The devil has told us that we all have separate Ministry
The ??? is Who Ministry is it? Man or God?
Why then are we so separated as a body of the same Spirit.
And what does the Word of God States about this matter, my I, MINISTRY..

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Evangelist,all good works are of the Lord.I try to see what have I contribruted to the separation,and have to say that when you don't conform to certain veiws,even though your heart is right with God,some judge.But HIS revelation tells you what to do,continue on don't stop.Sometimes the devil can separate us,due to the point,God's work is hard,His yoke is easy.Many times we have to come at the devil from different angles,just search your heart for answers,and see the different angle.LUKE;9;50-FORBID THEM NOT,FOR HE THAT IS NOT AGAINST US,IS FOR US!
And the last person talking that I,MY stuff exhaulted his way right to !!!!!!!!!.


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