The lord has placed this on my heart tonight. I pray this comes out the way it is intended. You are LEADERS, and your members look to you for guidance. We are living in times where everyone is desperate. Desperate to do anything. Please to do not sell your self to the devil. God gave us all common sense. Use your judgement when leading Gods children. If you don't know something, pray about it. Do not let people come into your church and TAKE from members who are already struggling.

As I surf the internet tonight and read varies emails about many products/business ventures, my spirit crys. Saints seem to always be targeted and the devil will continue to chip away at us. We fall and get back up every time.

Stand strong during these times and beware of evil. Be very careful who you partner with or make business decesions with. Wait on the lord.

My official press kit is below. You may have to copy and paste.

You may contact me at or

Outspoken Reality/Author of Innocent Victims
The courage of a lion

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