Should we honor man made church traditions ,or should we honor God's word?

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We should always honor the word of Yah.
Hah Hah!
Thats a cute question.
GOD's word first and foremost of course.

Now, define "man made church traditions", because many say this with such zeal but sometime the things they point to are either from GOD Himself, or allowed by GOD.
We should follow Jesus.
we are not to exalt mankind, we are not to make pulpits or communion tables or church buildings holy, we are not to make taking communion a ritual, these are some of the man made traditions, we are not to make one day holy over another day.
This is a no-brainer!
Not really. Its a simple question, yes, but it can open up a can or worms that many wont be able to deal with!
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