We know the story of Rachel and Leah, both sisters in the book of Genesis. We see how Jacob felt cheated and was willing to work another seven (7) years for Rachel, his only love; all this time Leah believed that if she bears Jacob children, at least, she could get in on the love game. No way Leah, the man does not love you, he is honoring a custom, not even his choice, the love of his life is your sister Rachel.God opened Leah's womb to make her feel accepted by Jacob but he was lovesick  for his girl Rachel. We are so much like Leah, we sacrifice all for love and sometimes we still are left loveless. Even though she continued to bear her husband children, he showered his second wife, (his first choice) with all his love. Then God closed her womb, even then, she did not understand that God wanted her to understand that He was willing to love her beyond anything she could imagine. She allowed her maid to become pregnant for her husband, poor Leah!. Like Leah, we often serve the things that are not important, meanwhile, God is waiting in the wings for us to pay attention, he wants to cuddle us, bless us and simply put...love us to overflowing. Give God a chance to love you today. Blessings!

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