I have noticed a trend among young people, many are getting into oral sex , anal sex, and same sex relationships.
And guess what it is going on right in the church.

I am preparing a series of lessons What the bible said about sex.

I am doing a poll.

Please reply
Is oral sex wrong?
Is anal sex wrong?

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same sex relationships, homosexuality is a abominible (nasty) sin, it's wrong. If you live by the word of God

The other two? quite frankly Bro. Bass, things that the bible is silent on(and someone can show me scripture) I stay quiet on. Intimacy between a husband and wife, is between them and God.
Amen sister Altha-enough said!!!!
The Bible makes no clear mention of oral sex at all. Therefore, it is difficult to produce an official biblical position. Nevertheless, based on the information that follows oral sex is not sinful and that it is permissible only within the bonds of marriage between a husband and wife.

The book Song of Solomon is a love poem between a husband and wife. This book is seen in two senses: physical love and a description of God's love for His church. Either way, the book definitely encourages a husband and wife to enjoy the sexual pleasures of one another. It is in this beautiful book that two scriptures appear which may shed light on the issue of oral sex. Let's take a look.

* Song 2:3, "Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest, so is my beloved among the young men. In his shade I took great delight and sat down, and his fruit was sweet to my taste."
* Song 4:16, "Awake, O north wind, and come, wind of the south; make my garden breathe out fragrance. Let its spices be wafted abroad. May my beloved come into his garden and eat its choice fruits!"

Notice in Song 2:3 that it says, "...and his fruit was sweet to my taste." Obviously this involves very intimate experience. Tasting one another can have a wide variety of applications. It appears that this is a veiled way of alluding to oral sex. Furthermore, if we look at Song 7:7 we read, "I said, I will climb the palm tree. I will take hold of its fruit stalks. Oh, may your breasts be like clusters of the vine." Apparently, fondling of the breasts is meant here. If such enjoyment of the body is intended, and since tasting (which involves the mouth) is part of that expression, it would seem safe to say that oral sex is permissible.

What does it mean to eat the choice fruits of his garden in 4:16? She is saying that she is "his garden" and that she desires that he eat of her fruit.

The poetic use of metaphors in describing the physical relationship is sometimes hard to fully apprehend, but it seems obvious from the context that intimate sexual union is implied.

"The beloved's request that the winds blow on her garden, that is, herself (cf. vv. 12, 15) was a delicate, poetically beautiful invitation to her lover to fully possess her (come into her). She wished to be his with her charms as available as fruit on a tree."1

Therefore, oral sex is permissible between a husband and wife.
Is this discussion appropriate?
Yes it is Newview
The reason why I started the discussion is I have noticed many youth in churches have become sexually active and are participating in this type of behavior.

Now we all know that all sex before marriage is sin.
It is happening in the church, so why cant we talk about it
Bro Bass,

Wouldnt you say that it is only appropriate if you are conversating with the brethren and kick around some thoughts - but you are among Christian young women and the bible says you should treat them as sisters and you are among Christian old women which you are to teach as mothers.
Now you tell me - would it be appropriate to talk to your mom about anal sex or what have you?
I dont know what your relationship is with your mother - but I kinda think you would know it is an inappropriate topic for your mom, sister or daughter or neighbor.
This is a topic that would make women blush - I hope it's one that would make them blush amongst the brethren. I think its a topic of conversation for women amongst women and vice versa.
I pray that it is among the modest holy women of God.
Paul nor the holy apostles would even speak of these things around Mary and Dorcas - let alone discuss it with them. I cant see that.
You would discuss oral/anal sex with your mother or your sister?
You would discuss oral/anal sex with your neighbor's fiance or wife?
You would discuss this with your niece?
Arent God's daughters even more special than your natural relatives or neighbors?
Would you discuss it with your church secretary?
Shouldnt the only person a brother should discuss it with is his own wife...or other brothers or father or other male.

For the sake of being UP ON today's issues are we suppressing the Holy Spirit?
The scriptures tell the women to be shamefaced with all modesty but you brothers are encouraging the sisters to do the exact opposite.

What I would suggest is that there be - like on other Christian Discussion Boards - there be a whole section dedicated to conversations like this - that only brothers are asked to participate and a section for only sisters to participate. And each are kindly asked to respect the other group's privacy

Listen - if we were just co-workers in a box factory - this would be inappropriate and disrespectful for you to discuss in a mixed group.
So now that we attach the well it's for adult Christians - its OK to lose the 'shame'?
Would you sit down and speak to your neighbors wife about this? I can not see that.

I'm not saying you guys are evil or anything but that maybe you never really thought about it.
You are right. Have at!!!
I HAVE discussed this with m mother and sisters! Sex is as natural as taking a shower. GOD created it. If the men and women cannot speak to each other on it, then then ment and women are not willing and able to learn from it.

Stable adults are able to speak on this and not have a hard time about it, be it on the job or in the Church. Christian setting SHOULD be the place that people learn this instead of the porn-sites and their unsaved friends! If you have a problem with it, ok, we can respect that. In that case, leave such for yourself and your husband or any other place that you feel appropriate. I however want to be able to get back to where Adam once was:

Genesis 2:25 "And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed."
Oral sex anal sex is a perversion created by man. The Lord said be fruitful and multiply. Can you multiply by anal or oral sex?
if it aint written then it aint REAL...and it is written


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