I only have one question, if it's F.A.T.A.L. to the character of any one for truth
to divulge the secret work of the Order unlawfully how can I just Google it????
1- The Condictress leads the canidate to the west side of the Alter, by

entering the Labyrinth from the east,between Adah and Electa, leaving theAlter to the right;causing her to kneel,and places a small Bible in her hands,in the following manner; Both hands clasp the book, with thumbs across the front edge.

2. In the presence of xxx Almighty God and of these witnesses, I

xxxxxxxx solemnly and sincerely promise, that I will never unlawfully reveal to any person the secret work of the Order of the Eastern Star.

That I will always maintain a discret silence respecting the transactions of the chapter of which I may be a member or visitor, when in the presence of those who are not members of the order;

That I will obey the Constitution and laws of the Grand Chapter within whose jurisdiction I may be, and the bylaws of the Chapter of which I may be a member;

That I will so far as in my power, give to my sisters and brothers advice in their troubles, sympathy in their sorrows, and aid in their misfortunes;

That I will not speak evil of a sister or brother,or preform any act of injustice or xxxxxx unkindness towards them.

That I will cherish and defend the character of all members of the Order, so far as truth,honor and justice will warrant;

That I will consider this obligation binding upon me, although my membership in the Order may cease;

To this Solemn obligation I promise faithful obediance, under the xx penalty off suspension or expulsion from the Order;

3. W.P.Raising the veil as high as the eyes twice,raising it a third X

time,throwing it up over the head , retaining hold of the ends, and casting the eyes upward.

4. Cond. - Alas my daughter!

5. W.P. - Being Jepthah’aexclamation when his daughter came out to

meet him on his return to Mizpeh.

6. W.P. Extending the hands forward from the elbows, closed, as

though holding clums of barley, then drawing them to the breasts, casting the eyes upward.

7.- Cond. Who is this?

8. - W.P. -Being Boaz’sinquiry concerning Ruth.

9. - W.P. With the right hand first touching the crown of the head

then the left shoulder, then extending it foward, palm downward, as though touching the scepter.

10. Cond. - What wilt thou.

11. W.P. -Being the Kings inquiry of her.

12. W.P. -Forming a triangle with the thumb and forefinger of each

hand, then raising them above the head, and casting the eyes upward.

13. Cond. - Believest thou this?

14. W.P. Being the inquiry of which Jesus made of Martha, when he

had declared, “I am the Resurrection and the Life.”

15. W.P.Crossingthe arms over the breast , the left over the right and

casting the eye upward.

16. Cond. –Love one another.

17. W.P. - Are you a member of the Eastern Star?

Cond– I have seen his^ star in the East.W.P. - Why have you come here?

Cond. I have come here to worship Him.

W.P. Have you the Cabilistic word?

Cond. — I have .

W.P. - Will you give it to me ?
Cond. I will, with your assistance.

W.P. . Begin

Cond. F.

W.P. - A.

Cond. -T.

W.P. -A.

Cond. -L. fatal.

W.P. -What signification has the word?

Cond. First that it would be fatal to the character of any one for truth
to divulge the secret work of the Order unlawfully. Second, xxxx each letter stands for a word, and these words compose the Cabalistic Motto?

W.P. -Have you the Cabalistic Motto?

Cond. - I have.

W.P. Will you give it to me?

Cond.- I will with your assistance.

W.P. -Begin

Cond. - Fairest.

W.P. -Among

Cond. Thousands

W.P. Altogether

Cond. Lovely.

18.W.P. Fairest among thousands, altogether lovely.

19. W.P. Facing the east, placing their hands in the position they were when

holding the book at the Alter, and, with a slight bow, retire or be seated, as the case may me. The response from the chair to this sign is made by placing the right hand upon the ceter of the left breast, them moving it slowly palm xxxxxxxx upward, and forward to the full length of the forearm.

20. W.P. Taking the hand in the ordinary manner, and passing the thrumb to the

fleshy part ofthe hand, between the thumb and forefinger, with a slight pressure.

