Jimmy Carter explains the real reason for the Anti-Obama hatred i.e. same old, same old, RACISM!

Hi blessed believers, as warriors of Christ we know we must withstand the devil's evil worked through the hierarchies of our time, just as he has always worked through hierarchies to bring about his evil, even going so far as to use the wicked, wretched Jewish Pharasaical and Sadducee hierarchies to plot to kill our Savior (Jn. 18-19).

Well, fast forward to the REAL REASON for the 'Obama is the Anti-Christ' rhetoric pushed by none other than the so-called Christian right and their demonic southern brothers who are doing all they can to bring about a race riot.

Former President Jimmy Carter has laid it out for what their deceitful hate is really all about. A BLACK MAN. They hate Obama because he is black.


He's right on the money ofcourse. We with 'eyes to see' know that is the real reason behind all these 'hate-fests' allegedly done in the name of Jesus.

As you all have noticed, it is strictly white southerners spewing the hate. Not that it hasn't infected whites everywhere. Not all whites mind you, but strictly the demonic possessed racist faction.

Funny how the majority of blacks, browns, yellows, reds whether they are born-again Christians or not, do not have this incensed, demonic hatred towards Obama. It is strictly whites who are as demonically enraged as they were during segration when they lynched and killed blacks and allies who sought to break their demonic stronghold.

Mind you, these fools were not enraged when Bush and the Republicans sought to altogether alleviate the Middle Class.

They were not vociferous when Bush and the Republicans brought this country to an economic collaspe and then suggested of ALL things, that Congress 'bail out' i.e. 'takeover' the automobile, and banking industries.

No cry of 'socialism' then. It is strictly when Obama had to do it to save American jobs of which factions of the Republicans solution was 'let it fall.' Let Americans lose their jobs. In other words, if they had had their ghastly way, more than 10% would have lost their jobs.

Anyway, bottom line, African/American leadership wake-up! This is a dangerous hour that is upon us. These racist devils mean to incite a race war and it is none other than one of their own southern brothers who has come out to WARN whosoever will.

As so, let us unite, pray down the Holy Spirit's fire to deliver us not only from white racist evil allegedly spewed in Jesus name but also from their flunky black slave children who are aiding and abetting them in ideology and in some cases, deeds.

Not to mention, that these same Republican filth have let in this sinister, demonic Middle Easter army with their Latin American, Asian and African allies. Yes, they would that such filth wreak havoc so they can come riding in like the Lone Ranger and knock out the Democratic majority led by a black man whom they insist on teaching is the Anti-Christ.

Shameful, Cowards! The Lord Rebuke Them All!

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NEWVIEW STATED: "You dont get it - there is nothing that you can show these people. They will say that Obama is an illegal alien, the anti-christ, too white, too black, an abortionist, a muslim, a marxist, a Bildeberger, a fool, a man too wise for his own good, a fake, a fraud and an abomination.

Sister - LET THEM SLEEP. However - what is so sad is their information comes from people that dispise them......and the only way they can show their disdain for black people is to show it through hating Obama and disrespecting him as a person...

But they dont get that. So. Let. Them. "


MY REPLY: Oh yeah, I got it but for the heavenly record before our God who honors our righteous fightback, as Scripture would say, 'let the righteousness of God be twice repeated' that it may be established in heaven and on earth (Gen. 41:32).

However, as blessed you RIGHTLY inferred, THE END!

Click back in and behold: :-)
I must admitt what I find mind blowing is this, wheter you like him or not, whether you agree with his plocies or not anybody who thinks that the attacks against this man are not racially motivated is just crazy! I'm trying to think of a time in my brief 30 years of living and the few presidents terms I've lived through when a president was called out in the middle of the country, in the middle of congress like he was! You call him a liar openly and then you apologize privatley!!?? That man owed the nation an aplogy for disrepecting the highest (man) office in this country. If he had been white I wonder how man people would have felt he was indocranating there kids, man black folk got the crabs in the bucket syndrome fa sho! Cause we showl try and call each other out on stuff we dont call nobody else out on when a person that look like us get in a position of authority! No wonder why people on here always talking about the pastor's no good and all they do is care about the tithes and trying to sleep with all the women in the church!

Just went through a president that just FLAT OUT LIED to this entire country and said there was WMD in Iraq and started a war where thousands of people have lost there lives only to find out a month in there was never any WMD and now 6 years later we still over there and for what? But the black man a socialist, hitler, the anti-christ about to turn america into a third world country, this is ridiculous!

