Many of us have been fervently praying that God would turn the church upside down and vigorously shake it (Heb 12:25-29). When this happens, those who love money and have lost their grip on the truth will be the first to fall.

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How do you want me to reply to that???? Where does that quote come from??? Jesus told his disciples take no thought for your life what you eat or drink, we don't need to be millionaires to spread the Gospel, just OPEN mouths and hearts!!! Stop justifying "Pimpin in da Pulpits"
A pimp gets money for himself. The Bible says "give, and it shall be given unto you". There are two ways to give an abundance of food for the people:

-miraculously multiply it
-have enough money to fund it

Both were done, and I am a firm believer of miracles, but WHICH ONE WAS DONE MORE OFTEN BY THE APOSTLES, THE MIRACLE, or THE FUNDING??
"If you give to the poor you are lending to God"
Is it evil to want to be prosperous in order to aide the Kingdom of GOD here on Earth? Please answer that for me directly...
I get paid because I work! I don't get rich off of people in church, I have no problem with having money, I have a problem with people merchandising the Gospel and the anointing of God....and YOU should too!
Maybe in all your zeal, you missed when I spoke against the same thing. However, you don't have to be against the prosperity doctrine to be against greed. Those are too separate subjects.
Preaching prosperity is not going to save or draw anybody to Christ. What is will do is get the pastor rich because of drawing more members. Members don't always equate to saved people. Christ didn't use money and gimmicks to draw people to him so all this preaching about money is drawing people that want to pays their bills from the preachers name it and claim it blessing plan.
You know I'm so tired of individuals, JEALOUS individuals that attack the body of Christ that God has shown favor to in the financial area.

I love the cliche that "You see my glory but you don't see my story" the truth be told some cannot handle financial prosperity, they would leave God, and this is something ones have to be honest with themselves about. If money is a weakness to YOU, by all means give it away, let nothing seperate you from the love of God.

But lovers of money are not those individuals that constantly spend, but hoard up money, they love it, won't let go of it, will steal, kill and destroy for it.

and BTW Mark, lovers of money will not be the only ones falling, liers, gossipers, gluttons, backbiters the whole of em.
Look I realize that, BUT I am focusing on HIRELINGS that rob the sheep of God, when the Bible speaks of one coming to steal, kill, and destroy in John 10, it isn't talking about the Devil, it is talking about the false shepherd! The devil is the WOLF that eat the sheep that are scattered by the false shepherd....I am SICK of people defending PULPIT PIMPERY....The Cashflow Dollars and Leroy Thompsons need to be called out for what they are! Unfortunately too many of OUR people don't read the Bible and allow the Holy Ghost to give them discernment about these crooks in pulpits!
BTW I am not jealous of a man or woman that is robbing God's people....they will bust hell wide open, I pity them!
Hey Evangelist, I'm not jealous about those with money that God has blessed them with. Not at all just responding to the issue of those robbing people. Now I know that we can all see some that are taking from the poor to fill their pockets right? Not all are robbing but some are. You right about one thing, some would leave God if they had financial prosperity and that is exactly what some of your big time preachers have done. Left God, and now they follow after money and fame.
We won't hear Cashflow Dollar, Leroy Thompson, Eddie Long, T.D. Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, and the many other false prosperity gospel teachers saying what Dr. King so eloquently spoke.

If you did, you be the first one to say, "God didn't give them that MLK did"the only judge of how one deals with prosperity will be God, when folks talk about you being blessed, "Count it all joy and Praise God"


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