New Pastors: Advice for the New Pastors: The what "to do's" and not "to do's" on Day One

I remeber my first comments on the BPN was under Min. Lockett discussion regarding "My First Sermon." At that time I was like him "An associate minister, faithful, patience, prayerful, hard working, and preparing for the day when God's will would allow me to pastor a church. You hear the discussion all the time, "When I am a Pastor, I will do this and that. We dont covete the position but we see ourselves preparing for the opportunity. Well, my season is here. After prayer/fasting/listening I recently accepted the Letter from a church to Psator. Words can't describe how I have been feeling. I'm careful to request to stay in God's mercy, remain humble, listen twice before speaking once, trying not to fix things that are not broken, (that is another discussion) learning names, praying frequently, and teaching/preaching. Every Pastor who I know has called, emailed, & texted congrats but I'm looking for advice from some of the experience members of BPN to begin a discussion of advice to new Pastors. I would rather learn from others mistakes than make them. School can prepare you but on day one, life experinces re-train you. by the way, all those ideas you had racing through your mind before you became a Pastor seem to exit on day one. I would like to hear your advice to New Pastors. I have always been one to recieve advice and learn from it.

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i think you have all that you said on there right..i believe it so much that..all the New Pastor's that have come now a days...its all the faith of out lord God that can make things happen in our life...its all a matter about faith..i think we all remember Luke 17:5 (NIV) The apostles said to the Lord, "Increase our faith!" He replied, "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea,' and it will obey you."
and i also believe you when saying you are faithful, patience, prayerful, hard working, and preparing for the day when God's will would allow you be the right man that you want...if have every thing in his hands and believe it or not you are called ...God is putting this in place for you Rev. Charles Seth Amaning the Gate Keeper of CITY OF GOLD LTN Church God have giving onto me the gift of Angels and i say onto you today...may your wish be Recall in the name of God.

May Uriel - great archangel whose name means "God is my light.,,,//// Usiel - an angel who stands before the throne of God. and Anahel - angel who rules the third heaven. send your prayer to the lord our God all the time...
may God always remember the covenant that he had with your forfather's ....Zarall who guards the ark of the covenant. remember you always ...have faith my brother have faith ...i wish that i can share with you what i have...but i think time will tell for me and you ok....i will help you in any way that the Lord God tells me too ..i will be with you in prayer..
i want you to know that Calling an Angels Name is asking this angelic energy to make itself known to you .
i will help you with a faw that will make you strong in timess of prayer ...praying and knowing the angels names calling then and telling them what you really want in life is the shot way talking to our Lord God here are some of the angels that helps us in times of needs..they are
Elijah=Angel of Innocence >Believed to have created the tree of life. Guardian of all new born children and those who die at an early age.
Gabriel=Angelic Messenger >Strength of God: bearer of joy, truth,justice and love she grants wisdom in interpereting our dreams.
Hadraniel=Angel of love >The gatekeeper of the second gate in heaven he awakens our memory of eternal love.
Hamied=Angel of Miracles >Angel of glorious white awaits for opportunities to create miracles in our lives.
Harachel=Angel of Knowledge >Opens our hearts and minds to new ideas.
Iofiel=Angel of Beauty > assists us in experienceing a new depth of beauty and in realiseing we are beauty as we are unique reflections of god.
Israfel=Angel of Song >Inspires music and feelings of new hope.
Israfil=Angel of Judgment Day > Assigned to blow the horn on judgment day.
Kutiel= Angel of Water >Holds domain over the art of finding water.
will my brother i think this is do for now if any info that you need from me ..please call me on my phone +233243968558 or +233262968558 i will be very happy to pray with you at any time..God Bless you
Yours New Friend Seth Amaning
if you call on the phone you will meet my Pastor called Jesse Wiafe and he will let me talk to you when u need me ok
Whatever you do in word or deed.......... "Do it in Jesus' Name." There's no name under heaven in which one can be saved............. If you going to remember any name make sure you remember Jesus! All power and authority has been given to Jesus and that Power resides in every believer who is reconciled unto YHWH through Jesus....

