Jimmy Carter explains the real reason for the Anti-Obama hatred i.e. same old, same old, RACISM!

Hi blessed believers, as warriors of Christ we know we must withstand the devil's evil worked through the hierarchies of our time, just as he has always worked through hierarchies to bring about his evil, even going so far as to use the wicked, wretched Jewish Pharasaical and Sadducee hierarchies to plot to kill our Savior (Jn. 18-19).

Well, fast forward to the REAL REASON for the 'Obama is the Anti-Christ' rhetoric pushed by none other than the so-called Christian right and their demonic southern brothers who are doing all they can to bring about a race riot.

Former President Jimmy Carter has laid it out for what their deceitful hate is really all about. A BLACK MAN. They hate Obama because he is black.


He's right on the money ofcourse. We with 'eyes to see' know that is the real reason behind all these 'hate-fests' allegedly done in the name of Jesus.

As you all have noticed, it is strictly white southerners spewing the hate. Not that it hasn't infected whites everywhere. Not all whites mind you, but strictly the demonic possessed racist faction.

Funny how the majority of blacks, browns, yellows, reds whether they are born-again Christians or not, do not have this incensed, demonic hatred towards Obama. It is strictly whites who are as demonically enraged as they were during segration when they lynched and killed blacks and allies who sought to break their demonic stronghold.

Mind you, these fools were not enraged when Bush and the Republicans sought to altogether alleviate the Middle Class.

They were not vociferous when Bush and the Republicans brought this country to an economic collaspe and then suggested of ALL things, that Congress 'bail out' i.e. 'takeover' the automobile, and banking industries.

No cry of 'socialism' then. It is strictly when Obama had to do it to save American jobs of which factions of the Republicans solution was 'let it fall.' Let Americans lose their jobs. In other words, if they had had their ghastly way, more than 10% would have lost their jobs.

Anyway, bottom line, African/American leadership wake-up! This is a dangerous hour that is upon us. These racist devils mean to incite a race war and it is none other than one of their own southern brothers who has come out to WARN whosoever will.

As so, let us unite, pray down the Holy Spirit's fire to deliver us not only from white racist evil allegedly spewed in Jesus name but also from their flunky black slave children who are aiding and abetting them in ideology and in some cases, deeds.

Not to mention, that these same Republican filth have let in this sinister, demonic Middle Easter army with their Latin American, Asian and African allies. Yes, they would that such filth wreak havoc so they can come riding in like the Lone Ranger and knock out the Democratic majority led by a black man whom they insist on teaching is the Anti-Christ.

Shameful, Cowards! The Lord Rebuke Them All!

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What about Thomas Sowell, Is he a racist?

So Dhimmi Carter shouts Racism, and African Americans are to answer, yes boss!! and are expected to close their eyes, ears and God given intellect and reasoning and agree with this rubbish.

Do not be fooled my American brothers and sisters, and do not listen to the political Dhimmis.

So y'all expected to tip your caps and say, yay it is racism, and has absolutely nothing to do with Obama's quest for totalitarian rule, or his lust for eugenics, or even his promotion of Islam and his blatant support of neo-lachrymose?
So you march over with the arrogance of Satan proclaiming unto African/Americans why we 'think' the way we do? You mam' need a Savior to cleanse you from your arrogance as it is a stench in the nostrils of God and every righteous person who can make out your mostly incoherent babbling about that which you don't know what you are talking about.

You are not only are a racist with gall of Satan to tell blacks what we think but you are a foreign fool if you are a black-skinned to dare tell African/Americans how to think as let's face it, African/American fightback made it possible for blacks everywhere to come over here and advance. This should humble your madness before a awesome God especially in light of the fact that blacks in other lands have not wrought such exploits to the point that blacks are fighting to migrate to those lands now have they?

