On October 19 1938, Bishop A. Isaiah Jackson, Sr. was born in the city Port Huron, Michigan; second to the eldest child out of 14th. His late parents, Bishop Isaiah and Evangelist Annabelle Jackson. At the age of 6 year old, I was baptized in Jesus Name and received the Holy Ghost at the age of 12 on January 14, 1950.
My wife and I was married June 17, 1995 I was and had been pastor send ...May, 1985 The Glorious Church of Jesus Christ, in San Diego, California, there we baptized over 400 people and approximately 385 received the Holy Ghost. In 1994 I was appointed as pastor of Bethel Temple Church, Inc, 149 South 5th Avenue Mt. Vernon, NY and I felt that it was the leading of God to move back to Birmingham, AL to do a work for the Lord. Through my first married of 34 years I have four (4) children: Aaron Isaiah., II, Benjamin, Deborah and Charity and three granddaughters and one grandson Aaron I., III. My wife has a son from her fist married of 17 Years she have one son Mr. Brent Pierce.
The Bishop Isaiah Jackson Worship Center, Inc. began August 1999 with my Wife and me as an outreach effort of TBIJWC of Birmingham. After a year we had service. There were three adults in the first service. Who would have imagined that from this meager beginning God would be pleased to rise up a great church! Truly our beginning was a step of faith! The Lord commissioned us to a work in Birmingham.
The purposes for which we are here in the ministry namely to function as community based organization committed to meeting the fundamental needs of the “whole man” through holistic service programs designed to support growth and maximum potentials. By providing supportive service throughout life’s developmental stages focusing on education, preserving, strengthening and enhancing and by restoring hope to cities as investments are made in the children of the future and their families. To provide homeless shelters and other resources for homeless programs in major areas, targeted to benefit underprivileged and under skilled people and spiritual restoration, drug rehab homes, and counseling and training and employment.

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