There has arisen an issue concerning the details of the New Covenant that our LORD and Savior YESHUA/JESUS has won for us by HIS blood and grace. Therefore, we are opening this discussion and starting it off for the edifying of the saints and the settling of the matter:

The subjects for this debate are along two lines:

-Jeremiah 31:31 and Hebrews 8: Do we still stand on the Torah?
-the Seal of the New Covenant: Is it still Sabbaths, Feasts, and Circumcision, or do we have a New Seal?

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I didn't twist anything. I asked you a question and I would like a simple answer (yes or no would do):

"Likewise the law does not apply to a person who walks according to the Spirit. This was stated by Paul, but you literally reject it.Paul said in Galatians 5:18 "But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law." Was he lying and blind when he said or is this true?!??"

Who is the law created for? To keep criminals in line, or to keep the righteous in line?

You still have not honestly addressed my questions lol. I think I will leave you alone in your darkness, but I pray that you do repent, and actually STUDY the bible from Genesis to revelation in Hebraic thought., Lets go over to my deity of Jesus debate.
Sure thing, lets do so! And as for you, I pray that you stop trying to be who you aren't: JEWISH!
False Prophets have nothing to say to me, sir. Sorry...........

After proof that YHWH, Moses, Yashah, The Prophets, The Apostles and Paul told us to continue in the Torah, you still want to run behind your anti-semitic, lawless Church Fathers? Let's see them dig you out of the lake of fire, because that's the path that you are currently on, because of your lawlessness. Yashah WILL judge you, AND condemn you to the lake of fire if you do not repent of your torahlessness(Matthew 7:21-23).

I am not condemning you at all, however, I trust that YHWH will sit you down some day, and have you re-examine your beliefs and Christianity, and you WILL study Genesis to Revelation from a Hebrew perspective, and your eyes WILL be open to the truth of Torah, and you WILL obey Torah. Let me say it now because I know it will happen in the future... WELCOME TO THE TRUE FAMILY OF YHWH! Love you bro..

James, I started out studying from this perspective. The first person to speak to me about the Bible after turning my life to GOD was a Rabbi, not a Pastor. I said I wanted to do all the things that was required in Torah. It was this that he spoke to me:

"Son, if you are truly Christian then you need not do all this. According to your NT scriptures, all these things are fulfilled in Yeshua. I don't follow the Christian faith, because I am not convinced that Yeshua is Messiah, but I do know that if HE is then all the NT is real. You have your own set of laws to follow because of that, and we have Moses law to follow till Messiah comes."

You really don't know my background, therefore, you really don't know how much of the Hebraic culture I understand. What, you think I just put on a Tallit in my pics because Juanita Bynum and a bunch of other ministers did too?

Do you even know what most Rabbis believe concerning Gentiles? Most likely, your Rabbi believed that Gentiles need not keep Torah, but just certain "Noachide laws." Therefore, I completely understand your Rabbis answer. But, he gave you a wrong, and grave answer, that if you heed to it forever, then you will never see life my friend.
Sorry, friend, but I went through that issue with him as well. He didn't believe in such doctrine. Instead of guessing and assuming, how about actually LEARNING something.

I love to learn, but go back and re-read your own post. You said that HE said: You have your own set of laws to follow because of that, and we have Moses law to follow till Messiah comes.

Trevor, THERE IS NOWHERE IN THE WRITTEN TORAH THAT EVER SAYS WHAT THAT RABBI SAY. You have must understand, most Rabbis do not follow the Torah, or at least hold the Torah in higher esteem WITHOUT the Talmud. We are to keep the WRITTEN TORAH. Exodus 12:49 says that there is ONE TORAH FOR BOTH HEBREW AND GENTILE. Torah isn't only for Hebrews, but for ALL who attach themselves to Hebrews, and YHWH.

That Rabbi has lead you astray. Do not listen to him, instead, listen to the words of YHWH that HE has spoken in His Torah, and through the Prophets. Rabbis have been leading Gentiles away from the true words of Torah for centuries. I pray you you stop continuing to be a victim of tradition, and repent.
This has been the funniest biblical discussion that I have ever read!!! Trevor don't put your pearls before swine!
You know what? I think I just may take that bit of advice sir!


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