If you are not loving at all, you are doing nothing at all.

And we must stop fooling ourselves that we do,

when we know that our heart despises and has remorse

towrd others regardless of the reason.

We haven't start loving until welove like Jesus,

like He told us to, and like the word of God tells us to.

When we were commanded by God and Jesus to love one another,

we were left with no option to do so. We can only love one another

with God's love. For our love is tainted, prejudiced and with respect

of persons, cultures, nationalities, races and the like. Jesus died

and rose for all peoples, regardless of their state and condition as

well. We must pray and ask God to help us to love others as He does,

and as He has warranted us to. We must even love our enemies.

Because if we don't,

then we aren't doing anything at all that matters to God.

What matters to God the most

is that we love all others and that we love Him.

Dr. Melody Barclay

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That is beautiful and so true, Dr. Barclay. Thank you for sharing Gods word and His love!
God bless and keep you!
Evangelist Cookie
Yes dear in all we do we really need to love one another and loving our lord Jesus!! Thank you so much Dr. Barclay.You know apostle Paul say's that with out love I am nothing and that is why I try to share the message of loving one another because if all people loving one another their will be grace peace and lovely life God bless you so much keep going on in Jesus' name amen.

Samuel kayemba


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