Praise the Matchless Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ everybody.....recently, I started a teaching on strongholds and was lead by the Spirit to make it available for all ministers, believers and those seeking God. Please use this information as you will. I pray that it will be a resource for all of you and I also pray that it will lead to deliverance, recovery and liberty of many.
Be blessed

Pastor Horn, Sr.Th.D.

Stronghold: Ephesians 6: 12, 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, Matthew 12:28-29 and 12:43-45, Galatians 5: 16-21, Mark 9:17-25.
 The Greek word for stronghold is Ochyroma which means fortress or prison.
 Strongholds can be summarized as all oppositions to the knowledge of Christ in the form of thought and demonic entities.
 Thus, all imaginations, knowledge, ignorance, prejudice, lusts, carnal reasoning, proud ideas, high thoughts, and contrary philosophies are all the seeds used by Satan to keep man from coming to the knowledge of God and His kingdom.
 Once knowledge contrary to the word and will of God is accepted, spiritual bondage which may lead to physical and emotional bondage is manifested in the lives of men. Anti-God behavior and beliefs become the safe-haven for demonic forces and the prison of men.

Strongholds: Mark 5:1-9, Romans 1:21-32, Matthew 12:43-45
A stronghold is a bondage that is not easily broken or removed, that restricts/blocks/stagnates/or frustrates spiritual movement, revelation, potential and growth for the believer or sinner. The process that leads to a stronghold can be reflective or projective.
Projective Strongholds
 Satan initiates an exposure which connects with pre-existing lust.
 The lust evolves in the mind through the imagination and vanity.
 Lust builds and seeks for an opportunity to fulfill itself.
 The individual becomes consumed with the opportunity.
 Opportunity is presented which leads to the act/sin.
 Unrepentance or repentance not under-girded with the word, mind renewal, and social changes will lead to repeat sins and offences.
 The sin/act swiftly becomes a habit.
 The habit desensitizes the individual to both the spiritual and natural consequences of the sin.
 Nullification of the promises of God occur and a breach is created between the individual and God.
 Habitual sin becomes a lifestyle that leads to other behaviors that must accompany the initial sin in order to support and sustain its strength.
 Lifestyle leads to an engulfment into a culture that solidifies the stronghold.
 A spiritual deficit, untamed flesh, irrational emotional ties and a demonic social system all hold the individual hostage to the stronghold.
Passive Strongholds
 Happens without the individual willingly participating in the initial exposure.
 Examples are molestation, rape, familial and cultural influences
 Normalized dysfunctional, sinful, or demonic practices
 Multiple negative social and emotional wounds
 Victimizations and traumas gone unaddressed
 Deliverance takes place through forgiveness of others, self and revelation of God's purpose for their life.
 Other Strongholds include Depression and other psychological and sociological deficits.

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