And NO I dont agree with a lot of the man's polocies!
Bless you!
This is from across the pond - the British Broadcasting Corporation - as it relates to our country:

From the BBC - enjoy

Whatever his (Wilson) motives, his words are a brutal reminder that the election of Barack Obama did not usher in a new age of post-racial politics in the US if anyone was naive enough to think that it might.

And if history is any judge, you need not worry about Mr Wilson's prospects of re-election, by the way. South Carolina was traditionally a place apart in such matters.

In 1856, a pro-slavery representative from the state called Preston Brooks took a gold-tipped cane and beat the abolitionist Senator Charles Sumner half-to-death while an accomplice held off any would-be rescuers with a firearm.

Mr Brooks of course, was forced to resign his seat, but when fresh elections were held, his constituents simply re-elected him and sent him back to Washington.

The world is looking at us - we need to stop trying to spread our racism. Keep that mess at home.
Powerful and thanks for sharing. I remember someone doing an re-enactment of that wretched 'cane pelting' scene. I think it was the "Ken Burns" 'Civil War" PBS special that was shown in the late 70's early 80's.

Bottom line, the article is on the money with regard to what 'we as a people' continue to deal with.

Nonetheless, 'Just like a tree that's planted by the waters, We shall not be moved!!!"
jimmy carter speaks the truth
Ms. Elaine said:

"The Bible tells us that the descendants of 'Cush?Kush' will be at the 'Anti-Christ's heels' or feet (Dn. 11:43; Gen. 10:6)."

Now I seen why you would put Daniel 11 up there. Interestingly enough, alot of these scriptures will be coming to pass soon. What I don't understand is this: Why Genesis 10:6? It only spoke of the lineage coming from Ham. One thing that stands out to me though, is the following verses. Lets see what they have to say:

Genesis 10:8-12 "And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. He was a mighty hunter before the LORD: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD. And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar. Out of that land went forth Asshur, and builded Nineveh, and the city Rehoboth, and Calah, and Resen between Nineveh and Calah: the same is a great city."

Nimrod was an interesting black man. Do a little research on who he really was, and what he really did. Then do some research as to the Anti-Christ's lineage.
Oh Trevor, me thinks I struck a nerve that has you fuming and reeling, and seeking to regather your 'lost' pride? lol Oh, men, men, men and your obstinancy... Sigh..

Okay, annnnyway, the reason I put Genesis 10:6 next to Daniel 11:43 was so if someone was reading along, they would be able to see where the 'Cush/Kush' origin Scripturally came from. That's all that's about.

Yeah, Nimrod was a horrible black male just as there has and always will be horrible black males and some females too. However, the fact is, it is important to show the truth about their existence, kingdoms, queendoms, civilizations, lands, be they good or evil as that's why God put it in His word in the first place.

It was wrong to change it and it is a source of pride for me to speak the truth about their reality for truth will set the captive free. I gladly tell the truth about the ancient black civiiizations as many black children have low self-esteem believing lies and deceits about black history. In fact, all of us did until God raised up wonderful black scholars, teachers, preachers who researched and told the truth.

Again, truth Trevor that sets the captives free. That's a good thing to the Glory of God, don't cha' think?
Pride?? Reeling? Fuming?? What one Earth are you even talking about?!?!? I asked a question, so please don't think that you gained some type of ground or touched some type of nerve. That would be funny to assume!
Okay Trev, sure, sure, uh, glad you took the time to clear that up.
As for the Abortion issue, SHAME ON YOU FOR SAYING ABORTION IS ONLY A MEDICAL PROCEDURE! Abortion is NOT some simple medical procedure! What is it curing?? A woman's punishment of having a child, as Obama said?? What disease or disability is this "medical procedure" fixing? Obama is not Pro-life, he is Pro-choice, PERIOD. By you declaring that this is but a medical procedure, you actually acknowledge this as being apart of his health-care plan for your nation! So your "public option" includes the option to abort unborn, unwanted babies? GOD help you and anyone else that supports the man that pushes for this!

No such thing as Pro-Abortion??? If you are pro-choice, then you are for a person's right to choose to abort their child. That IS pro-abortion!!

I'm deceived??? I ask people all the time about when they voted for Barak Obama. I ask them if they prayed for direction on who to vote for. Their response was ALWAYS the same thing: "I prayed that GOD would make Barak Obama the President, and HE answered my prayer". You can vote for whoever you want to vote for regardless of what GOD says, and make someone President. That is according to YOUR will, not His. If you do not believe me, then believe the Bible, for GOD gave me Hosea 8 and 1st Samuel 8 when I asked about Obama. NO MAN GAVE ME THOSE, IT CAME FROM GOD. If I'm deceived, then so is GOD!!

