I received a comment from "makingmoneywithgoogle" here at BPN. Please be careful not to respond, because this is a scam (www.workatthetruth.com) in an attempt to receive your credit card information; and personally it offends me that this person should choose this Christian forum to do the work of the devil.

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Lot of these scams are out there now Doc.....they are using the economic times that we live in to prey on people who will do just about anything to try and make their ends meet.The best weapon against this is communcation,to let everyone know about these scams,and for us to be constantly on the watch for these.Most people don't understand that the Internet market place is replete with charlatans selling the proverbial "snake oil"and it can end up costing you a lot of money...for nothing gained.
Bless you . Thank you posting for this information I too, received this comment, disregarded it,but,failed to warn others on this site.
Forgive me
Google also has a blog warning people about this very scam and so apparently whoever is behind this scheme has been very busy around the internet. Minister Youngblood is right, they are attempting to prey on people who are struggling during these challenging times.


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