Back in the Book of Acts there was a man that tried to pay Paul for the ability to fill people with the Holy Ghost, this was the beginning of the Prosperity Gospel, we have been Merchandising the Anointing every since! God NEVER intended men and women to profit from the Gospel....freely you recieved freely you give!

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I think its sad, especially when selling those hankerchiefs.
I believe this stuff makes God sick

Big time. Especially Prophet Eddie. He sells his prophecies I believe
Again, thank you Mark.
Are you referring to the book of Acts Chapter 8 Concerning Simon vs 18-20 when Peter rebuke him for wanting to purchase the Power?
Yes my mistake Peter not Paul, but yes churches are still trying to sell God's anointing
What hurts - is that you are right in your charge against the "church"! I have seen it! I have even been offered a ministry position within a church - for money (a bribe, tribute).
Yes! I am sad to say. But, that is how far some men have fallen. Some will make the offer - and some will even accept it. I will not play that game!
I've seen this happen too. I'll tell ya what, anybody offered a position in church needs to KNOW that God called them to do it.
Even though scritpure repeatedly warns in OT & NT that there are those who would make merchandise of men, there are people that allow it and participate in it. Now, that irks me. Its almost like they dont believe the bible. Or they disregard it, which is the same thing.

I really hate it when I think of the people who are hoping against hope for a miracle, when often all they get is abused by these ministries.
you mean "pathetic" words dont you? LOL
Elder mark,please qualify:freely you received,freely you give. I absolutely agree with everything posted,i too,detest the soul-destroying,bank-breaking pimping/huckstering going on. having said that;salvation was and is FREE,the anointing on my life ,that i walk&flow in through JESUS CHRIST cost me everything.Everything!!! i cannot nor do i place a price tag on it,HIS will is my will ,HIS breath is my breath, i am about HIM. i do not understand/accept charging someone for a "word of wisdom,knowledge ,or truth,etc. my thought has always been if GOD told you to tell me,why do i have to pay you,it's GOD's word after all,not yours.
anyway,thanks all for allowing me to jump in

more than conquering in HIS name


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