After coming into the understanding through the Word of God that many are called and few are chosen, I discovered that many people have associated ministry, particularly Pastoral Ministry with gathering people together and perhaps even with renting space for a meeting in a store front building. They put the sign on the building, and last but not least print cards saying “Welcome to an Open Door Church “with a Calling from God. I believe that when God calls us He prepares trains and then He sends us in His Kingdom Order.

Every member in the Body of Christ is called to minister, but in order for the church to function properly she must be in the right order. The head can’t be where the foot should be (I Cor. 12:1-4). God is no respecter of persons, in Him there is no gender, male nor female, because of His omnipotence, which is all knowing. God makes no mistakes.

He is so accurate He knows the number of hairs upon each one of our heads. When God calls a man or woman into a leading or leadership role He has already thought it through. He said we must do things decent and in order. Remember Adam came first and then came Eve. It’s not that God favors man over woman, but it’s the order and man’s position.

Adam was the first man put on the earth then Eve. Eve was created from the side of Adam (Gen 2:22-23. A woman should walk along side of a man not in front or behind but along side of him, he may be her pastor, spouse, father or brother or any male figure, why? Because of the demonic evil forces and the enmity that the devil has against her, the devil hates women in particular; he will war against the church just to destroy her, because he knows she carries the seed to produce more kings like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. A woman is the most precious vessel that God created, and He wants her protected against the attacks of the enemy.

The burden and weight that comes with leadership especially, pastoral ministry comes with a lot of opposition, a man is a protector. A woman is made to nurture a man and be loved. In most instances a man has been behind most successful women; her dad, spouse or a male figure, that’s the way God planned it before the foundation of the world (Eph 1:4). God said in His word that man shall rule over a woman as a result of Eve’s disobedience. The word rule that God gave unto man over a woman is not a slavery type of ruling, remember it’s his position as a protector. Eve’s influenced caused Adam to disobey God, and as a result the penalty of disobedience was enforced, His word is still in effect.

A woman is very influential, she is very helpful to any man with making decisions, Eve, influenced Adam. Even with her influence that caused Adam to fall God didn’t hold the woman responsible, why? Because God gave the order to Adam and he was responsible for every decision made.

Women if you have a spouse remember that God holds the man accountable for every decision that is made for his family, not the woman. Remember it’s the man’s position! Hallelujah.

The rulers of darkness of this world have brought influence to ones such as Women Liberation and the Media has said “a woman can do anything that a man can do” and many of our young women are listening, but that’s a lie from the devil. A woman is like night and day in comparison to a man.

I believe that God has given women great gifts and talents and they are to be used to help the men. Yes, God has called many great women to the Five Fold Ministry, and Pastoral Ministry, some were and still are widows and single women but their covering is their pastor or a male figure, that’s the order of God and the joy of the Lord is our strength.

Women, obedience is better than sacrifice, God wants us to triumph and have dominion and influence as we walk in our kingship knowing that God is King of Kings and be ready when He calls us for His purpose. Jesus is Lord!

In His Service,

Sandra Robinson

Dr. Sandra Robinson

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Good stuff Apostle!!!


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