21. W.P. Cabalistic Word.


(from wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_Eastern_Star)
W.P. - Worthy Matron - “a Master Mason who provides general supervision”
Conductress - “Leads visitors and Initiations” (misspelled above and in the original letter as Condictress)

(From wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cabal)
Cabalistic - From Cabal - “The term cabal derives from Kabbalah (a word that has numerous spelling variations), the mystical interpretation of the Hebrew scripture, and originally meant either an occult doctrine or a secret. It was introduced into English in the publication of Cabala a curious medley of letters and papers of the reigns of James and Charles I that appeared in 1654.”

More information: http://www.saintsalive.com/freemasonry/estar.htm

The five-pointed star or Pentagram, is the signet of the Order of the Eastern Star. Yet, it is known by many other names in Occult circles, such as, Sirus, the Blazing Star, and the Pentalpha. This star is not the "star of Bethlehem", but is commonly used in ritual magic. It's prince is not Jesus Christ . . . but the prince of darkness.

Mr. Larry Kunk, cited a very interesting statement made by Mr. Albert Pike, "Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish Souls? Doubt it not! "(26)

The star is also the symbol of Baphomet of Mendes, (the Satanic Goat), or Osiris, which is the centerpiece of "Adoptive Masonry", the order of the Eastern Star.
The Order of the Eastern Star is an adoptive rite of Freemasonry with teachings based on the Bible and objectives that are charitable and benevolent. The founder of OES was Dr. Robert Morris, a lawyer and educator from Boston, Massachusetts, who was a Master Mason and Past Grand Master of Kentucky. Dr. Morris intended his creation to become a female branch of Freemasonry, but he failed to overcome the great opposition this idea engendered. After his first published ritual in 1849-50, he became associated with Robert Macoy who wrote and published a ritual based on Morris' in 1867. The first Grand Chapter was organized in Michigan in the same year. (There is evidence for an organization of the same name founded variously in 1788 or 1793, but this group was defunct by 1867.) Subordinate (local) chapters operate under charter from state level grand chapters which are responsible to the General Grand Chapter at the International Eastern Star temple in Washington, D.C.
Remember this letter from Maggie.

Leaving OES to follow Jesus

Maggie -

I delayed getting to the Order of the Eastern Star meeting until the last possible minute because our Worthy Matron had called and asked me to be the Conductress - I told her I could not do that - so I wanted to give her time to get someone else to fill that station to replace the one who had chosen to attend Church service instead of OES. Fortunately, my plan worked because someone else filled that station.

I was friendly as usual to everyone when I went in - I had some hesitancy about entering the meeting room (chapter room) but I cannot believe how calmly I walked in and how peacefully calm I remained. I was supposed to be the Worthy Matron this year again but I had written and told them not to vote for me because I would not accept the office. I had held that office on three previous occasions. So I took Warder, which is the least office one can have.

Our Worthy Matron gave me the badge for that station and I refused to put it on. It is the badge with the dove within the upside down star - I could not wear it. She mentioned it several times and I said, "It's right here", holding it in my hand.

I had asked her before the meeting to let me have a few words. I waited until the very end - just prior to the closing - and stood up to speak. Not a soul in that room knew what I was going to say. All eyes were on me. I started out by telling them how they had accepted me into their midst when we moved to this area about 14 years ago. We knew no one here; I had known one member previously and wrote to her. She invited me to a meeting and I went - it was several years before I went back. Because of illnesses in the family, I did not have time for OES then.

I told them I felt totally surrounded by prayer because people from as far away as Nevada were praying for me and for what I had to do.

I told them that I was coming to them in love. I told them I felt as one crying in the desert - the room was so quiet it was deafening. I went on to tell them the facts as I had learned them, which led me to the conclusion that a Christian cannot be involved in Freemasonry or any of its appendant organizations, and finished by saying I could no longer be associated with the Order of the Eastern Star. No one even breathed, I don't think.

When I finished I said, "I am leaving now and I leave you in love and with the hope you will seek this out for yourself. I wish for each of you the best and hope you do the same for me. If you want further information you can call me." With that, I picked up my bag and walked out, got in my car
and came home.

I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I was. I was sick last night - my throat was so inflamed and swollen - but you know what? God gave me just enough voice to finish and He gave me the words to say. I did not read from the paper I had written ahead of time, because I was quietly emotional, and I wanted to speak from my heart, even though the paper contained my heartfelt thoughts.