I'm hateful?? YOU and everyone else that agrees with you have been hurling insults like it was a sport! I have not ONCE thrown an insult any anyone yet, and if I did show me and place me to open shame. I'll IMMEDIATELY apologize.

Prideful?? Last I checked, all who are supporting Obama in this debate are promoting Black Pride. What pride am I showing? I stand here a man defending my position not from a right or left wing position, not from a pro-black or Uncle Tom position, but from what I have received from the LORD. I have CLEARLY heard about this man from GOD BEFORE I ever knew who he was; I have HONESTLY prayed about this man after I seen him to be sure as t what I heard; I have PERSONALLY investigated his policies to see why GOD spoke such against Him. I can say that I have done such; very few if any that support him have EVER said that they did the same. Not at job sites, not at Churches, not homes, not on other websites, and I see not here either. Before you or anyone get comfortable and begin hurling more insults again in protection of your "king/President" (yes, you called him your king, not me), just be fair and real Christians and answer this for me: If you prayed at all for this Presidential election, did you ask GOD "who should I vote for?", or did you ask GOD "please let Obama win"?
Aw man, I don't even know what to say at this point. Trevor, look, what I mean by 'abortion is a medical procedure' is just that because it is. For instance, a poor mother is pregnant and goes into labor. However she gets ill and the only way to save her is to stop the pregnancy. It has been done throughout history so making 'abortion a medical procedure.' Get it now? That's all I'm saying about it remaining on the books no matter what because a 'mother's life could be in danger.'

Can you at least come out of your stubborness enough to acknowledge that so we can move on? Whew!

Now, the 'term/label' pro-choice' should have never been accepted because as a result it divided people. What I mean is, all decent people are pro-life and would have women keep their babies. Yet, some people would say, they are not judgmental when women have had abortions whereas others would say, 'it's not acceptable no matter what.'

Therein, lies the basic thought difference on the matter. Niether group is advocating 'go get an abortion' one is just saying, they are not judging the unfortunate decision the other is saying they are judging. Again, both are as a rule pro-life in that respect.

Still, I will admit an evil spirit went out throughout the land and women began to have abortions just because it was inconvenient. That is unfortunate. That is wrong and that is why the 'women' should be ministered to as they are the guilty party who will stand before God for what they chose to do. Get it Now?!

In all these decisions, none of it has anything to do with Obama simply because he is of the 'sympathetic' crowd of pro-lifers who believe the medical procedure should stay on the book. Why is it, that you give Obama no credit for saying, 'there are other solutions to ending abortion, let's work together to bring it about?

Lord knows you MISJUDGE him on the issue itself but say nothing about his proclaimation to want to willingly work with whosoever will to bring an end to abortion.

In fact Trevor, you have blinded yourself to any and every positive thing President Obama has declared

President Obama says, "I am Christian" you say, 'no he's not he's lying."

President Obama wants 'health care' so that the poor and Middle Class and have access to the same decent health care that Congress gets and you say, 'he's a socialist.'

President Obama is forced to bail out the banks and factories and you say, 'proof of a socialist society.' You don't say 'thank God millions of God's peoples jobs were saved. The economy got pushed back in a upward position rather, you say, 'he's tricking you, he's Hitler' and all that type of satanic manure.

Yet, Bush who you said, 'gave you preachers money to become millionaires' while simultaneously he caused 10% of American families', many of whom were Christians to lose their jobs, homes, cars, and become poverty stricken, you proclaim him, a 'true Christian'.

Wow. By the way, you inferred you would do business with Obama if 'he gave you preachers the same type of money to remain millionaires.' I thought that statement was quite something, to say the least.

Obama cares about the working man, poor man, the Republicans cared about the rich and the rich them.

As for praying for Obama? I already told you that but again, 'you ignore truth' i.e. strain at a gnat and swallow a camel full of deception.

I'm not going to repeat myself yet again, after this, so you better take it in.

Yep, prayed for Obama, I didn't even know of Obama I was a Hillary voter all the way. I saw and heard this brilliant, electrifying, charismatic man was making the rounds taking Hillary's votes and I said, 'Lord what is going on?'

The Lord said, "This moment is of me, I am lifting up my son as I have heard the cries of the masses and will have mercy on those in America who are not apart of the deception that this wicked powers that be have wrought. (He was referring to the Republicans) I am bringing them down and showing up for their evil and evil supporters for who and what they are.'

"I have had mercy on my righteous people in America."

He said, a lot more than that ofcourse, over the course of the months I daily interceded for Obama. However, that was the jist of it.

As for your "prideful" comment, why would you ask me 'what pride' when I just verbatim explained it to you. Again, you have eyes but you do not see, you have ears but you do not hear. wow.

I'll keep you in prayer as always.


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