New Pastors: Advice for the New Pastors: The what "to do's" and not "to do's" on Day One

I remeber my first comments on the BPN was under Min. Lockett discussion regarding "My First Sermon." At that time I was like him "An associate minister, faithful, patience, prayerful, hard working, and preparing for the day when God's will would allow me to pastor a church. You hear the discussion all the time, "When I am a Pastor, I will do this and that. We dont covete the position but we see ourselves preparing for the opportunity. Well, my season is here. After prayer/fasting/listening I recently accepted the Letter from a church to Psator. Words can't describe how I have been feeling. I'm careful to request to stay in God's mercy, remain humble, listen twice before speaking once, trying not to fix things that are not broken, (that is another discussion) learning names, praying frequently, and teaching/preaching. Every Pastor who I know has called, emailed, & texted congrats but I'm looking for advice from some of the experience members of BPN to begin a discussion of advice to new Pastors. I would rather learn from others mistakes than make them. School can prepare you but on day one, life experinces re-train you. by the way, all those ideas you had racing through your mind before you became a Pastor seem to exit on day one. I would like to hear your advice to New Pastors. I have always been one to recieve advice and learn from it.

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Being an itinerant minister in the AME church where we get moved to churches frequently, I've learned that the first day, don't try to overimpress anyone or anything by trying to be a pontificate or prophet or apostle or anything. Be humble! Do your job, preach under the unction of the Holy Spirit, and be humble. Present your credentials and be prepared to meet the "unofficial movers and shakers" of the church. I would also suggest that you don't present "your vision" of what the church should or could be doing on the first day either but ask about the history, ministry and work of the church before you came and get feedback (positive and negative) on that. Oh by the way, don't do that from the pulpit either. LOL. I would also suggest that you make sure you realize that pastoring is a calling first and a vocation second. Also, make sure that your family is put first and acknowledged as your first priority. Thats just a few of my suggestions that I have used.
I am new to this website so in reading I came across your reply. Thank you for that very practical insight. You could not have said that more simple. I
I am just reading this and though you offered this word of advice quite a few months ago, I think that it is an extremely insightful reply. Thank You...
Pastor, Neal, I also was an itinerant elder in the AME church. In fact, I was a pastor in the First District for seven years before my son was born. I have to say a big AMEN to your advice which is on point!! Many a minister has learned the hard way that lack of humility, care, and prayer leads to ultimate pastoral disaster. It is particularly unfortunate for those out-of-control pastors who actually get away with pontificating, lack of humility, manipulation, etc. (due to the strength of their charismatic personalities) and continue to get promotions and larger churches.

God is not mocked.

To be a pastor of a church is engage in the most serious of things, peoples lives, people souls...
I agree.
Now that is a Word!
Amen Sis I agree.
Amen to that! I especially agree with the part about ppl dying b/c of some misinformed, controlling ego maniac! LOL! It's really not funny, though. It's quite sad and God is TIRED. Read the Word God gave me for 2010...

God Bless you!

Pastor Dorette what do you do when the member is yours who is feeling the leading of God on their lives to pursue other avenues and vocations of the ministry(i.e.their own ministry)and they are an asset to your ministry, I mean they have many giftings do your stance of loosing the man and woman of God then changes from what you said initially or do you bid them God's speed and let them "go forth".

I see this over and over again pastors,bishops,apostles or whatever their respective titles may be hold back people who I called "Kingdom Builders:because of jealousy and things of that nature,and many have to leave their churches under pressure because they are not given the blessings of the leaders,but feel a strong urging and beckoning of God to do what He's called them to.Its like the Scripture text you used when you disobey God there are severe consequences.The man came and told the prophet come back with me and he told him I can;t because God has given me direct oders not to go back this way, and he said "but I'm a prophet just like you are and God spoke to me and told me to tell you to come back with me.And the man wanted to be obedient to the man of God not knowing that he lied and the consequence was that he died like God told him he would."Who's report will you believe;I will believe the report of the Lord."

In His Service,
Carlos A. Joiner
Pastor Doretta Lee, I had to jump in and say "Amen" to your comment. Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!


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