New Pastors: Advice for the New Pastors: The what "to do's" and not "to do's" on Day One

I remeber my first comments on the BPN was under Min. Lockett discussion regarding "My First Sermon." At that time I was like him "An associate minister, faithful, patience, prayerful, hard working, and preparing for the day when God's will would allow me to pastor a church. You hear the discussion all the time, "When I am a Pastor, I will do this and that. We dont covete the position but we see ourselves preparing for the opportunity. Well, my season is here. After prayer/fasting/listening I recently accepted the Letter from a church to Psator. Words can't describe how I have been feeling. I'm careful to request to stay in God's mercy, remain humble, listen twice before speaking once, trying not to fix things that are not broken, (that is another discussion) learning names, praying frequently, and teaching/preaching. Every Pastor who I know has called, emailed, & texted congrats but I'm looking for advice from some of the experience members of BPN to begin a discussion of advice to new Pastors. I would rather learn from others mistakes than make them. School can prepare you but on day one, life experinces re-train you. by the way, all those ideas you had racing through your mind before you became a Pastor seem to exit on day one. I would like to hear your advice to New Pastors. I have always been one to recieve advice and learn from it.

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I agree with Doretta Lee with having experienced leaders who are using there postion to override what God is doing. What happen to good old "seeking the face of God"! Leaders/Pastors should always seek God for what the people of God need for any ministry. It is too much flesh trying to get the glory. As my husband and I venture out to the call of leadership my prayer is to continually ask God for His wisdom, knowledge and understanding. We can't do any thing in our own will. Mainly, Lord let your will be done, not ours, but yours. Once flesh gets out of the way, God can show up and show out. Prayer is the most important factor in any ministry. We need to hear from Lord, we need his direction. Listen to the voice of the Lord, not a stranger's voice. Amen!
Keep your focus on Christ and His Want, Will and Way. Be confident that you are the leader...anything with more than one head is a "freak!" Trust God for everything all the way, 99.5 won't do! Don't trust yourself, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. Although Pastoring is 24/7: be sensible and always have time for family. I share this as a relatively new pastor and as a Pastor's daughter!
Be blessed!
Pastor Julie...from the Windy City!
Stay FOCUSED!!! Do not get distracted by all that is around you. Allow God to be God and take care of everything that is going on! The new pastor must stay in the Word and allow God to work everything out! Watch those that claim they were sent by God.....test the spirit by the spirit!!!
Thank u for that Word Prophetess! I needed that since soon I am going to be one of those NEW Pastors who be going through the challenges of the Pastoral capacity. Please by all means pray for all these new pastors and whenever you get a chance, ENCOURAGE them.....
God Bless u!
An old preacher told me once, "Mike, never use your influence until u get it!" Also, Benjamin Mays said, "A leader with no
followers is just taking a walk! So young preachers, take these 2 peices of advice from an old head !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Rev. Moore:

I'm somewhat surprised to even find someone on BPN with your kind of attitude (one of humility) seeking advice for ministry in a public forum such as this. As a minister for over forty years and a pastor of more than fifteen years, I suppose I can offer a suggestion or two. I trust it is your desire to please and honor our Lord Jesus Christ and upon that assumption, I offer these commonly known suggestions.

Some of the dangers of the pastorate are pride, greed, laziness, prayerlessness, and down right carnality. Of course this list is not exhaustive, however, I list these at the top. Pride is an inner feeling of superiority and is a direct result of personal insecurity. Insecurity is a feeling of personal inadequacy that causes one to compare him or herself with others and pursue the establishment of your own personal worth by lusting, longing and chasing after what seems to make others great in your eyes. Many young preachers having always eyed the office of the pastorate before entering it, once given the opportunity, began to measure and establish their own worth around the position they occupy. Their attitude becomes infected with boasting about their attendence numbers, membership numbers or their church building or their salary or their offerings or their schooling and degrees. The list could go on and on. This is a good indicator, though not always accurate, of the infection of pride or insecurity. People who are insecure need to have the approval of others to feel great. Jesus our Lord told his disciples, "rejoice not that the demons are subject to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven"...ect.

Greed is also a curse among ministers today. Remember that if God is the One Who called you, then He'll be the one to take care of you. Guard yourself against the pursuit of more and more of anything. Many ministers now pursue more than they need and are never satisfied with what they have. Discontent is another form or expression of LUST! Our God is a jealous God and will be compared to no other.

Laziness is another grievous sin among pastors. Many do not pray and will not study the Word of God. This sin is evidence of spiritual ineffectiveness. The minister suffers and the people over which he watches suffer. He cannot oversee and protect those under his care if his own eyes are not daily being opened by the Word of God and his own life daily being transformed by our Lord's Holy Spirit. Guard your self against laziness! Study, Study, Study and Pray, Pray, Pray!!!
Lastly, carnality is a word used by the Apostle Paul to describe believers who follow after the things of the flesh and of the world. Colossians 3 says, "if ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above where Christ sitteth on right hand of God". Many pastors have their focus on the things of this life as if these are the greatest things to be obtained. When a sinner receives Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, he receives thirty four different blessings. If anyone ought to know all of them, it is the pastor and we ought to be informing believers and teaching them how to possess their possessions and pursue that which is now at the right hand o f God. Carnality focuses on things on the earth and not on things above.

I hope this helps you and I apologize for writing so much! You be blessed in your ministry, and seek above all things to please HIM Who called you. Serve our Lord and His people in humility, Pray much for His guidance and direction and remember,If He cared so much for the world to die for us, what will He do to those ministers who misuse, abuse, and mislead us?
In Christ's Love
Pastor Jerry D. Davis, Jr.
Whatever you do don't start changing things you personally don't like (except in extreme emergencies) you have to observe and be watchful your first couple of years as pastor. When you do start changing things, that's when you teach your congregation biblically why you are making the changes.
Wow. In the multitude of counsel there is safety... I encourage a sound circle of support (not dictators nor advisors) with men and/or women of God of kindred spirit once you even KNOW what "kindred you are of" You see, once God calls you and positions you there is an anointing that He gives you which provides ability... supernatural ability may I say, that enables you to do your assigned purpose. God will begin to show you His plan... be careful to follow it, for it is His vision that he gives to you for the people he has assigned for that house and to that anointing. I say be careful to follow it because it may be most different than any ministry you've ever experienced, don't be affraid to follow God, even if He leads you to be different. God Bless you man of God, be keen to God's spirit, walk worthy of the vocation by which you've been called; uprite with Godly honor and integrity, shunning the apprearance of sin, being a instrument given to the body of Christ showing what's good and acceptable to do...a man of faith and good character, having a true concern and love for God's people especially the ignorant and them that are out of the way. Trust God with it all and rememember it's his plan anyway, HE WILL PROVIDE FOR HIS WORK!! God bless you and be with you.

P.S Know that you're called, because when strong winds blow and adversity increase, you will question if you were even called to this.... Know who you are and what you're called to do that when your time of high winds come, you will rest peacefully in the arms of God "knowing" that he will bless that which he has purposed...All things work for the good to them that love the Lord and CALLED to HIS PURPOSE.
Stay humble and obidient to the Lord's voice at ALL times.
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Preach the WORD OF GOD uncompromisingly and make sure that you stay with the vision the Lord gives. Learn from strong mentors but don't try to be anyone else but yourself. The first few years is like manuevering around landmines. Never devalue the history of the church or talk down your predecessor. When you 1st come to a church you are simply the "preacher" and you are pastoring another man's people. In time some will become your disciples but the strength of transition will be with the new members that come as a result of your teaching, preaching and administration.
Just love the people genuinely and everything else will fall into place.


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