Many churches with Black pators are opening their doors to Lewis Farrakahn who claims that he is a christian, and muslim.
What are your thoughts on this and also some of the teachings of the NOI that are not in line with scripture.

Have many pastors become so black centric that they have left the true foundation that Jesus IS THe ONLY WAY .

A packed house welcomed Minister Louis Farrakhan to St. Sabina Catholic Church on Friday night with a standing ovation and cheers for his health.

The 74-year-old provocative Nation of Islam leader, who has endured a series of health setbacks, didn’t speak from the Quran but from the Bible.

“Even though I am a Muslim — I don’t apologize for that — I’m also a Christian,” he told the crowd at 1210 W. 78th Pl. “Islam considers the Bible a sacred book.”

“A good Muslim is a Christian, and a good Christian is a Muslim,” he added later, stressing the common aspects of the faiths. “Whenever Christ’s name is mentioned, I feel at home.”

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wow les i was speaking from my own personal experience, I said i have never been in a ministry that allowed this type of behavior.
you made the statement that islam celebrates manhood and christianity doesn't. that was your statement. it is in the above post. thats why i answered from my own personal experience.

when you make statements like the above ones then what are people to think? you said in your previous post that "if it doesn't happen to you I guess it doesn't matter which explains a lot"

you want us to give you room to say the things you say in the spirit of how you say them which is good we should accept people for who they are, so don't you feel that you should allow others to express themselves also without going way off the cuff with them?

I never said that you accused Pastor Hodge of being your enemy. I was pointing to other statements you made in this very forum.
here is your statement
" Lol so I guess now you want to become one of my BPN enemies as well!!!"

thats what i was talking about.

I ask again why do you feel that people are your enemy?

No one has asked you to conform to the way they think. This is a forum with many different views about every subject you can name, so your view is just as important as the next mans view.
why are you so defensive about things man.
you act as if we are coming against you as a man. no one has to prove himself here in my opinion. i accept people for who they are, and pray for them to become the person God has planned for them.

No one has ever doubted your experiences i don't even recall calling you blind naturally or spiritually as you alluded to. are you so trying to prove yourself that you take everything as an attack even when it is not.

SO what we disagree on some issues but do we agree on the main one. THAT JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD .
do we agree on that major issue?
so if we agree on that major issue then what i believe about farrakhans rhetoric shouldn't cause blood washed believers to go to these levels, of accusations.
I don't mind anyone speaking from their experience however it is not right to discredit my experiences and my opinion and belittle me because it does not fair with yours- or whomever has a differing opinion. This "pastor" is now trying to attack my character because of this and is that any way for a "leader" to be? What does me "not knowing a woman" has to do with anything? What does it have to do with my salvation? As always, when they know I've said something that rubs them the wrong way they try and go below the belt in regards to my past. Yes, that used to bother me but now oh well lol I lived it and I am a better MAN for it- no matter what my past WAS!!!
We all have a past and I am sure if God shined a light on the bones in our closets we wouldn't be so quick to want to shine a light on others.
I come here and peace and each and every time I give my opinion I am accused of being something I am not.
These church folk have even got off the topic and focused their attention on me and my character because of what I have had to say.
Honestly, I could care less. I've said what I had to say and if they don't like it then hey go to God about it.
He'll listen before I will.
Lastly, yes they do look at me as an enemy and I can feel it with every venom-filled word that drips from their blood-soaked hands.
I already know why I am attacked as I am that is why I honestly enjoy it lol I'm doing what I was called to do and that is NOT conform to the deeds, actions and beliefs of the apostate church.
I am not a bad guy but as along as I don't walk along the same line as everyone else I will be looked at as such.
At this point I could care less. They'll get over it- I do!!!
lastly, we agree wholeheartedly that Jesus is the ONLY way to God and I have said that on more than one occasion. If it had not been for God I would have been gave up the ghost and let the chips fall where they may but Jesus has been there to catch me and let me know that everything is alright- just keep walking.
I agree, what you believe about Farrakhan's rhetoric shouldn't cause US to throw stones at each other but I refuse to have stones thrown at me because I choose not to follow along with the majority- I've never been that way and never will be.
No one even took the time to read my post where I stated that the only way to win a soul is not to kill a soul by the actions that the church do to day but to show love and kindness.
I'm sure when the former muslim got saved they weren't in church that day Islam bashing!!!
But then again, this is a new day and new time. People have twisted the Word of God for it to fit what they believe and if you don't believe then you are looked at as a heretic.
Mr. Farrakhan tailors his message to his audience. He is "preaching" Jesus to Black Christians now to attract as many as possible to the Black Muslim sect. If Farrakhan believes that Allah is Lord, then he should serve him. If he does not, then he should make Jesus the Lord of his life. The problem is that the Nation of Islam endorses sections of the bible but rejects other parts. We are not supposed to relegate Christ to being one of the prophets (not even the greatest prophet), like they do. We are supposed to recognize that no man cometh unto the Father, but by Jesus. Jesus is the unique doorway for men to reach God.
In the Islamic faith manhood is celebrated in Christianity manhood is looked at as weakness.
Look at how I am spoken about on this site?
I don't have a title in front of my name so when I speak bold, strong and blunt I am accused of being angry and hurt.
However, if I had some bogus title in front of my name I'd be looked at as a true man'd of God!!

