My Brothers....and My Sisters...don't appear to be so needy on the Internet...Read On!

My Brothers....and My Sisters...don't appear to be so needy on the Internet...Read On!

Don't appear to be desperate for a man, or woman. Be prayerful...

When asking someone to be your friend or just setting up your page in general please pray about how you are going to minister on your page.

Ask yourself what is your motive.

God has given us a charge to preach the Word to uttermost part of world...this is are you going about spreading the Word.

Every site that God has opened up for me to share his love...I do just that that. There are plenty of temple prostitute we don't need to add to the calamity of sexual misconduct in the church.

The reason why the internet could be bad for the Saints' is when we don't discern and pray, we fall prey to the devil devices.

1) We must be persistent, when we pray... Lord, bless my mind while I am on the internet. Cast the devil out of my mind. If you friend, want to act like a fool, I will first offer my friend, prayer and if my friend, don't want to be restore, I will cutoff my fellowship with that friend. Soul ties are dangerous. (That's a sermon in itself.) Read on!

I am married so when I am on the internet I act like a married person, in conversation and deed, some stuff don't even need to be discussed with certain individuals. We know as leaders soul ties are easily formed and hard to be broken. Certain things that pop up on my computer I don't even give the devil the time of day by opening it up. I stay away like the plague. If I know I am attracted to you in a unholy way I am going run away like Joseph and keep my integrity. This is what needed to be taught but many of us are guilty so we don't teach on it.

2) We must be positive and specific when we pray...

Lord bless me and lead me as I touch people through this internet ministry, that soul might be saved, edified, and perserve until your coming Lord. I don't want to be a stumbling block by being a playboy or playgirl on the internet. Lord I am on the computer for your glory, Amen.

3) We must have expectation that God is going do what his Word says...Basically don't stop praying. Be that example of holiness on the internet, don't you be found guilty and unrepented, if you fall, dust yourself off, get in your prayer closet and make tracks until you make it into glory (heaven).

see Galatians 6:1-2 and Luke 18:1-8

I said a mouthful but we must be an example of holiness which is not just a denomination but a way of life. God said be holy for I am holy. Which basically means be set apart. A dress code does not mean "set apart" because they are some 'set apart looking demons roaming the earth'. If you know the ways of God does your friend strive to be like God or does your friend strive to be like the adversary?

Until next time not finish but I have to stop to bless someone else.

So in essence watch your motives while you are on the internet.

Love ya my sisters and brothers in the Gospel.

Evangelist Patrica A. Lewis

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