New Book: Deadest Rapper Alive: The Rise of Lil' Wayne and the Fall of Urban Youth



My name is Jomo K. Johnson. I am the Pastor of Philly Open Air Church. I have written a new book titled, Deadest Rapper Alive: The Rise of Lil' Wayne and the Fall of Urban Youth. The Book is an in-depth study of the life, image, music and lyrics of popular Rap Star: Lil' Wayne.


In this book I make a dire plea of warning. I proposes that the music of Wayne is actually much more than beats and lyrics, but it is a philosophy that when followed will lead to extremely dangerous consequences in the lives of Urban Youth. I was motivated to write this book after seeing Lil' Wayne's effects on urban youth in North Philadelphia.


I want to let you know that I am offering this book for FREE to all Pastors and Ministry leaders. It is my hope that this book will equip leaders to deal with the rise of amoral philosophy as it is being promoted through music.

To receive you free copy visit:


And please spread the word.

Thank you.


Jomo K. Johnson

Philly Open Air Church

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This sounds like a good read! Bless you.

Bless You Pastor...

Feel free to get a copy for yourself. I hope it would be informative. And feel free to share with any other ministers you know.

I will and thank you for your writing ministry!
Praise God! I can't wait to read this book. A sister of mine actually wrote an article about Lil Wayne. He's not just a rapper. As we can see by his lyrics and the cult-like adoration of his fans, he's some type of Satanic street guru. Many young ppl worship him, and they will GO OFF on you to defend their idol/false god. Lil Wayne's "spiritual godfather" Birdman has a Satanic tattoo of the baphomet pentagram (5-pointed star) right on the top of his bald head. Anyone who is familiar with paganism, the occult, or Satanism knows what that symbol stands for. No one just randomly gets a Satanic baphomet tattoed on their HEAD of all places (which I find to be very significant). It was very well-thought out, researched, and pre-meditated - for Birdman to get a tattoo like that. That means he KNOWS who his spiritual master/father is (the Devil) and that he is totally and willingly sold out to darkness. Not even New Agers get baphomet tattoos because they KNOW what it means. You have to be consciously and intentionally Luciferian to get that symbol tattooed on your HEAD (representing where your MIND/THOUGHT is). And this is Lil Wayne's spiritual godfather? Hmm. . . .

It's truly disheartening and sad to see millions of children (of so-called Christian parents) worshipping Lil Wayne. On facebook, we see that he is one of their favorite artists - even of GROWN Black men and women who should know better and be beyond the immature phase of admiring street culture and thugs. His lyrics are so obviously Satanic that it doesn't even require much Biblical knowledge to know not to listen to such devilish garbage. It doesn't take loads of discernment, a Bible scholar, or theologian to identify Lil Wayne by his bad fruit. What's even more pathetic is that his church-raised fans with their "Holy Ghost filled" parents will twist the Bible (I.e. "judge not" "all have sinned & fallen short") to DEFEND Lil Wayne and their refusal to turn away from his antichrist music and image. Yet the very same Bible (when kept in context) speaks against the spirit, mentality, and lifestyle of Lil Wayne. I would put many others who are worshiped by urban youth, in the same category (such as Beyonce, Rhianna, Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Beyonce).

First off I want to know Pastor Johnson are you free of sin.  If not than you should stop talking about Meek Mill.  The Bible says let he without sin cast the first stone, so until you are free of sin than you have no justification to try and point a finger at or punish Meek Mill or Lil Wayne for their sins.  Instead of pointing out their sins you should worry about your own sins and try to better yourself.  By banning this song what do you expect to accomplish, it aint gona lower the crime rate in your town or lower the poverty rate or lower the unemployment rate so instead of focusing on another mans sin, or what another man is doing wrong you should find some real issues to talk about that can help the community.  This is definently a publicity stunt. Why even agree to go on the radio and talk about it, I no why because you are conveintly selling a book about it and having book signings, thats why.  I agree that the song could be offensive to believers of Christianity but nobody is perfect so instead of pointing out what another person is doing wrong everyone needs to try their best to personally become as close to God as they can.


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