It is unreal how secure, serene, and confident I was in doing what I did. I had a purpose and I accomplished it with the help of all of the members of Ex-Masons For Jesus who were with me in prayer, if not in person. My sister-in-law, her husband, my Bible Study Class, and others were also in prayer for me. God does wonderful things when we let Him.

I have this morning called two dear OES friends - one from my former chapter who had gone to Church last night and the other one a very dear friend from another chapter. I told them what I had done and how I had done it. I told them of the circle of prayer around me last night. They both agreed that nothing in the lectures was in agreement with the scripture - they knew it was wrong to add/subtract from God's word. They are now in deep thought.

One said she had promised two up-coming Worthy Matrons that she would help them and I said, "I do not believe you should let that stand in your way of doing what is best for you." I gave her the address of Dr. Cathy Burns so she could order the book, 'Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star'.

I came home, had a nice hot cup of tea, went to bed sick as could be, and slept the sleep of a baby. I cannot tell you how much I felt had been lifted from my heart and soul. I was so excited.

Today, I have three other people I need to call before someone else calls and distorts what I said and did. I don't know many people outside of my chapter because I was a fringe member active in my local chapter only.

I cannot thank Ex-Masons for Jesus enough for helping me through this. I do not think I could have done it without knowing that others who had escaped the snare of Freemasonry were with me. The encouragement you gave to a stranger made the difference.

I really am happy and so relieved. But I am concerned for others. Why do people get involved in things of which they know so little?

Thank you and your group so very much.


Yours truly,
Anthony Smith

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WOW! You have mastered copy and paste! Man... super job. That's awesome.

Now don't let a silly thing like the bible disagreeing with you stop you from your courageous rants. I would venture to guess that you are someone in somewhat of emotional distress and this is a cry for help. Whenever you're ready to open up feel free to message me in private. You can spam me if you like.. you know if I unintentionally offended you. I don't mind. I'm hardly ever on this site anymore so it wouldn't matter.

Sure, I have a few minutes to wast. When you quote from someone you give the exact quote, not make-up something else. That's why it's copied & pasted. Besides, my question was if it's F.A.T.A.L. to the character of any one for truth to divulge the secret work of the Order unlawfully how can I just Google it????

If I didn't copy & past it folks would ask, "Google what?".

Zealot X why would this offend me?

How is this a rant? More like a question. I guess I'm suppose to be up-set when I'm not. You see my face, unlike yours. That's my real name, unlike yours. I told freemasons & Order of the Eastern Star members to their face, mostly black members. And they had nothing to say, unless they made-up something after the fact.

How is this an emotional distress or a cry for help?

I never in my life hid behind nothing, not money, not family, not friends, not an organizations, not a fraternity, not a church, not law enforcement, not a constitutional law. I only stand behind God.

Who here is going to help? Why would I spam you?

You can see my face clearly, I don't hide behind a keyboard.

No Freemason or Order of the Eastern Star scare me.

Why would they scare me? What are they going to do? Isolate me & than spread some rumors?

The spineless cowards that manipulate members & hide behind a Freemason or Order of Eastern Star fraternity or organization will use their resources to hide behind a church or any other organization, most of these organizations brother & sisterhood loyalty & friendship go to the highest bidder.  I never asked anyone to join a lodge, I was asked to join a Freemason organization.

I never asked any group to be a member, I was always asked. So how am I emotional? I'm a grown man I rarely get emotional.  And like I said, I never in my life hid behind nothing, not money, not family, not friends, not an organizations, not a fraternity, not a church, not law enforcement, not a constitutional law. I only stand behind God.

thank you brother for your devotion to the work of jesus christ and winning souls to the kingdom it is very serious work do not take it lightly thankyou for your selfless efforts keep in touch with me johnnelson send me a message evangelism can be done on the internet also there on here to it takes courage to do this work god bless and keep you brother

