I am drawn like a magnet as a result of the mental escapade of the
moment as I glimpse into this world which provokes my desire to touch
its essence; therefore releasing the roller coaster of my mind’s eye to
travel at speeds of velocity beyond measure.

These thoughts are: empowering, incredible, indescribable, favorable,
and full of twist and turns; far from imaginable, yet at times perceived
as inconceivable, not retrievable, no matter the disbelief or the
rationale, it’s obtainable through oneness with it, yet becoming

A compilation of these types of experiences propels my innermost being
into contemplation; looking deeper into the reality that I possess and
desire to unlock myself up to the possibilities of transformation

There’s nothing like being alone; the creative genius of the moment, a
time of reflection, the stoke of the pen against paper, a place of peace
and wholeness. For some being alone is not a good thing, as it appears
to be, yet for me it is refreshing.

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