Well, if you are really READY to find out How to GET RID of the burden of the WEIGHT and WAIT in your Life, keep reading and forward this message to all you know!! Many saints in the Kingdom are dealing with EXCESS Body WEIGHT, Mental WEIGHT, Emotional WEIGHT, Relation-SHIP WEIGHT and Financial WEIGHT, as well as Stress from WAITing for your new job or promotion, WAITing for your Boaz, for a Financial Breakthru and WAITing on the fulfillment of God's promises to you (Is. 62:4-7 NLT)!



(2008 Copywritten. All Rights Reserved - by Rhonda A. White)


*** No More WEIGHT! ***
WEIGHT - means heaviness, burdens, something loaded down on someone, to carry, to be oppressed, pushed down or excess..!

"Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a Huge Crowd of witnesses (people are watching You) to the Life of our Faith,
LET US Strip Off (lay aside) EVERY WEIGHT that Slows us Down,
especially the sin that so easily hinders our progress. And LET US Run with Endurance
the race that God has set before us!"
(Heb. 12:1-2 NLT)

++What are you concerned about and Mentally WEIGHTed down with? What's bothering and frustrating you? Want a mate? (become the type of mate you want to attract first) Want your current mate to act better? (become the change you want to see - smile).... Whatever is bothering you, YOU MUST GIVE IT TO GOD TODAY because your mouth and hands can mess it up.
READ: Is. 54:17; Rom. 8; Colossians 2:15 and Luke 10:18-19

Remember these truths God wrote through me in some of the books:
"*RELAX, God is in Charge, for if He allowed it, then why are you worried about it? He knows all, hears all and see all, for NOTHING catches Him by surprise! *You're in a FIXED, for your Life has been pre-recorded so chill out. KNOW that you are victorious and can never lose, no matter what is happening all around you. Keep your eyes on the Light and know You're in a FIXED Fight!"

++ I Cor. 6 says

We are the Temple of the Holy Ghost and we must get rid of the excess Weight and Bloatedness ladies, because if you can't control your eating and discipline yourselves enough to want to Take Care of the body God entrusted in your care, people may wonder how can you train and teach them what they should do...? Whether you like it or not or think so, people are looking at some of us getting out of breath preaching, standing, with swollen feet and sick healing the sick. Scientists have found 80-90% of Diseases are preventable and begin from a bloated colon/belly! Excess Weight can also cause other burdens on your body organs (heart, liver, kidneys etc.). I was a Size 20 and God blessed me to go to a Size 14 (see my website). www.RHONDAWHITE.com

++Cleansing your INNER body

(colon, blood, liver and De-worming yearly) is just as important as
showering the Outer twice a day! (When John Wayne died of colon cancer, his colon Weighed over 79 lbs. w/old waste. We also De-worm our dogs/cats, but forget ourselves, although some of our parents gave us worm medicine each year!)

++Cleansing then Building the Immune System = A HEALTHY BODY ready for Kingdom Work!

("There child Jesus grew up HEALTHY and Strong. He was filled with Wisdom beyond his years, and God placed His special Favor upon him!" Luke 2:40 NLT)

***My friends, it is hard to RUN the Race that is set before us and to Progress if we are WEIGHTed down, for MIND/BODY/SPIRT Weight is all related to and affects each of the parts of your BEing!***


*** Be Encouraged in your WAITing! ***
WAIT - sitting in one place doing nothing, looking out for something or Hoping for something or TO SERVE (WAITress on God through serving others)...!

"But those who WAIT on the Lord will find New Strength. They will FLY (soar) High on wings like Eagles. They will RUN and not grow weary. They will WALK and not faint!" (Is. 40:31 NLT)

Now, about WAITing on the Lord; Begin to shift from worry, weary sitting WAITing and start
WAITtressing - Serving and Waiting on the Lord through helping and Serving on others!

++You see, sitting WAITing makes it hard to FLY, RUN and WALK,

but if you're up serving God through serving others on your feet busy, it takes your mind off what has not happened or showed up for you yet! Also it makes it easier to FLY, RUN and WALK when you're on your feet helping someone else! Yes Lord.

++Commit to Mentor and help at least 1 person or minister each month

to make sure the vision God has given them is not aborted, miscarried or born still born; also to make sure they don't give up and get discouraged! Help them with prayer, money, counsel, sales, referrals, ideas, marketing/ads...whatever is needed! If everyone Mentored 1 person a month to help them Soar2More, our world would be a much better place! With the economy drama now, God is making us Help each other more and use our Creativity to birth witty inventions because jobs and the stock market are not certain!

++Also as God told me a few years ago, begin to

"CREATE While you WAIT, for Creativity is a form of Intimacy with God!"

God wants to take you higher, are you Ready in your Mind, Body and Spirit?
THIS IS YOUR TIME, YOUR SEASON AND YOUR TURN to Lose all the Weights and the stress from Waiting out of your life once and for all.

Call me and I'll help you if you want to be helped.

"My people are Destroyed for a lack of knowledge...but some rejected it..." Hosea 4:6-7

I love you and believe in the God in you. The devil wants you to move slow and Weighted down, to be in the bed sick, to cancel engagements because of colds, sore throats, hoarseness, weak immune systems, diabetes complications, eye problems, headaches, asthma attacks, high blood pressure & etc..., but he is a liar!

You are healed and I will help you stay healthy. You are the Temple of the Holy Ghost and the

Holy Ghost is not Sick so we should not be Sick in Jesus' Name...by His Stripes we WERE Healed!

Take care of yourself - it's the only "SELF" you have ladies! smile

God bless you and don't you dare give up - just GO UP, for someone out there needs your gifts, anointing so Shine your Light. LET IT SHINE, LET IT SHINE, LET IT SHINE!!!


Rhonda White, CNHP "The INNERgizer"

***SEE this man before and after 30 days of Cleansing his Colon & Deworming!!***




Scientists have found that 80-90% of Disease begin in the Colon and it can hold a Minimum of 25 lbs.

of old food! When John Wayne died his Colon WEIGHED over 79 lbs. - Wow!

Study it on the internet and

see the Center of Disease Control website about

Human Parasites/Worms www.dpd.cdc.gov .


It's Time for YOU to bring ORDER to our INNER and OUTER Bodies and Life before the next year!


"Clean the CLUTTER Before I Tell Your Mother" book

"The 31 Days of PREPARATION for the Next DIMENSION in your Life!" ebook





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