To have eternal salvation/ eternal life , Jesus the Christ is the ONLY Way. A person cannot enter Heaven/ New Jeruselm without Jeus the Christ . You must accept Chrsit Jesus as your Lord and saviour. There is a heaven and a hell , and yes everyone will live forever. A person cannot make it to Glory on the prayers promises , and covenants of our fore fathers and mothers. You must have a relationship with Chrsit Jesus for yourself. Time is nigh yesterday is gone , and tomorrow is not promised . all you have is today , this moment in time. In eternaity you will be with Chrsit jesus and paradise, or Burn in the lake of fire and brimestone. I pose the question, if you died right now oh where, oh where will your soul find rest.Jesus the Christ is the ONLY Way. A denominational name, church, synagoge, temple ,hall, etc. can't save you { salvation] You must have Christ Jesus and your name recorded in the Lambs Book of Life. if you went around the great wall of china. you will find buddah and confusehes dead cold and in the grave.. If you went to taj mahal you will hindu ,janism,dead cold and still in the grave. if you went around central park in New york city. You will find sweet daddy grace and father divine dead,cold, and in the grave. if you went to saudia arabia around the Black rock you will find mohamend dead cold and in the grave. YET if you went to jerusalen around a hill called calvary. YOU will find an Empty Tomb, because Chrsit jesus rose from the grave with all power in his hands. Chrsit Jesus sits at the right hand of the father making intercess for whom so ever will. Jesus the Christ is The ONLY WAY

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There is no false witness. You bring everything except the Bible. You think we need to understand Hebrew to understand the Bible. You don't believe that the name Jesus is Holy.

A multitude of words is nothing.
Of course there is false witness. First of all you have stated falsely that I do not believe in the messiah. That is completely false. And your accusation that I bring everything except the bible is also a lie. One can see it is a lie even from this thread. And as far as the name "Jesus", the name "Jesus" is a bad transliteration that would not exist without the Greek language. That is because it was transliterated into Greek before transliteration into English. If you were transliterating directly from Hebrew you would not get "Jesus" in English. Bible scholars know this.

But you don't even want to accept the most basic and elementary of biblical knowledge that isn't handed down on Sunday mornings. Not only are you blind but you reject knowledge. And why? Because you don't see how it matches up with your BELIEF. Your belief is so shallow and weak that it cannot stand the sight of knowledge. And that is why you hate on me because I challenge your beliefs. You cannot prove I'm wrong so you tell lies and look for allies against me. This is exactly what they did to Yeshua.
By your works you do not believe in the Messiah. You have an issue with dialect, and not actual translations. I can prove you wrong, but you will just beat the scriptures down with your interpretation of what they mean.

Let me ask you this Zealot, Was Jesus in the cloud in the wilderness?
By my works?? LOL.

You don't know what you're talking about. There is no rule that says that you are actually SUPPOSED to transliterate a name into a 3rd language before bringing it into English. When you can find this non-existent rule then you will have proven your case and I will hang my head in shame and proclaim your victory. And no you cannot prove me wrong, but I wish you would try instead of talking about me. I find it completely dishonest to talk about someone instead of debating them and actually proving anything. You are obviously not trying to edify me. In which case the bible does not direct you to talk about me either.

Did I talk about you? You came into a forum where I had said nothing about you and the first thing out of your mouth was not anything that had anything to do with the subject matter of the forum. You said I have a delusion even though you are the one who rejects knowledge and whose main problem with me is that you don't like my study tools and that I have the expectation of people having English comprehension. And you're talking a bunch of crap on here about how you'll post scriptures to me as if you're some kind of bible guru. Again.... you are the man who believes Melchizedek and Elijah are both Jesus. That is CRAZINESS!!! And then you want to jump to defend someone who attacked me when part of their reason for continuing to oppose me is because of YOUR BEARING FALSE WITNESS.

NO JESUS WAS NOT IN THE CLOUD IN THE WILDERNESS!! Stop asking me questions you're not prepared to prove.

