Killing our young people one church at a time. Young people dying in their sins but the Church only preaching it’s your season, get your harvest and breakthrough .

I am not here to argue with my elder brothers and sisters who don’t agree with me on this issue of youth teaching. I love you all dearly but this is what God has instilled in me. However, this is not about you or me. It doesn’t matter how we feel. The truth is what it is. Young people are dying in their sins while the church is having a big party. Well now the party is over and it is time for us to fight. Our young people need truth speakers and not ear ticklers. AIDS, STD’S, DEATH, SUICIDE, JAIL AND HELL ARE VERY REAL. Leave the leaven out and feed God’s sheep.

WE ARE LIVING IN THE LAST DAYS PEOPLE and lukewarm, watered down, candy coated gospel just ain’t (isn’t) going to cut it anymore. It is time to cry aloud and spare not and lift up our voices like a trumpet in zion and show my people their transgressions. It was commanded that the older teach the younger but they seem to have abandoned their post. No one wants to deal with our youth on fornication, adultery, promiscuous dress, lesbianism and homosexuality, and just overall holy living. There are those that would have me to shut my mouth and leave the young people alone but I love them to much to do that. If I remember correctly the scripture said that we (The Ministers of the gospel) are to preach and to teach, we are not suppose to let things fester in the church and wait for holy ghost conviction. (For some it never comes) Many of our young people don’t even have the holy ghost and are not being taught how to live holy so how can we expect them to just fall in line without teaching them. How can you get holy ghost conviction if you don’t have the holy ghost and are not being taught. This is where the real soldiers of the cross step in.

I don’t know about you but I would rather preach a hard message and see young souls saved AND DELIVERED, than to tip toe around the truth with a soft message and see people dying in their sins because of a false since of salvation. Many of our young people are dealing with demons and can’t sleep at night because of what they are going through. The last thing they need is some lukewarm Preacha (Preacher) pushing their problems to the side and throwing them up in front of the church to do some praise dance.

I minister to young women and young people who’s lives are riddled with problems. These young people are members of other churches but come to me because their pastors aren’t helping them. With real love comes chastisement. The Lord will show us how to minister the truth to our young people in love without compromising the gospel truth. A strong truth is better for the soul than a partial truth or no truth at all. Young people need the truth today as OUR TIME ON THIS EARTH IS RUNNING OUT. Not to mention we are losing them to the streets. We are constantly hearing of young people who have been gunned down like dogs and never got the chance for repentance. It is better that we keep them out of Satan’s clutches than to just keep handing them over while we dress up in our Sunday’s best. Who cares about our Sunday’s best when our young people are falling by the way side. When I work with young people and their parents they are not offended by the truth but appreciate the LOVE IN WHICH IT IS PREACHED. To God be the glory.

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