New Pastors: Advice for the New Pastors: The what "to do's" and not "to do's" on Day One

I remeber my first comments on the BPN was under Min. Lockett discussion regarding "My First Sermon." At that time I was like him "An associate minister, faithful, patience, prayerful, hard working, and preparing for the day when God's will would allow me to pastor a church. You hear the discussion all the time, "When I am a Pastor, I will do this and that. We dont covete the position but we see ourselves preparing for the opportunity. Well, my season is here. After prayer/fasting/listening I recently accepted the Letter from a church to Psator. Words can't describe how I have been feeling. I'm careful to request to stay in God's mercy, remain humble, listen twice before speaking once, trying not to fix things that are not broken, (that is another discussion) learning names, praying frequently, and teaching/preaching. Every Pastor who I know has called, emailed, & texted congrats but I'm looking for advice from some of the experience members of BPN to begin a discussion of advice to new Pastors. I would rather learn from others mistakes than make them. School can prepare you but on day one, life experinces re-train you. by the way, all those ideas you had racing through your mind before you became a Pastor seem to exit on day one. I would like to hear your advice to New Pastors. I have always been one to recieve advice and learn from it.

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Pastor AJ, thanks for those words of wisdom, much of which was confirmation about things I had been praying about. May God continue to bless you and all that concerns you.
First, I want to thank everyone for their kind words and advice. We are nearing the first 100 days since the installation and God is truly blessing. The Church has embraced us dearly, as we have begun to follow God with such vigor and energy. Being a young person and Pastor, I am amazed that there has been such a wonderful transition. The demands are far more than imagine but God has brought us through every one.

One Word - HUMBLE

I fight to maintain my ability to remain humble as I hear the praise of the people but remember it is not about me but about God. The growth at the church has exceeded everyone's expectation and we are thankful.

Next Word - PRAYER

I'm spending more time talking to God than before. I never realize the pains of the lives in the flock until now. Hurt comes in so many forms but the source of the healing is the same. We have witnessed a transformation in the Church as many are stepping out on faith and renewing their trust in the Lord all over again. Most people are coming to God for the very first time. Many are moving into a higher relationship with the Father. Change is not a dirty word when done through the power of God. (My next blog/post will be about how we have learned open ourselves to the complete power of the Holy Ghost/This ain't your ordinary baptist church)

Last Word - God

God gets the last word............period. There is nothing you can debate, discuss, or reply......The last word comes from God and we accept what God says. There is no questioning God, No second guessing God, we trust God........Every day I trust God more and more; God provides, reveal, orders my steps, lights ny pathway, and comforts my fear........because I walk with him every step of the way.

Please continue to pray for us and we will pray for you.

We have a little motto at our church.

We often remind everyone.......God loves you, we love you too, and there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it.

Pastor Charles N Moore.
Good to see you growing Pastor Moore. I hope you understood clearly what I penned on your page. Your words here tells me that you have a few shocks from the initial start, but things are getting better and the church is getting stronger. I love to read or hear success stories for God's Leaders.

All The Best & God Bless,

A J Watkins
Pastor AJ (That's What They Call Me) West Mount Olive Baptist Church Simonton Texas
If God has called you then he will lead you.

Beware of those who are so vocal about who they are to the church and what others have not done.
Those are the ones who usually did NOTHING and now trying to get a position that they couldn't get with the previous pastor.
When someone comes to you about somebody else in the church IMMEDIATELY end the conversation and call a meeting with the person being spoken about.
Being a late pastor's grandson and seeing how evil, conniving and deceitful church folk can be after the pastor has passed on and the new pastor comes in I can tell you these two bits of info will save your church from what has happened in my church back home and others.
That was great info,,, good to see that issue is being addressed!
sister thanks so much for sharing this ... the ONLY other pastor I've ever heard with this servant mindset is Rick Warren when he was interveiwed by Larry King. It broke me down that day. So often we "leaders" often forget that the word "minister" is both a noun AND a verb. ok, God revealed that to me long ago. Today, reading these postings here, I see also that "leader" and "pastor" are both nouns and verbs too...

ps Congratualtions Pastor Moore, God speed and God bless you in your spiritual promotion. And thanks to all the leaders who have provided wise counsel, there is safety in the multitude of counselors and I pulled up to the table to eat too
DON'T assume that you are "the Pastor" on Day One! On Day One you are entering into the Office of the Pastor. You don't become "the Pastor" until the people own you as their pastor. The latter is a process that is based on the strength of your relationship with your people. With that being said...

DO begin to build relationships with your people individually and with the congregation as a whole. You become the pastor by sharing in their sorrows and their joys. You become pastor by teaching the Word, equipping the church, empowering the Saints, and evangelizing the lost. You become pastor by communicating the vision that God has given you for the people. You become pastor by living a life that is worthy of emulation -- beginning with being true to your own family first.

ON YOUR FIRST DAY know that, contrary to popular perception, being a Pastor is a spiritual calling as well as a temporal one. Many who shepherd God's people do not do so in local congregations. That is only one venue. There may come a time when that venue is not available to you. Like the Israelites, churches can choose to ignore or dismiss the prophet to "do their own thang". If you are truly called as a Pastor, you will continue to be one to whomever God sends your way. You will discover that a Pastor is who you are and who you're gifted to be, not only what you do.

ABOVE ALL remain true to your personal relationship with God. You can't pastor on KSAs (knowledge, skills, and abilities) alone!!! Seminary trains your mind and sharpens your skills and abilities. Seminary does not necessarily nurture your soul. God, through the Holy Spirit, does that through your praying, meditating on, and studying the Word. In your times with God, you'll gain strength, correction, vision, and strategies for provisions for all that God would have you to do.

God will never leave you or foresake you. You do your best to be as faithful to Him.

Pastor Joyce
Doc my best advice is first remember how you come in is how they will know you . If you don't walk in your god given authority they will walk all over you. Second know the diffrence between spiritual authority and positonal authority.Positonal authority is when they know you as the pastor which is immeadiate your influence is limited in the hearts and minds of the people but over time they get to know you as my pastor thats spirtual authority this comes over time by going through life with them . This is when you dont need your name on the check book to control it(bty...leave the finances alone unless someone is stealing) . Don't pastor in fear of being put out because if god established your foot steps then he will not allow you to slip. Lastly you didn't organize the church so an they know that. OH also don't take advise from everybody not all churches are the same(except this)...LOLLOL
My brother I would like to ask you a question and that is how can I go about finding a church that is in need of not just another preacher but a pastor, a preacher, and a man of God. Please send me you advice.
Doc all churches are in need of a real pastor. But God tailor makes a man of God for every situation. Your search is not what churches wants a real preacher but what situation am I purposed for. The fact of the matter is every church has thier devils but God gifts every pastor that he chooses with the substance need to handle an endure the situation.Listen brother if God has chosen you for the pastorate all you have to do is be patient keep busy in the work an seek God on every oppourtunity presented to you.Believe me God has a specific place just for you. Remember allthough david was anoited king he didnt sit on the throne untill many years later an all that he went through prepared him for his riegn. Even though it seems like it will never come brother God is just preparing you for what is to come so work on your sling shot technique cause your giant is coming.I..... KNOW HE'S ALRIGHT....LOL..LOL Holla at me sometimes


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