Why are our leaders and saints so concerned about the presence of signs, wonders, miracles, and gifts operating in the church today? The Word of God and the Holy Spirit isn't enough for us to believe in Christ and live the Christian life? We can't pray and ask God to let his will be done concerning healing and deliverance? Do we have to have a church full of "Charismatics" to see the power of God? Talk to me!

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I had to repent and delete my reply to you because I do have a "big" problem with what has been revealed as well as observed, where the Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements are concerned. It's like people were and still are bored with the bible, discipleship, and living the "holy" Christian life. It's like we've always been looking for more and haven't even really been good stewards of the elementary works. It's like we needed and still need to experience "Supernatural" activity in our services and by our ministers to keep people interested in Christianity and in awe of the leadership. This effort, because almost all of it is absent of God's authentic power, has left behind many confused and sick people. As well as unfulfilled prophesies. Like you've stated, a converted sinner isn't "Supernatural" enough? I won't go any further with this but mark my word...... A big producer is going to promote a big documentary that's going to give ex Charismatic victims a voice to reveal the falsehood in what the church has been so in awe of. The only reason why many haven't spoke out publicly is because they're afraid of being attacked and ex communicated by the church leaders. Many of the saints want somebody to speak out. Like the student that wants somebody else to ask the question they want the answer to. But wait until somebody puts some money and protection behind them. These people are going to talk! I've heard many older and younger people talk about this topic in private but they're afraid of their pastor finding out just how they feel based on what they've felt, haven't felt, and have observed. I've heard people talking about faking being slain in the spirit and speaking in tongues, etc..... Anyway, I believe the gifts of the spirit are operating in the church today. But not as prevelant as in the early church and not "all" of the people who are claiming to possess these gifts are really, what we call, flowing in these gifts. Paul said he gave gifts to men, but he also says not all of us have the same gifts. The spirit gives gifts individually as "He" wills.(1 Corinthians 12:11) What biblical prophecy do you see unfolding today that has made Christ's return more imminent than when my grandmother was saying it's imminent when we were kids? Yes, new birth is supernatural, but thereafter, what should a babe in Christ be seeking? The supernatural? Miracles? What do you think Jesus has commanded us to teach them pertaining to the Christian life?

I went through that situation and the pastor attempted to make it like my walk my deliverence my faith in God was fake.I was preaching under the annoying.ting of sin because I was preaching in his pulpit and wasn't paying tithes I explained to him I gave up making money for salvation and worked 40 hours a week from 60 hours a week and trusting God and he provided us with what we needed ...it nearly destroyed my marriage because my wife didn't understand why I stepped down and stopped serving and dint let God sort it out. I said I couuld serve as ArmorBearer and slap God in the face.

in the charismatic churches if you have money an expensive car you are blessed and highly favoured, coupled with knowing the Bible..sowing seeds whenever the church is need you get prophesied. To to gain more favor and riches...That would have been me if I had come into a church like that 8 years ago. Because I came into a church like that and just started serving at the door greeting then the pastor came and asked if I wanted to be AmorBearer ..I said yes hoping.v to gain more knowledge.then he asked for a 1000.00 dollar sacrifice offering. I scanned the room evryones head was down.Long story short I was gods plan to use me to get him to preach what he was afraid to preach because he figured people would leave for preaching against sin...anytime God wanted me to tell him something his office would clear out and after we talked they would come back in. There was a sermon he preached during a leadership class I sat in on. We were alone and God had me tell him to preach that in the 11am service.he did and everyone one was hanging on to every word. I told him stop searching for Amens and just preach...Preach Gods word and the people will come BUILD A CHURCH GODS WORD NOT SMOKE AND MIRRORS

I had to look up chatasmatic to see what it means.... I really cant say anything about it, but it is interesring.
I had to look up chatasmatic to see what it means.... I really cant say anything about it, but it is interesring.

For some, they have to see.  But the Word of God say, whosoever calls upon my name shall be saved.  So it's what we believe.  Blessed are those who believe without seeing.  John 20:29

Seems like a quick fix to me ..most of them are so concerned about the gifts and being labeled as annointed because they can recite scripture speak in tongues run and shout but when the question was asked.by a pastor how can she not worry ...I waited to see if anyone would say anything then I stood up and said if you have FAITH why worry...Once people see prophecies come to pass that stop depending on God fall apart during the week cone to church get a word and they are 100% again


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