Greetings Sisters and Brothers.  I wish that we could get beyond judging a group by one person's expierences and situation.  After becoming and Eastern Star two years ago Imust say it has chaned my life greatly.  I was a deotye christian before and I became a dedicated christian after.  i have never studied the word as much as i have in the last 2 years.  It has taught me that getting understanding is the greatest thing.  I look for knowledge through prayer and bible study.  I have learnde that its is not my place to judge because that position is filled by God.  I am so sorry for Maggie's expierence as welll as the expierences of church members that are a part of a corrupted congregation.  As far as online info, I'll put it like this iformation without revelation is useless. As a man that can recite the bible but has no wisdom or revelation on the word of God, what would be the point.  You can't lay a bible under your pillow and benefit from its teachings.So is it that the ritual is merely a guide to direct the Order in a uniform ordley way.  For God said do  all things  withn decency and order.  What could be hurtful abouth studinh Jepatah's daughte , the elect lady, martha, ruth and esther? 

Where is Christianity in Order of the Eastern Star? 

The Order of The Eastern Star is built on  Dr. Morris theories he had formulated. Dr. Morris decided on the degrees, contemplated the themes, incorporated from the pages of antiquity the heroines and names, established the signs and passes, colors and emblems.

What did they tell you that Eastern Star is a term for the star Sirius? The first star to rise in the east in the latitudes of Egypt.

At this point you may protest and say that the Star is based on biblical stories and that the star of the altar is intended to represent the "star in the east" mentioned in Mt.2:2 which heralded the birth of Jesus. You may point out that the motto of the order is: "We have seen his star in the East and are come to worship Him." This sounds very pious, but actually it is misdirection!

When the ladies of the Star say, "We have seen His Star in the East and are come to worship Him", who is "Him?" The Eastern Star is not the star which heralds Jesus, but the star which heralds Set - the most ancient form of Satan in recorded history! In a false attempt to portray themselves as a Christian organization, the Eastern Star uses the motto, “We have seen His star in the East, and are come to worship Him,” which is a quote from Matthew 2:2.  They claim that the name “Eastern Star” refers to the star over Bethlehem that the Magi followed to find the Christ child to worship him.  However, a close look at the scripture shows this is faulty theology.  First of all, we see in Matthew 2 that the Magi came from lands that were east of Bethlehem.  If they were headed toward Bethlehem from their eastern Asian lands, they would be headed west, not east.  This means the star of Bethlehem was to their west.  When the Magi said, “We have seen his star in the East,” they meant that they were the ones in the East, speaking of what their earthly position was in reference to the star, when they saw the star to their west over Israel.

Many know that their claim of being “Christian” is unfounded and the star they embrace has nothing to do with Christ, the Lord of glory.  Even Albert Mackey, a Master Mason, in his A Manual of the Lodge [1870, pp. 50-51]

In various Masonic publications, this star is called the hex sign, the pentalpha, i.e. pentagram, the blazing star, and the astral light. 

The Supreme Council appointed a committee to prepare and compile rituals for the 4th through the 32nd Degrees. That committee was composed of Albert G. Mackey, John H. Honour, William S. Rockwell, Claude P. Samory, and Albert Pike. Of these five committee members, Pike did all the work of the committee.


You should read Albert Pike work, he wrote a lot about Baal or Lucifer the Light Bearer.

I will read my Bible because it will instruct in the right path!  I wish you would have read my post with as much zeal as the rituals that you continue to post. But I see you like to babble, but remember many words does not equal wisdom. I wish the best I have to work out my own soul's salvation I would suggest you do the same.  It would be more productive then discrediting  every masonic order.  I guess every church is corrupted if you read about the corruption of one. 

Be blessed thanks for the advice but the bible is what  I spend most of my time studying.  Not Eastern star doctrine


Sure, I have a second to wast before I workout.

That babble is from the Order you pay due money to. I don't need salvation I have real faith, I believe in God. I believe in God over a book, over the constitution & people that live in a society that worship the dollar first & God second. We all know a lot of people in this world salvation is the luxury of what men create & not the salvation of the soul. If they went broke they would be miserable inside & out.  