As so, I suggest you pay attention to the region out of where you haughtily descended and go about making it a place where blacks can say, 'oh, wow, those blacks opened doors so I want to go live in that region.' If such a place exists its' a well kept secret. As such, I think we blacks thought enough with our intellect to make the valiant strides that we've made. As so, we don't need some incoherent, babbling foolish woman to dictate to us how we should recieve the truth that Jimmy Carter didn't have to 'tell' us rather, we were just awed that a white president would come forth speaking the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth that anybody with common sense would know.

I pray God you get common sense, wisdom, and humility for as it stands now, I must basically heed the scripture that proclaims, 'go from the presence of a foolish woman when thou perceivest not in them the lips of knowledge.' As such, see ya.
as i read through these postings,a poem i penned, comes to mind , even, as i continue to do bible by praying for the "king"
forgot to add pic that goes to poem here it is
Powerful, thanks for sharing! Jesse's tears said it all, but 'still we fight' and unfortunately, we, like our predecessors have to fight many a black-skinned who would halt our progress and curse our victory.
.........What about Thomas Sowell, Is he a racist?.....

Have you not READ Thomas Sowell's articles - they are so slanted against black people in general.
Thats why Sowell stands in for Rush at times on his show.

Anybody standing in for Rush is cares nothing for minorities - even if they are a minority.
TSowell is a republican of the worst order... one of intellect, which has been manipulated against those of his own kind
Racism would be a nice argument if he didn't do what he did and stand for what he stands for. If Obama was white, blacks would call him a modern day Hitler! ALL of the policies that Hitler installed are were started by Bush and continued (even amplified) by Barak Obama. You see that Hitler was a dictator, but did you ever look and ask "how did he become Dictator? What political moves were made for this rise to power?" Not just the speeches, but Hitlers full political policies and moves within the once democratic Government of German. If you never did, thats ok because thats not taught in schools. Before you go off as a knight in the shining armor of GOD defending Emperor Obama against me and others, consider that for me.....

Racism would be a good argument if he wasn't the #1 pro-abortion Politician that this government has ever seen. A cry of racism should be shouted AT him and not for him, because he is in total support of abortion, which is the #1 killer of African Americans since 1973. Heart disease, Cancer, Aids, murder, and accidents combined don't top the number of abortions blacks had!! Why is it that you believe that a man "sent from GOD" would be the biggest abortion advocate the politic ever had? IF GOD sent Barak Obama for us, GOD sent us a Nebuchadnezzar, and not a Nehemiah. IF GOD sent sent Baraka Obama for us, GOD sent us a Nimrod instead of a Noah.

You and I once barely discussed the tape "The Obama Deception". Have you seen it for yourself yet? If you did, did you pay closes attention to the fact that the tape came at both Democrats AND Republicans? This aint a right or left wings scam, because it takes both wings for this dirty bird to fly! Jesse Ventura, a former governor and former wrestler said this on the tape:

"Politics is alot like wrestling: on camera everyone is against the next one, saying 'I'm gonna beat my opponent up and whoop his tail', but the truth is that they are all in bed together! Behind the scenes, they are all friends together, going out to dinner together, marrying each other's family and so on."

If you don't believe it Ms. Elaine, just look at how quickly "Billairy" Clinton turned and supported Obama. I didn't even touch any of his policies in this one. I am just attacking this racism nonsense. Yes there are many who don't like him because he's black, but nearly as much who don't like him because he's pro-abortion and a liar! Before you go off as a knight in the shining armor of GOD defending Emperor Obama against me and others, consider that for me.....
Trevor, you know what? If Hitler said 2 + 2 = 4 and Obama said, the same thing, you would bring that up as proof that 'Obama is like Hitler'. You are soooo waaay off base with regard to these matters that it isn't even funny, especially for someone with your brilliance.

Your problem is this, you are looking at these matters in a heartless manner. Or, as the Bible would put it, you are erroneously going by the 'letter of the law' rather than the liberty of the law.

