Five words written in the Bible. I ask each of you to think in your years of being a believer how and when have you pratice this. If you conclude everday. Then I pose another question. Were is the impact ? Or should I say were is the love?

Please share your thoughts and views on this topic. I believe as we gleen from each other with open hearts and minds we can begin a greater work than what we are doing. To me Love is giving and giving sustains the love. What do you say?

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why am I not surprised nobody has responded to this? This is something I struggle with almost daily due to situations in my life. But also due to situations in ministry and in the past, I know it is the only way to true deliverance and being set free from pain. A first step tp practising this is to recognise and admit that you have not been truly loving your neighbor. Maybe you dont want to love your neighbor, s/he has hurt, humiliated, accused, abused, slandered, gossipped, overlooked, used you and tossed you aside. Naw I dont wanna love my neighbor because he dont love me. I dont wanna love him because I'm too mad at him/her for whatever.

But let get clear it is one of two commandments upon which all others rest: Love your neighbor has yourself; love the Lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strength.

This is the bigger question: how much do we love either God or our neighbor? If we love God we keep His commandments which are not grievious or too heavy to bear.

Here are some ways God has taught and continues to teach me to love my neighbor like myself. First be a doer of the word of God.

Bless your enemy, pray for those who use you. PRAY FOR THEM LIKE YOU'D WANT SOMEONE TO PRAY FOR YOU. Pray for them like you are praying for yourself. I know it hurts and its gonna hurt a little bit more until the healing anointing that comes from obedient prayer is released to you. This healing that comes from obedient prayer is only released when we pray and bless our enemies and those who falsely accuse, hate or despise us, etc. Deliverance and liberty are the result, plus the joy that comes from obeying God is too.

Helps to remember that love is an action word, its a verb, it requires that we do something. You see a need you meet that need. You dont wait for someone to serve you, but you serve them. You dont wait for them necesarily to even ask for help. Let brotherly love continue. Give or yourself and of your substance, little or much as God has provided to you. Do it as much for yourself as for the object of your love, then you are doing th ewill of your father in heaven. Love is not stingy in spirit or in deed. Gotta cut it short for now.


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