I pay   $10.00 a month in dues and I pay over 200 in tithes you do the math!   Salvation comes through faith so we agree. John 3:16 whosover believe shall have ever lasting life.  Be blessed.  I am broke in the world but I have rich in glory.  So those that you are talking bout doesn't include me so you have a great journey in your path in enlightenment.  Only one can sit on the throne and they reside in heaven.


I can't do the math because I don't have the books. I'm not trying to come at you wrong, but your $10.00 times X amount of members across the State that belong to the same kind of lodge equal X to me because I don't know how many lodges they have. A dollar here a dollar there, a raffle here a raffle there, a cabaret here a cabaret there, a trip to the casino, a cruise or a trip to the Caribbean here, a casino, a cruise or a trip to the Caribbean there, it add up. I'm not saying a cruise or a trip to the casino is wrong, unions do it all the time. Your lodge may have jurisdiction to operate. Take a look at this. I didn't copy & past it. I posted it on other  website.


The same card is being solicited in Cleveland, Ohio, again. This time the lodge is called called King Solomon Lodge No.7 A.F. & A.M. State of Ohio. The contact person, NO NAME, number is the same as before 216-673-0818. Remember last time the were calling themselves Ishmai'l Lodge No. 6 A.F. & A.M. State of Ohio same contact number as King Solomon.


On the back reads "I want to be a Eastern Star" [women] Bathsheba Chapter No. 7. The Eastern Star lodge stayed the same, but the contact person, NO NAME, number changed to 216-322-2868 instead of 440-979-1016.

After you make contact, with whomever the person maybe, they will ask you to meet at McDonald's or a coffee shop. Mind you not the lodge or their home. On the phone the person is very vague on info.

They want discuss who the founding members of the lodge were, does this sound like a legitimate fraternity or organization to you? Most folks know the so-called founder of the black freemason was Prince Hall. But most folks know lil' or nothing before joining unless they're told by someone else, mainly a relative, & that information is vague. "It's a very POWERFUL organization," the relative would say. Yes, we get that, any fraternity with a large body of members with a dollar or two to give is a very POWERFUL organization. Part of the due money can be used for charity or something corrupt or both. Most Freemason members have no clue where the money they give stops. "GET YOUR HAND OUTTA MY POCKET!"

It doesn't matter if you are Scottish Rite or York Rite, if you are asking people to join a lodge you should know who founded the Grand lodge & who gave that Grand lodge jurisdiction to operate. Anybody can learn who the founder of Black Freemasons. What are the traditions & the purpose behind the fraternity, besides brotherhood, fellowship, friendship & mutual support? Because all those thing can be manipulated & no man can see inside another mans soul, so how can a man teach the immortality of the soul. There is no real brotherhood when currency is involved. It cannot be proven that a mans life, regulated by morality, faith, and justice, will be rewarded at its closing hour by the prospect of eternal bliss. You can improve oneself & pursue excellence on your own. God can only redeem you from the death of sin & salvation is in Gods Kingdom.


Why this could be wrong? Because they have no real legal charter or Grand Lodge jurisdiction to operate.


The scandal is done by real masons & Eastern Stars that hide behind the name of a lodge or the organization. These folks either belong to a lodge & Grand lodge that has real jurisdiction to operate or they're no longer active, but they know how the organization work & they know also know a spiritual foundation can persuade most folks out of money. The scandal could work in a lot of ways, it's a very multi-level scheme. Filling out the application is the first set-up because some members check the LIFE INSURANCE BOX. Once you fill out the application & pay your money you are than taken through a series of degree rituals, kind of like a play. The important design of the degree is to symbolize the great doctrines of the resurrection of the body and the immortality of the soul, saved from the grave of iniquity, and raised to the faith of salvation.


Some lodges will raise you ° Entered Apprentice, ° Fellowcraft & ° Master Masonall in the same night. Some will give you degrees one at a time, depending on your ritual learning. Once you become a member you are given a ritual book, a pair of white gloves, a apron with a square & compasses on the apron, you are given a membership card & a hat. After you have read enough of your ritual book you are persuaded to move up in degrees, to move up each degree will cost you money & the due money in higher lodges cost a lot more than the lower lodges. But where is your due money going? The similarity in structure is so related that some folks have been members of a fake lodge for over 50 years, some past away thinking they were really masons, family & friends think they're real masons. After a while most members will stop going to the lodge meetings & will become inactive members, but still think they're real masons. Everything is modified and adapted to suit you, the one being hustled. There's no rush because you could bring in more members to the lodge. In fact, finding a member that can build the house, so to speak, & bring more & more members is like finding oil in your backyard.