Shalom aleikum,

The greatest advice you will get will come from the Lord. God said that he would call pastors after His heart. If you are His pastor, You are indeed poured out of Him. He has already deposited in you everything you need in order to accomplish what he has called you to with great success. You must trust the work; the work that he has begun in you and know that he is well able to finish it. Take on the very obedient mind of Christ. Know that it is not a mere position you are standing in, but that you walk in an office, with authority. There is an anointing that rests upon you as pastor. Let this spirit fill the house over which you are entrusted, for you are the watcher; the watchman for their souls. Whenever I walk into a house, I pay attention, and feel the spirit of that house. This lets me know what manner of people I am dealing with. When you walk in the room of your church, feel the spirit of the house, and if it is not right, fill the house with The Spirit, and judge well as an officer of the Most High.
Persecution/Bruton Terrace Church of the Nazarene
Wendell Leon Jackson, M.Div., Lead Instructor-Servant
Suffering persecution is being mistreated because you choose to follow Jesus and the example that He set on the earth. You will be falsely accused; you will be rejected and injured. Persecution is not suffering for doing wrong or disobeying rightful authority!
Focal Text: 18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. 19 If ye were of the world, the world would love its own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. 20 Remember the word that I have said unto you; The servant is not greater than his Lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also. [Jn 15:18-20 KJV]
Think on these things:
1. Comfort yourself in understanding that people were literally killed for following Jesus and still are being assassinated physically as well as having their character assassinated for following Jesus. [Jn 16:33 KJV]
2. Comfort yourself that Jesus sent YOU and I the Holy Spirit to be with us, to assist us in bearing witness of Jesus; bearing witness is not just talking about Jesus, but also setting the example that Jesus set, and taking the HEAT for doing so. [Jn 15:26-27 KJV]
3. Comfort yourself for if you are persecuted for Jesus’ Sake you have inherited the Kingdom of God. [Mt 5:10 KJV]
4. Comfort yourself for your reward from God will match the level of persecution that you endure for Jesus’ Sake. [Mt 5:11-12 KJV]
5. Comfort yourself that the answer to persecution is to: Love your enemies: Bless the people who curse you; Do good and serve those who hate you; pray for those who depise and persecute you. [Mt 5:44 KJV]
Finally salvation through Jesus, re-connects us to YHWH; the infilling of the Holy Spirit empowers us. People in the world won’t be comfortable around disciples of Jesus Christ! If it is not so…. Ask yourself is your Little Light Shining?!?!
First important lesson to learn.
1. You must learn to have a Blind and deaf ear. Somethings you hear from God and men is only for ur ears; somethings you see is only for ur eyes.
2. There are crises you better stay away from or else you'll burn your fingers trying to settle another church's crisis. I tell u u'll have enough to handle in ur church. I mean don't eavesdrop on what is going on in another man's Church.
3. Not all will give u their pulpit nor their podium be content.
4. Times will come when u'll be all by urself. Here learn to encourage urself in the LORD. They call it the Fainting moments of ur life.
5. Learn not to give "a lie" water to live. Most times Silence kills the Big Fish lied against. Once you venture to reply a lie u are giving it water to survive; because i bet u they will lie against u from the very pit of Hell. Learn from Christ.
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Thanks to everyone who has given me insite, foresite, excite, and every other cite which I can possess. Together we have ministered to untold number of people through this discussion. All new Pastors can learn from this discussion board. Now as I approach the first anniv. @ The Summit, i would like to change the direction of the discussion: I would like Pastors to reflect on their first year in ministry and discuss what happen the first year and if you could give advice or reflections regarding year one.

Be Blessed
Pastor Charles Moore
Hello Pastor,
i am new to this site. i have been in the ministry for over 20 years. i have been pastoring 12 1/2 of those. My advice to you would be to love the people, to walk circumspectly, to study hard, don't show favoritism, don't change everything at once, master the art of visitation, be a great listener, and lastly never council females alone. These are just some of the things that i have found to be helpful in my ministry. Remember you are a gift to the church!!!

your brother in the Lord,
Rev. Derrick Miller
P.O. Box 544
Rome Ga 30162
Hell and how are you. First giving God the glory for his ministry, for it is not ours but his for us to be caretakers in the vineyard. As a new Pastor the first thing to do is what you already know and i'm sure what others have told you PRAY, this is the most important thing any Pastor can do. When one has been called there is an annointing of the Holy Spirit that is upon you, and you must not let that fire diminish. Never let yourself inter the pulpit to preach the word lest is be from the Holy Spirit and it be not you but the Holy Spirit which speaks through you. Preach with all the passion and intensity that you have for the Lord and his word. My mother gave me very sound advice when I started preaching, "always stand unreproacheable, let no man accuse you and destroy this ministry, for you are a represenitive of God". Never let finances creep into the pulpit for it is there you preach the word of God not how much money you need or how much money the church needs to give. Anything that the church needs an abundance of that is lacking remember 1Cor3:17, So, then neither is he that planteth anything, neither ge that watereth; but God that giveth the increase. Be not worried about building a temple to glorify God but build the Kingdom to glorify God. We have not been called for mans purpose but for God's purpose and will. May God keep you and lead you in all that you do, may your vision be always on the Lord, Psalm 121 is a good word for us as Ministers, preachers and Pastors to remember and live by in this ministry. God bless
Pastor Moore God is going to give you strength and power to do his work for he has anointed you for this time and you shall be a pillar to many other ministers and elders in the Body of christ and be not this mayed because God is yet using you for his glory.


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