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Tom Cruise returns in this latest from the director of the TRON: Legacy film and those behind Rise of the Planet of the Apes.He plays Jack Harper, one of the last few drone repairmen stationed on an Earth which has been abandoned for years following decades of war with a group known as the Scavs.Along with Victoria, his wife (played with ice maiden overtones by Andrea Riseborough) they maintain the fleet of drones, protecting the earth from the threat of the Scavs.
Yet, when a series of drones go down, and a spaceship crashes with a beautiful survivor Julia (Olga Kurylenko) onboard, Jack finds his life changed forever as everything he knows is blown apart.

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From its sleek, wonderfully realised world of day-after-tomorrow style technology to some brutally intense fight sequences (Attack of the Drones, anyone?), it's one of those films which screams to be watched on the biggest screen possible. On an IMAX screen, it's visually awe-inducing as Harper heads out across the radiated and ravaged remnants of the world on various bits of tech. Director Kosinski, who cut his teeth on TRON: Legacy has done an incredible job of harnessing the power of VFX - from the robot drones which hover in the sky to the ship which Cruise pilots, it's certainly up there with some of the best.

Oblivion is yet another modern sci-fi picture influenced by the design aesthetic of Apple. The future is made of iPods! Ito Morabito’s work for French electro group Air, specifically the album cover for 10,000 Hz Legend (2001), seems to be another reference point. The scale and attention to detail is nothing short of breathtaking with primordial Icelandic vistas – a natural landscape heightened with seamless special effects.

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The year is 2077. The human race has successfully defeated an alien invasion via the use of devastating nuclear weapons, and Jack Harper (Cruise) is waiting out his last tour of duty on our ravaged world as a maintenance technician. “We won the war, but lost the planet,” he tells us in voice over during the opening moments. Accompanying him is Victoria (Riseborough), a by-the-book colleague. Both are haunted by memories of past lives, though only Jack is inquisitive enough to act upon these nagging thoughts. What unfolds spells peril for them both and the other characters with whom they come into contact.

Based on an unpublished graphic novel by Joe Kosinski and reworked by several hands (rumour has it William Monahan and Michael Ardnt submitted drafts), Oblivion is pulp fiction with a blockbuster budget. The actors have to chew on a fair bit of expository dialogue, but only enough to help the audience keep up with the plot's various twists and turns, and the injection of paranoia into proceedings midway into the second act recalls Philip K. Dick’s writings.

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