Listen, we got a little thing called the Constitution and it is those principles that beloved Obama espouses. Now, let me say this, at least you are NOW acknowledging that both the Republicans if they had retained power, God forbid, they would be the ones you would be calling 'socialist' because prior to Bush leaving office, he went before congress and asked for a 'blank check' to 'bail out' the bankers.

This is the mess Obama inherited. Just acknowledge this, had he not, you would not be able to wrongly accuse him of 'socialism.' Like Obama more or less said, 'he doesn't want to run the auto industry, he was elected to run the country but the Republicans had tore up the country, so he had to intervene in order to help the masses.'

You are an apostle who is falsely accusing this man of things he did not do! The Lord will rebuke you as He vindicates Obama.

As for abortion, we've already been over this it seems like a thousand billion times, and you just refuse to heed the real truth with regard to Obama. You swallow a camel and strain at a gnat of deception.

Nonetheless, here we go AGAIN, I hope the truth sinks in this time. Obama is AGAINST It, just as I am against it. Obama, like myself, and millions of other righteous men and women have repeatedly said, 'there are other ways to end abortion rather than taking the medical procedure off the books because Trevor, the medical procedure will never be taken off the books as it is just that, a "medical procedure.'

A 'medical procedure' I might add, that could possibly save the life of a mother or her child. Meaning, sometimes, the mother's life is endangered and sadly, unfortunately, the child may have to be medically dealt with. That a fact Trevor, a sad and unfortunate fact!

Now, when you speak of the African/American rate of abortions of which by the way, I don't necessarily believe the government racist statistics because they use such material as a propaganda tool. You can't always go by what they say.

I know, for in the 90's I did research on this matter and found out that there are certain white powers that be that would never announce the fact that Caucasian women had more abortions than anybody but the media would never announce that fact. They even began to include hispanic women in the white category to try to make it look like the astronomical numbers were hispanic women and not white women. Yeah, they got deep mental problems in that regard.

All of a sudden, there was a switch or alleged switch whereupon the media began to hurl the news that 'Black women had more abortions than anybody.' Yes, nothing was said, when white women were the predominant ones having abortions but now it is alleged that black women have more abortions. I don't buy it! Not for one minute do I buy their racist, maniacal, demonic lies!

Now, that said, what to do about African/American women having abortions? You tell us preacher as Scripture tells you to 'cry aloud and spare not.' What is your outreach to women having abortions? Radio? Internet messages? Facebook and all that? Television? Doing any specials reaching out to women explaining to them the value of the life within them? Billboards? Are you putting up billboards proclaiming 'Don't abort the precious godly life within your womb? Huh? Uhm, let's see, your church having special field days going out into the areas where the alleged greatest abortions are taking place?

These are the questions our Heavenly Father will ask His Ministers, Apostles, Evangelists. As Yahshua would say, the "highways and byways" is YOUR job to go into and put a stop to abortions. Hey, come to think of it,, is your choir doing little rap songs to young kids with regard to the life of the unborn? Do tell us preacher man? What will you say to our Heavenly Father on the day of Judgment?

"It's all Obama's fault?" He wouldn't buy it, and niether will I. You see, I, like Obama, do not agree that taking abortion off the books is the answer to resolving the alleged 'astronomical' rate of abortions had by black women. Instead, I, like Obama, believe there are other ways to get that alleged astronomical number of abortions down. I just named a few. You can tell me what YOU as a MAN OF GOD are doing to stop these women from having abortions.

In another post, you said something to the effect that 'during the Bush administration more preachers became millionaires than ever before." Yes, your words. As so, did those millionaire preachers take their money and open up anti-abortion clinics. Another good idea you can use. Ya know, with 'iron sharpening iron' and all that.

Yes, where are the anti-abortion clinics with jobs for young women who may be pregnant? Housing for young women who may be pregnant? Special education opportunities for women who may be pregnant and thinking about abortions? All of you millionare preachers didn't love those 'aborted' babies enough to bring about good works to stop abortion? Hypocrites! The Lord God will charge you all for your hate, lies, and deceits against Obama because you all were too lazy and incompetent to do the will of God. The blood of the unborn is NOT on Obama's hands rather, it is on clergies hands. Make no mistake about that! Again, Hypocrites!

