Okay folks are the current situation and decision of the president of USA connected to Biblical policy or is it just a good resemblance of what is to come.

Now as Jaja would say don’t get it twisted I am not saying this is my belief or not but in light of it let us look at Scriptures and have a civilized discussion taking into account the questions below.  By the way this is not an assination of the president so base your answers on answering the questions below.

 a) Can President Obama’s decision be the greatest falling away that will herald in the begin of the end.   

b) Are we approaching fulfillment of prophecy.  

c) Does His decision have any bearing on Scriptures namely 2 Thessalonians 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.

d) Does this breakaway from the institution of marriage have any bearing on the description of the son of perdition who will be revealed after the falling away  Daniel 11:37 Neither shall he regard the God of His fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all

If you believe Obama’s decision is in any way connected do you then believe Obama had any control over his decision?

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Scripture tells us that we can do all things through Christ and that whatever we agree to and touch any thing in His name it will be done. So to me what that means is that Obama cannot bring the great falling away unless we the leaders of the church who influence the body of Christ believes that Obama has the power to create the great falling away.

The real concern should be is in the judgment for if the leaders of the church do not stand in faith to stop or destroy the works of the devil as Jesus was doing then we actually allow it all to happen, thus we the leaders of the church will probably be judged for leading the church in the wrong direction.

Sarah, the falling about is already prophecy so I don't get your answer we dont need to agree the falling away unless you do not believe the inspired word of God. Are you honestly saying that unless the body of Christ agree the falling away wont happened.

My dear if you study Scripture you will know there is a order of things that must come to pass not that may come to pass but must come to pass you and I my dear cannot effect what is the naturally order of things which must occur in order for the 2nd coming. The only thing you and I can do is pray that God has not assign us to be the ones who herald in the begin of the end in much the same way that poor Judas cos you have to feel sorry for him as someone had to do it and his name was written for such a task.

Now my question was not on Obama having any power but if you want to read between the line is he being controll by spiritual force in order to effctively herald in the beginning of the end.





We the body of Christ can do all things through Christ as scripture does indicate. Either that is true or scripture is false. Yes there will be a falling away, but not on my watch, in Jesus name.

That is why there is no time line or date attached to scripture. People have said repeatedly that Jesus was coming on this day or because this has happened or that has happened and granted they are signs, but Jesus shed His blood so at least I and other can stand and do all things through Christ which also means we have the ability to stop the great falling away and put off the great tribulation. Why? Because it would not be fair to us if we are living by faith counting on His word and covenant to us, which in part is that we can do all things through Christ. That means we are to be victorious, right here right now, today if we stand together as one body. That is what He died for. We are not to be victims unless we teach those we influence to be victims.

Yes I have read what you have written and by the name of Jesus Obama has no control over my life at all what so ever. I will not allow it and will not agree that he has the ability to control any spiritual force in heaven or hell. In fact that is against scripture because the body of Christ has all power in heaven and earth, not Satan or Obama. They only have any power if we give it to them by standing with them in covenant and that is what happens when we vote for ungodly mean. We enter covenant with them just as Israel did with Rome and as a consequence to the lack of faith that Israel had, Israel was almost totally wiped off the face of the earth about 70AD.

We are no better than Israel. We too had better learn real fast how to walk in the faith Jesus died for so we to can stand and destroy the works of the devil. If we don't then it is our fault. If we do not teach our congregations that we are here to destroy the works of the devil it is our fault.

Honestly biblically speaking if we are even talking about those of the world which includes Obama we are praising what he is doing. We are not to do that. I would think?

I believe it is a spiritual force that is using him.  I do not believe what is going on, but i am

carefully watching and praying. I had a dream that God told me about obama, but i cannot

remember it.  I will have to write it down next time. I had a lot on my mind and I ask my father,

he always talks to me.  So i will ask him again and let him tell me the answer to this.

Very Good Response.

Dear Sister;

What a profound premise!  Short and long answer is. .yes.   PBO is a WILLING PARTICIPANT of the gay and secular agenda to break religious/church/bible influence out of our government/schools/communities and replace it with human secularism (i.e., rights). 

I use to think people who believed conspiracies about him were prejudice and/or crazy.  But when he goes out of his way to make such a CONTROVERSIAL declaration IN THE HOME STRETCH OF HIS RE-ELECTION, people better wake up!!

THEY ARE COMING FOR US, , ,OUR BIBLES, OUR 501.C3 STATUS, OUR FAITH, OUR HEARTS AND OUR CHILDREN and all of this was just laying the foundation; they are going to force gay "rights" on the church next term.   Apostle Paul warned us not to be ignorant. 

The gays had a "conniption fit" and demanded ACTION after losing the NC vote last week.  He was openly chided to "Man Up!" and come out for same-sex marriage on live t.v., , ,  by a demo. party, pro-gay spokesman!  If he wasn't embarrassed by being 'dressed down' so terribly, I was shamed enough for the both of us!!!    They talked to him like he was "Toby", the Alabama "field hand", . . the president of the United States?!!

Do we need to see a "signing ceremony" of PO's Executive Order to eliminate any form of disagreement or rejection of the gay lifestyle, before we "pre-judge" or know where all of this is going?



PO's administration has been poking our Catholic brethren in the eye with a sharp stick for months over contraception irregardless of their spiritual beliefs.  WE SAID NOTHING.  Their blogs read that they are proud that they're coming against such a religious bastion and perceived adversary.  Now, all of this was just laying the foundation; they are going to force gay "rights" on the church next term. 

All of us saw the open betrayal of the AME Elders, and us as Christians;  breaking his sworn commitment to us regarding this issue.   Those precious, grey-headed leaders and prayer warriors laid hands on him!!!!!.  Blessing him and putting a hedge about him.  The picture of it WAS hanging in my house.   Then he goes and "PUNKS" US ALL. 

No people, PO was not the first black president, . .NEWSWEEK is crowning him the 1st Gay President.  We blacks, and especially black Christians was just his chick, ah, . (tr)ick on the side.  Black unemployment is still too high, school-to-prison is decimating our community, our neighborhoods are ravished with foreclosures and crime.  But before he will even return our calls, , , , , HE'S  JUST GOT TO HELP THOSE GAYS  GET MARRIED!!!  yeah, that's right. 

I can't speak for anybody else, but,  I plan to tell PO . . . . . ITS TIME FOR YOU TO CALL TYRONE!    


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