I am looking for some pastors and leaders to help lead an evangelistic ministry who may otherwise be locked out of churches because of their greatness and skill. After graduating from Princeton Theological Seminary and publishing a book, I was viewed by many churches in this country as "having too much" to pastor them which I thought was ridiculous. I believe the child of God should be thoroughly equipped to do God's work and that is why I took the time, money, and work to invest in my education for God's kingdom. My heart is for people. I am a street evangelist, a pastor, a father, husband, and I love children. I don't have the time nor the patience to play "church politics." If you love people like I do and want to minister to them by utilizing your gifts, please feel free to contact me at ronalddboykin@yahoo.com. You will not be stifled like many leaders within churches tend to stifle gifted leaders like yourself. You can also visit www.kogi.vpweb.com and contact us through the contact section. I would love to hear from you!

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