As I told you before, which by the way, you ignored truth you couldn't find an answer to, Anyway, the way to resolve abortion is not to promote hate of the Democrat political party because they won't do what clerty wants them to do. The false church railing against the Democrats while swallowing a camel of deception with regard to the Republicans, who, by the way, didn't take abortion off the books during their 8 yr reign with 6 yrs. having full control of the Senate and Congress.

So you see dear Trevor, you are WRONG, dead WRONG before a JUST GOD and when we get to heaven you will see that you are doing nothing but slandering a righteous man who does NOT believe in having abortions. Rather, he simply believes in keeping the medical procedure on the book. So do I, as again, it is just that, a medical procedure.

Yet, You are loosing lies that produce hate saith the good book, and that makes you a LIAR who is endangering your own soul as Scripture proclaims, 'all liars will have their part in the lake of fire' (Rev. 22).

This man Obama has done no wrong. Only that which you all are projecting out of your convoluted heads. It is shameful! You are a brilliant man whom I adore in Christ Jesus but this rebuke you well deserve. All you are doing is dismissing Obama's words and righteous deeds that has gone along with his words.

As for the game of politics and how it's played dear? Such is life, who doesn't know that? Yeah, politics is a dirty game, it's always been that way so what's your point? Have you never heard the saying 'politics makes strange bedfellows?' Now, you dare blame the 'game of politics' played since time immemorial upon Obama and used that sheer, utter nonsense to proclaim him bad? Shame on you!

You know what King Herod did to gain power? He killed his mother, sons, daughters, etc. It was said, by some Roman guy, 'better to be a swine in Herod's house rather than a relative.' Meaning, Herod alleged to be part Jewish wouldn't eat or kill swine but he would kill any and all who would try to strip power from him.

Oh, and check this political machination out, see the Bible tells us that the religious political parties called the Pharisees and Sadducess killed Jesus in order to remain in power (Jn. 19). Oh yeah, politics, it's a dirty game. Always has been, always will be. Hey, ever read where David's son Adonijah tried to take the helms of power over Solomon even though he knew that David had said Solomon would reign (1 Ki. 1).

By the way, in your convoluted thought process is that Obama's fault as well? Are you preaching sermons comparing Obama to Adonijah cause if you are, that would be insane just as insane as your whole argument with regard to blaming Obama for the way 'politics' is played out. Again, shame on you!

Now, let's see, what else did you senselessly babble? Oh yeah, you are so double minded. On the one hand, you come into this post to put forth all this gibbery gook-false allegations against Obama and yet, on the other hand, even you have to admit that the people you are allied with are racists just like Carter said. By the way, this sort are, the same racists white factions that resisted segregation, Affirmative action, Civil Rights, Women's rights, Voting Rights, and laughed and cheered when Dr. Martin Luther King was killed.

Yet, somehow all your projections make you and those white racists right whereas, the majority of blacks, browns, yellows, reds and millions of whites are all wrong and only like Obama because what? 'We's all ignant' whereas you and your white racist fiendish, vile, abominable, murderous whites who you support are 'smart and right?' Get real!

Like I said, you yourself applauded Bush in the post that Newview created with regard to Obama and the abortion issue. Yes, you said, 'Bush was good because he made you preachers millionaires.' You said nothing about Bush causing millions of God's wonderful SHEEP who by the way, you're supposed to be pastoring i.e. looking out for their welfare. Yet, you say, nothing about the 10% decent working people who lost their jobs. Instead you praise Bush for making you preachers millionaires.

I'm like Anthony Watson now, who are you really?