Now Brother Les...I understand your passion and believe what you believe; and that's ok...I would however submit that in order to be understood and one must be consistent. The rules of argumentation allows you to have your position and others to have thiers...if you are allowed to make wild "general" offensive statements than others can do the same thing...For example: I am a Pastor in the COGIC my title is not bogus...I have been in the COGIC faith for 18 years...I was Born in the NOI to my knowledge you have never been a member and until you have been a member of an organization you are not in the position to speak "Boldly, Bluntly or otherwise! you can look at the woman; woman smile at the woman; you can even flirt with the women; but until you marry the women all you're doing is guessing: my brother you're doing an awful lot of guessing! Jesus was a mans man! Paul the apostle was a mans man! name an Apostle that advocated being a door mat! you can't! Don't come insulting the Church! don't come insulting people of God! an expect to not draw attention to yourself! And what form of Christianity are you talking about? do you think that I would leave something that preaches strength for something that preachers weakness? I am not accusing you of being angry or hurt: I am accusing you of being ignorent to fact, ignorant to the truth and having no spiritual disernment at all!

hopefully this is blunt enough for your tast.

Pastor Hodge
Amen Pastor Hodge and Bro. Gill.

I couldn't have penned these words of truth and wisdom any clearer.
As I have stated earlier and I will repeat to you again- if you don't like what I have to say then turn your face to the wall and pray about it!!!
I will continue to speak from MY experiences in the CHURCH I was born and raised in.
God bless you my brother!!!
Brother Richards,

You hit the nail on the head! however and please; I am not defending the NOI by any means! I must say that your use of the "Law of non-conradiction" begs the infusion of the law of relativity. ie. you can be both tall and short at the same time...if you are compared to the tallest man in the are short however if you are compared to the worlds shortest are tall. lol...

In any event; You are absolutly right! There is no logical way (scriptural or otherwise) that the NOI or any other Islamic Organization can ever be considered a Christian Organization!

I say AMEN!


Pastor Hodge
Bro. Les,

For points of clarity: The word Muslim- means "one that has submitted to the Will of God" in short to Obey God's Will- The associated term for the word "Christian" Especially as it is used by the NOI and others who work to deceive the Body is: a "Christ like person" so that by this standard if you feed the Hungry, clothe the nacked, see after the widow and the fatherless that you are or have expressed "Pure Religion" and essentially have become "Christ Like" and thus (by this standard" you are free to use the term Christian when addressing oneself. However while this standard was used in the book of James as the chief litmus test for expression true Godliness it was not to be used in the instance where identification by classification is concerned. ie. If I see a purse snatcher in action and I intervene - I have indeed fought crime! however I through classification of Identification I would not be considered a "Crime Fighter" (as the term is usually attributable to that of a police officer) My status as a citizen has not changed. This is the root of the "interfaith deception" do good, tell a little of truth, quote scripture and ask questions that you know the other person has no ability to answer...wam you have people running around saying that Farrakahn is a Christian.

The fallicy in this is simple - Christ maintained that he was THE way, THE truth and THE light; no man come to the Father (God) but by (through) him. Rejection of this very basic foundation elliminates any claim to Christianity! it is not what you do that makes you a "good Christian" it is who's you are! and after the confession of faith is expressed; your outward conduct displays your inward belief!

Farrakahn is trying to have it both ways he wants to identify himself as a Christian and say their is no difference between the good in Islam and the good in Christianity; however by virtue of the fact that one says that Christ is a mere Prophet and the other Says that he is the Son of God you have a direct confliction. This conlfiction is exacerbated by the fact that in both religions if the Prophet is a false Prophet or a lying or deceiving prophet than he is not to be feared (believed, revered etc.) So that while Jesus did walk in the Prophetic and he also walked in the office of regent or God in the flesh. If Jesus was not the Son of God (the Messiah) than he allowed Peter a d the desciples to believe a lie (see Matt 16:18) If that is true; then there is no reason for the Muslims to regard him as a "Prophet" (another definition for the word Muslim is follower or seeker of the truth) so by there own recognition of Jesus as a Prophet; forces them to accept him as the Messiah - Son of the Living God! in the Quaran the 19th Surah - Jesus is speaking from the Crib - As he is quoted as saying to Mary and the family - This (his birth) is done of God; for this cause I was sent, to redeem man back to God - Blessed be the day that I live, blessed be the day that I died, and blessed be the day that I rise again to life" Now we all agree that Jesus lived, we all agree that Jesus died, want muslims and Jews do not accept is that he Got up! and if he did not get up we the Christian is doomed! I believe that he got up! as a result that makes me a Christian - they don't believe that he got up! therefore that makes them "non - Christian" no matter how much food they give away!

The Hadith the teaching principles of the Muslim faith (in many cases supercedes the Quran as demonstrated) is that Jesus was raised up by God (Allah) which principally means that (most merciful and often ready to forgive) before death; if this is the case than there is no redemption and we are all doomed anyway! therefore it really doesn't matter what Farrakahn calls himself; he's not Jewish! At least the Jews can go out and sacrifice a goat, or pigeons or something and hope that they are right! lol but according to John 10:16 if Jesus did not go to bring the other sheep into the fold; we would still be left out in the cold, cut off from the common wealth of Israel, having no hope! I choose to believe in the redemption of Sin throught the death on the Cross; that makes me a Christian - the subsequent acts as expressed in James, John and the beattitudes - demonstrates the reality of the profession; make no mistake withouth the confession of sin the profession of faith the act alone is irrelevent! Especially if the while abstaining from the confession and profession you are activily denying him at the same time!


Pastor Hodge


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