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Martin Luther King's birthday is today so I would like to ask a very interesting question. Martin Luther King Jr HAD a dream. DO YOUNG BLACKS DISRESPECT WHAT HE STOOD FOR? Please don't take offense to the poetry in the video. One of the black officials in our City asked us to put this together to be shown at a King event a couple of years back. It was their goal to thwart the negative things that happen among our young black children.

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Hezekiah, I saw your video on King.
So this guy is reaping the fruits of civil rights leaders and this is the thanks.

Hezekiah since you and your people have a problem with King (he was not perfect) - tell me about your martyrs.
Tell me about your martyrs.
Tell me about yall great leaders - tell me anything about them.
Tell me about your martyrs.
Tell me about yall great leaders that fought for civil rights.
And who is this guy - what has he done for civil rights?

Amen Newview. Amen. Though King wasn't perfect he stuck his neck out for many races of people not just black. To bash him is idiocy.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"
Neither of you understand that you are in the Matrix. Look up Boule.
hezekiah ben israel you need help this man help all of us to be able to do and enjoy things you dont understand before you knock a man with your strange doctr. understand him first MLK was a great man, leader and life was taken for hate but through that God use something bad and use it for our good i am offended by you and your saying stop being a coward and give JOY were JOY is dUE Jesus preach love u should try him and it. I live in mississippi and there a long way to go and it more then kkk but BLACK BRO. LIKE YOU WHO WILL HOLD US BACK IF U FORGET YOUR PAST U CANT MOVE FORWARD
You are programed into the Matrix, and therefore, don't understand you are in error. Do you have a 501c3 Tax exemption?
Hezekiah, I disagree with some of the points made about Dr.King and the Movement. He fought in this movement so that not only his children can be free but all children be free.
Dr. King was first and foremost a servant of God, a father and citizen fighting for the things people were fighting for.
I understand what you have been taught in the schools and from videos etc. But the behind the scenes community planned this movement. All you get to see is the aftermath. Problem reaction solution.. This is their formula.
Read Deuteronomy 28, and understand why you are going through what you are going through.
It is for you.
Yes, I read your post.

You will never be correct in the eyes of Hezekiah, you are wasting your time and attention. He is very well know on this site. Many members are making an effort to remain focused on our purpose for joining this site.

Hezekiah fulfills his purpose whatever it is and we must do the same. I am here to fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ, which he has instructed me in so many words that I serve a false God on another blog


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