Bottom line, quit the lies and senseless, no STUPID reasoning if you can call such a matter reasoning. Come on, 'Hitler started a democracy in the like manner that America started a democracy so what's your point? The Democracy that America has lived under has not been like Hitler. That is, as long as good people fought and broke the racist 1% elitist evil off of us.

As for the rest of your blah, blah, blah (backatcha' by the way) nonsense, it remains just that, nonsense. Lies lies, lies, you are projecting about this righteous Man Obama even though his words and actions show just the opposite.

Again, Bush and the Republicans crippled America and Obama took over that emergency state in order to repair the damage. He diidn't come to political power in order to take over factories. He saved the factories and that, because of his righteous favoring of the working class and poor who he didn't want to lose their jobs. That makes him a good man trying to bring about good things in America! It is selfish, lying, souls like unto yourself who resist him. Again man, who are you really?

As said, this isn't even funny any more, you are slandering this man. You are coming up with farfetched comparisons and that's a Republican twisted, warped trick from Satan. It is wrong, and the Most High God will rebuke you for this evil for it is very wrong.
.....I know, for in the 90's I did research on this matter and found out that there are certain white powers that be that would never announce the fact that Caucasian women had more abortions than anybody but the media would never announce that fact....

Sister Johnson you are on to something there. Thats the reason why white men hope that a law could be passed that their white women would STOP having these abortions. Know why?
Because the minorities are having babies out of both sides of their drawers.
Its the white chicks that are killing their babies. Remember it is white people that thought it was so disgusting in having TOO MANY children -----> 'it makes you poor' they shouted. They made fun of minorities that had so many children - with and without husbands.
But the joke was on them because even though they were becoming more wealthy and minorities stayed poor - what happened? - the minorities were multiplying and filling up the land.--> while their women that ran after that degree and career chose to kill or suppress their fertility (which is a blessing from God)...but they were to wise for their own good.
NOW - they are running scared - they are only 60 to 65% of the populations.
All while the 'nasty black project bunnies' and 'illegal aliens' and 'strawberry pickin catholic mexicans' were popping out babies like a pez machine.
And yessss alot of them were out of wedlock - and they did not seem to have much energy to better their education like the good proud white people that kept a cap on how many mouths they had to feed.
But what they did not consider was - the blessing in doing like thus sayeth the Lord 'Be fruitful and multiply. They thought they had Jesus better than any of us but if you dont have his instructions - you dont have Jesus after all.
They did not trust Him. So they killed their babies or suppressed their fertility all in the name of their worldly wisdom. Sometimes it does not pay to be too wise.
Not all whites are racist but a scarey fraction is and that fraction is running for their lives.
They cant see how their station is slipping out of their hands.
What minoirities need to look out for is what these crazy people think they must do about it to "GET THEIR COUNTRY BACK" from minorities...
They know they wont be able to have babies fast enough - so what's the next step?

Saints pray for Obama.
Hey Newview, there it is! Good measured, pressed down, shaken together and running over truth for whosoever will to receive.

I mean, afterall, when all else failed, there was the Jon and Katie? show put forth to 'entice' white women to now have 'litters' at a time to catch up, Amen? Unbelievable!

Nonetheless, God's on the throne in spite of their 'litter' fertilization and soon coming 'cloning' to catch up to the minorities.

Bottom line, don't believe the 'hype' with regard to 'bad old black women being the #1 killer of the unborn for I found out that it was just that, 'hype.'

Just keep the intercessory prayer for the black community going up to the Father and those alleged 'astronomical' numbers will decrease from a 'truthful' poll taken outside our dear, government.

Pray, black women and righteous black men, PRAY like never before.
.....I mean, afterall, when all else failed, there was the Jon and Katie? show put forth to 'entice' white women to now have 'litters' at a time to catch up, Amen? Unbelievable!....

O my goodness!
I never thougth about that. That just may be what they are doing. Wow!
But you know what - the Octomom ticks them off - big time. Know why?
She is middle eastern. Just more minorities filling the land and grabbing their blessings.
Who'd a thunk it ?


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