To have eternal salvation/ eternal life , Jesus the Christ is the ONLY Way. A person cannot enter Heaven/ New Jeruselm without Jeus the Christ . You must accept Chrsit Jesus as your Lord and saviour. There is a heaven and a hell , and yes everyone will live forever. A person cannot make it to Glory on the prayers promises , and covenants of our fore fathers and mothers. You must have a relationship with Chrsit Jesus for yourself. Time is nigh yesterday is gone , and tomorrow is not promised . all you have is today , this moment in time. In eternaity you will be with Chrsit jesus and paradise, or Burn in the lake of fire and brimestone. I pose the question, if you died right now oh where, oh where will your soul find rest.Jesus the Christ is the ONLY Way. A denominational name, church, synagoge, temple ,hall, etc. can't save you { salvation] You must have Christ Jesus and your name recorded in the Lambs Book of Life. if you went around the great wall of china. you will find buddah and confusehes dead cold and in the grave.. If you went to taj mahal you will hindu ,janism,dead cold and still in the grave. if you went around central park in New york city. You will find sweet daddy grace and father divine dead,cold, and in the grave. if you went to saudia arabia around the Black rock you will find mohamend dead cold and in the grave. YET if you went to jerusalen around a hill called calvary. YOU will find an Empty Tomb, because Chrsit jesus rose from the grave with all power in his hands. Chrsit Jesus sits at the right hand of the father making intercess for whom so ever will. Jesus the Christ is The ONLY WAY

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@ Anthony,

I wanted to comment on what you said to Hezekiah.

"There is nothing prideful in studying to improve one's self. I'm shocked that the House of Israel doesn't require that Biblical Hebrew be mastered. After all, you say that you are the original Black Israelites (Jews), correct? Most, if not all Jews, spend their whole lives studying Hebrew, why not the House of Israel? Why won't you discipline yourself to the study of the ancient languages?"

There is a dichotomy within those that call themselves Israelites. You will find this as you deal with different Israelites from different groups, camps, churches, depending on what they choose to call it. BHI is something that onlookers treat as a religion. I do not consider myself a "black Hebrew Israelite" nor should anyone else. Like a lot of Israelites though I am not affiliated with any group. Israelite is a nation, not a religion. This means there are no requirements at all since most "Hebrew Israelites" don't consider themselves as needing to be converted. So there's no long conversion process like the Jews have. I wish there was. If I had any authority, in fact, that is exactly what I would do so that people don't run around as if they are scholars and rabbis when they are in desperate need of one themselves. Even I would like to have one just because I never really had one.

Well, actually at one time I did have a moreh but he could have used one. When the leaders and teachers are able to lead and teach without being first led and taught you have the potential for serious problems. Whatever errors they had then get taught into those who believe them to be credible. I was fortunate that my teacher was actually quite good. The main problem was that his focus was very specific. His passion was understanding the feast days. That was exactly what I needed at the time and he did have a lot of historical knowledge, but I didn't always agree with his interpretation of things. There are other groups far worse off, whose leaders can barely read English let alone any other language and some of them are more apt to believe whatever they want to believe and whatever they can use to their more sinister advantages. I'm just being honest. There is corruption among Israelites just as there is corruption in Christianity. But that is why my focus is not on a group but simply whatever the truth is.

I think it would create a real change for the better if Christianity also had a lengthy conversion process. It seems, at times, like a gotcha game. There's a good sermon and the preach knows it. His charisma moves people and emotional, they raise their hands and accept the call. They're not really given time (6m - 1yr) to study the religion and its doctrines. Jews do this but Christians and Israelites (because most Israelites came from Christianity) don't do this. Jews have much more of a focus on educating people to be jewish rather than a tithe-paying member of their church. I wish that we were all more focused on the educational aspect so that people know what they're doing and believing. I was put through this process just from the spirit of G-d dealing with me. I studied and debated and studied and researched all before even attempting to find a church or group. And I knew enough when I finally did that I didn't just show up. I interviewed their leaders; asked them questions. I was originally looking into messianic Judaism until I discovered it was Christianity in disguise and that wasn't what I was looking for. It sounded good on paper but that's where it ended. I just wish more people were able to make better informed decisions about who teaches them because a lot of these so-called teachers are severely lacking in knowledge.

This is HILARIOUS!! The Israeli Ninja vs Hezekiah!! The Hebraic fight of the Century!! LOL!! Which heretic will win??
Ha, Ha, Ha,

I am having TOO MUCH FUN with the Gangsta Torahs!!!!!!!

You just called the Torah a gangsta. You are speaking against the very words of Yah.

Didn't you recently start a thread entitled: Torah Gangstas vs Christian Bustas

NOW . . . who is speaking against the very words of Yah?????

The only heretic is one who is lawless and teaches other to be lawless(Matt 5:19).
Brother, Believe what you want. I don't have to swop spit with you to show you I love you.. I just keep the commandments, and preach keeping the commandments because that is the love of God. Jesus is our way to salvation provided we keep his commandments. If we keep them the best we can until we die or Jesus comes 1st. Practice makes perfect, and that is a true statement. Jesus Promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that they would receive the promise of eternal life if they kept his commandments. He changes not, so the same goes for us. So, I am not here to win popularity contests, but I am here to bring the truth.....
That is fine brother. What ever you wanna do. Like I said, I will put the word out, it is up to you to do it.
I have not read all of the responses but I would like to answer your question

If there were no eternal consequences would you be so strong an advocate of what you teach?
Is there another reason why people should listen to and accept the gospel?

Yes I would still be an advocate, because of the change the gospel has made in my life, and the love it has put in my heart.

If your religion is so that you can win heaven and escape hell then your religion is useless and in vain. YHWH who sees the heart knows your MOTIVES

My motive is to please God, however if it is YAH's incentive to promise me heaven I see nothing wrong with aspiring for it, HE does know my heart's intent , and that is to be with HIM, and in heaven HE is and in heaven I want to be as well.
Amen my sister Amen
Pastor, that (what she said) is all you ever had to say.
I hope and pray that you would come to know Jesus the Christ as Lord and Saviour. I ask you to turn from your Wicked ways and turn to the true and Living God


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