Beloved in Christ, many people come to Jesus Christ through so many ways! I testify that I witness many give their lives to Jesus Christ during our meetings(Heaven Crusades) when they see miracles, signs, wonders and deliverances taking place randomly! they dont question any longer with the desire of this miracle-working God!!

Many of these do not even really understand the message of the cross and the price paid on the cross to have their sins forgiven forever, diseases healed, pain taken, curses broken..! Could this be the reason why we have many Christians living weakly and afraid of satan! They just go to Church to beg from God for things and to fix their daily hardships! They seem to love the things more than the giver! They hate hearing sermons to do with waiting upon God and walking by faith and faithful before God! They can change from church to church never getting positioned for discipleship!!?

Precious Servants of God, according to John17:4 and John 19:30; Jesus did and had some work finished! He finished the power of sin! But many walk in it even after coming to Christ! As pastors, lets tell them that Christ overcame sin that we may live right! They fear satan yet at the cross Christ, beat up satan eternally! They all need to take their place of Authority in Christ against the evil one! The temple was entirely opened before them even the inner chambers of God's presence, they can access God personally! May God help us tell the finished work of Jesus Christ at the Cross! That is where the real power comes from! the early Church did that and great was the harvest, without electricity, pianos, internet, choirs, worship teams, generators, !

Your brother,

Geoffrey David Ssebandeke,

Lead-Pastor, Heaven Centre Church

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