Churches should be looking for disciples rather than members. We must train new coverts to become disciples of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Too many leaders are making disciples for them selves.

By the way, if you belong to God, then why do you call God's Ministry by your name. You are out of order and must repent. God's churches and ministries should be owned by Him and for Him. A-men.

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Thank you!

Paul was very clear that he did not baptize folks because of the possibility of being charged with 'baptizing people in his own name'.What we have exposed, and again, thank you, is that we have religious leaders who have made disciples of men unto themselves - as being the 'master' (Rabbi, Pastor, etc.) over a flock. It is the siren call of power and the exercise of authority to control the lives of others. Leaders who have become masters (lords).

In Matthew 28:19-20, we find that Jesus commanded His disciples to make 'disciples' of all nations, teaching them everything that Jesus commanded them to teach. That is, to become teachers of others, even as Jesus was their teacher. The difference, of course, is that in order to be a truly called (approved) teacher of men, one must be committed to faithfully teaching only those things Jesus taught (by His word and Spirit), and has therefore commanded you in turn, to teach - adding nothing more nor diminishing from the subject material! (Deuteronomy 12:32 ).

What we see far too often today are teachers (spiritual leaders) who add to, alter, and take away from God's word as they see fit, according to their own understanding and wisdom, and they call that 'good'.

Call no man [master, pastor, father, rabbi, teacher] for you have but one Rabbi, Jesus Christ.(Mat 23:8-12), which leaves those called to be teachers with a problem: Never forget that we teach only what our master called us to teach - and to perform that task only in (with) the authority granted to us by the same Master who the Master of us all! The disciple (student), even the most senior and gifted, is never permitted to 'up stage' (take personal authority over the teaching of) the Master and substitute his own good ideas in place of the Master's teaching. But, that is what happens all too often.

Take care all, not elevate your name and/or ministry over that of Jesus Christ and His ministry. To do so is a very dangerous path to walk upon.
The Lord Jesus told us not to call no man Rabbi, Master or Father. However, He set up the five fold ministry; Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher. Rabbi is equal to Dr. Master is equal to employer or jailer. Father is what priests have others to call them. We must be careful what is allowed in Christ's churches.
Apostles, let us place order and growth back to the churches of our Lord and King Jesus Christ. Members need to become disciples. Christians should become saints. Most leaders do not know how to cause development. It Is Sad.........!!!


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