There has been some recent uproar about a verse by rapper Jay-z. I personally have to be a big fan of his music and have just about all of his CDs, but In this song He says " Mommy took a bus trip now she get here bust out. Everybody body ride her just like a bus route. Hail Mary to the city your a virgin and Jesus can't save you life begins after the church ends" Now you can imagine the responses from preachers around the country from the mega ministry to the smallest store front have been on of "How dare he say my Jesus can't save, and his calling for the end of the church." I have my opinion about it I am listening to this because I am preacher and to some degree i believe what jay-z says because 1. you have to reach out to Christ before you can even be saved. And again life does begin when church ends. Its easy to "be saved" when you are in church but what do you do when the amen has been said and go back into world. While from the outlook there should be some need for uproar, but before we start bashing and fighting really "listen " to what was said. These are just my thoughts maybe I am wrong and maybe I am not I don't know help me out and let me know.

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jay z grow up without direction his father was not in his life to teach him church he came up hustling in the streets i pray for him he is on my facebook butg i tell you the truth there is not going to be ballers in hell you will not be calling the shots there god wishes that none would perish but we have free choice and god will let you go to hell if you want to he does not force you to be saved i was a dj i know what it is there was a rich man and a beggar the beggar went to heaven the rich man went to hell the lord said rememberme who give you power to get wealth to establish his covenant soul winning


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