to disagree.  Those that will, should hold to God and you just hold to them if you like.  Also, its impolite to call people hypocrites cause they tell the truth.

The difference between our sins and gays' sin before God is that - WE CONFESSED OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well then go sin no more. Really and by the way if you have a congregation tell them to go sin no more, because each of us is called to minister to our congregations and make sure they are not in sin?

The cold facts are no one is doing as much as they can or doing enough to fix the needs. That is sin given that we know that we can do all things through Christ.

It is not that easy. You confessed your sins back there, but how about working to end the sin of a lack of love the very love that God has for us.

How it works is that God blesses us so that we will bless others, not just us as ministers, but our congregations as well. Are we making sure that we are passing what we have received to either us or our congregations in all of the communities we work in, because if we have not then we are still in sin, but on a different level, but then again we preach that all sin is rather equal?

Maybe, just maybe it is us the ministers that are in for the rude awakening?

Did not anyone learn the lesson of what happened in New Orleans? Churches and congregations were equally as flooded as the french quarter? I mean if there was not sin in the church none of that would have happened in any of the churches.

How is it we do not see the signs?


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