Then if you don't believe Jesus is the God of the Old Testament, then you are worshipping another God, and ultimately who you are worshipping is Satan. He has a multitude of words, and so do you. He has phylosophy, and translations, and multitude of word to sound wise. You have a slick tongue, as he does. If you are going to the father without the son you are dead wrong. You must come by the son, and keep his commandements to receive eternal life. That is ultimately my goal. To make sure people get enough knowledge of the True and Living God, so that they may also keep his commandments, and receive of the Promise, be they Jew or Gentile.

What is your purpose, to magnify thine own office, and not that of your Savior, the Lamb?



You are on the mark.  the letter "J" did not exist before the year 1525. There are no J's in Greek, Hebrew or Latin. So how can people say they are saved in a name that did not exist until after 1611. When languages are translated names are not suppose to change. The original KJV did not have the letter "J" in it either. The book of Acts says that there is no other name given among men by which we must be saved...and that name was Yahoshua, and not Jesus.


The paganization of the Savior's name started with the Greeks.


Greek goddesss: Ies (in churches its draped over the pulpits as IHS) "H" is the capital letter for "e" in Greek.


When the Greeks realized that the Hebrew scriptures had a male who could heal;

The Greek came up with the pagan name Iesous.


The Latin took the Greek Septuagin and created the Latin Vulgate and they further paganized the name and said Iesus.


The original KJV accepted the paganization and said Iesus.


The invention of the letter "J"


The Word Yah has stated that, "I am Yah I change not". Yahoshua was the name given by heaven.  Who gave the Greek, Latin and the British the authority right to change it, being that The Almighty has only spoken to the Hebrews. Amos 3:2-3 -  

2You only have I known of all the families of the earth;
      Therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities.”
       3 Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?


If a person's name was William can anyone just come and start calling that person Tom. I think not.


They Almighty has not spoken to any other nation concerning his Word except for them to repent like the Ninevites, and they were to convert to the Hebrew way of life. Those who converted were called proselytes.


The Hebrews have really missed the mark for now, but we are waking up world wide. The Hebrews have lost their heritage and today they are called African-American, black, Afro-American, etc.


The language of heaven is Hebrew. The Hebrew language will be restored upon Yahoshua's return.


Yah's name was removed from the scripture 6820 times. Why? So people would not be able to call upon the only name for salvation. One would have to questioin as to why the Almighty's name was removed.  Simply, Yah did not speak to the Greek, Latin or the British concerning His name. They had no fear of the Almighty.  


The Savior said I come in my abba's name ---- Yah - abba, Yahoshua son.


Meaning of the translations:

Iesous - son of Zeus

Iesus - sus means pig or pig god

H'soos - the horse (the "J" would have to be substituted with an "H" therefore when people pray in the name of Jesus of h'soos they are actually praying to the horse god of death, war, and destruction. The Word say the horse is a vain thing for safety. The four horseman are coming.





OK, I guess I better start with the Greek. I may just look into taking a class, because I'm sure it will be more beneficial than trying to take a home study course.
Thanks. This is an excellent idea - will do!
I shall take heed to the warning!

You're not making sense. If you would like to have a rational discussion that's fine. But you seem to be unable to see beyond the book cover and you imagine vain things about someone you do not know. Can you convince me of sin? Can you throw the first stone at me? Why do you surmise evil based on a picture? How spiritually shallow is that? Fact is, I LOVE the Zealot X image. You wouldn't believe how much spiritual immaturity this picture has revealed.

1 Timothy 6:4 - He is proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strifes of words, whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmisings,

If you want to judge me by a picture be my guest. That's why the picture exists. But you're only proving my point. You see after the flesh and are scared by the Hollywood artistic license taken out on the bible. You reveal this in quoting a text relevant to fear when I haven't actually done anything to make you afraid. It's all in your head. I would have thought you might have learned from my explanation but ignorance often goes hand in hand with myopia.


She is trying. She wants to know the true and living God of Israel. She just doesn't have the full knowledge of him. If you want to attack someone personally, you attack me.


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