Keep your heart with all diligence

for out of it springs the issues of life.

Proverbs 4:23 NKJV


"Be silent, My child, and when you speak,

let it be your heart that calls My name.

Many have My name upon their lips

but their hearts are a hollow shell.

Love is not in a mouth that is fulll,

but in an overflowing heart.

With the heart man believes unto righteousness

and with the mouth he confesses unto salvation (Romans 10:10).

No mouth shall testify of salvation and speak the truth

until first the heart has believed unto righteousness.

I listen for the words of your heart.

I understand the language of love.

When you listen to My voice, listen with your heart."

From "On The Highroad of Surrender"


What a mighty word.

Oftentimes we may be listening,

but we are not hearing and discerning

the voice, heart or Spirit of the Lord.

Our 5 senses and other external or inward things,

keep us out of touch and out of tune with the

voice and heart of God. In addition to this,

these same things can deaden us or desensitize

us to the same.


So many people are longing, yearning and eagerly

waiting to hear God speak to them or give them

directions or answers about some one or something.

But did you know that God is more eager to speak to

you than you want to hear from Him? 

God is always speaking, but we are not always listening

in a way that we can hear Him, as given in a few of the

examples above.


Learning to pray with an open mind, an open spirit

and an open heart will help us hear and discern God's

voice or heart. Patience, quietness and stillness also

aid in our hearing from our loving, caring heavenly Father.


God may be speaking to you know through this blog.

If you feel you haven't heard Him today yet, keep an

open and attentive spirit and He will. God has a myriad of

ways to comunicate to us. As our heavenly Father, He will

go out His way to use what ever means necessary

to speak to us and get to our heart.

Be careful not to place any limits or restrictions on God

by expecting Him to speak or move in your life only by

ways you are familiar with or want Him to.

And remember, listen with your heart also!


Apostle Dr. Melody Barclay

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Awesome Prophet Minstrel John. I will post this comment at my site at as I did your other comments yesterday. I also posted your comment in the group on my site "Marriage, Couples & Singles". Thank you again for sharing such great insight. Lovingly, Apostle Barclay
Speak, Lord. Thy servant heareths, and I thank You, Heavenly Father, for sending this timely word through Your servant, Apostle Dr. Melody Barclay.

Sister Melody, thank you for your obedience unto the voice of our Father Who is in Heaven.
May God bless you abundantly as you seek to continue in His will.
Much Love In Christ,
Sister Ann
This thread is not fruitiful. Why must we continue in the imagination of our hearts, and think we know what we are talking about without having any understanding.
this is a very impressive piece i hope that you will do it on my page soon



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