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"Prohibition is unwise fiscal policy. Education and treatment would be far more effective." - Diane Goldstien


With more than 20 years in law enforcement, Diane Goldstein has made numerous arrests as a longtime foot soldier of the war on drugs. After joining the Redondo Beach Police Department in 1983, she rose from a Patrol Officer and School Resource Officer to Sergeant in the Special Investigations Unit, finally retiring as a Lieutenant Commander in 2004. During her time on the frontlines, her perspective on the war on drugs shifted gradually to strong opposition. It was a change forged not only through her professional experience, but by the wrenching personal impact of having a vulnerable family member (older brother) became a casualty of the War on Drugs.


Diane discusses the new efforts in California to put a ballot initative before voters in 2012 that would, Regulate Marijuana Like Wine.

We also discussed a new documentary due out soon by film maker Ken Burns about the the history of alcohol prohibition and why drug prohibition will not work either.

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