Mind you a lot of these men & women are good brothers & sisters and are members of Church's & other fraternities & sororities. It doesn't take much to operate a lodge that doesn't have any Grand Lodge Jurisdiction. All people would have to do is lease or rent a space, it doesn't have to be a BIG temple style lodge, it could be a run down space in the inner city or at someone home. You only need 7 or more members to hold a meeting. Any space could be a lodge & because of that anyone can create a none jurisdiction lodge. And I do mean anyone. Memorizing the Bible & using religion & spiritual faith a large group of people could be persuaded into illegal activity. You name it, car theft ring, counterfeit money, gambling, drugs, you name it. They can run it like a mafia, but the members aren't really made men. Down low gays, bisexuals & lesbians could create a lodge to try & hustle people out of money & manipulate the ritual book to their liking & by memorizing the Bible & using religion, spiritual faith & persuasion they could try & change straight members into being gay or bisexual & if that doesn't work use the lodges to destroy that person for rejecting them. None of that have anything to do with enlightenment or being a Mason or Masonic.

Because most Christians do not know about Freemasonry, some are led to join a Masonic Lodge. After they join and become active in Freemasonry, they begin to understand what is being taught in Masonic ritual. Christians who think about the meaning of the words in ritual end up leaving Freemasonry. Many go quietly, because of fear. Others are under so much spiritual bondage, as a result of being involved in the occultic religion of Freemasonry, that they remain somewhat dysfunctional as Christians. Spiritual healing can be instantaneous, or it can take years, depending on the individual and God's will.

Be wary of any church leadership who are former Masons. Unless they are able to fully reveal the evil nature of Freemasonry, they may not be free of Masonic bondage. Former Masons should be examined carefully before they are allowed to take any teaching or leadership role in the church. Men, who have left the Masonic Lodge after coming to understand what Masonic ritual teaches, have sometimes felt compelled to reveal the contents of Masonic ritual to the public. Many are reluctant to do so because of Masonic history. During the early 19th century, Capt. William Morgan worked with a printer named Miller to publish the rituals, as practiced in New York. The printers shop was set ablaze and Morgan was abducted and murdered. As his body was never recovered, there was no conviction for murder. However, several Masons were convicted of his abduction. Even through intimidation and persecution can be intense for those who reveal the "secrets" of Freemasonry, exposures of Masonic ritual have continued since 1727, ten years after the founding of the Grand Lodge of England. Exposures of Masonic ritual have continued for more than two centuries for several reasons.

The most compelling reason is so that other men will not be ensnared in Freemasonry. Christians who become ensnared in Freemasonry sooner or later realize that Masonic ritual teaches a plan of salvation which is not based on faith in Jesus Christ, but rather on the basis of imitating Hiram Abiff, the prototype Masonic savior. Galatians 1:8-9 reveals that the penalty for teaching a false plan of salvation is eternal condemnation. Christians have no choice but to repent.

Eye Of The Phoenix

I have enlightenment? Thanks. I wasn't speaking about you because I don't know you personally. I wasn't speaking about every wealthy person. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with having or seeking wealth. But if you're claiming to be a spiritual person that lead others that seek spiritual enlightenment than you should be careful. Not you of course, but folks in general.
There have been several white men who have served a Prince Hall Lodge as Worshipful Master, and in the book Black Square and Compass's, the author
noted that there was a Prince Hall Lodge in New Jersey where every member but the Secretary was white. This is by by Reverend Jan L. Beaderstadt, E.P., P.C., P.M.

Prince Hall Masonry was able to pull off what caucasian Masonry had been unable to do: a national Grand Lodge. Called the National Compact, it was organized in 1848. Not everyone was happy with the National Compact, The Grand Lodge of Prince Hall in Ohio was unhappy, was seeking a way out, and needed allies. With this agenda, Ohio chartered four Lodges in Michigan in 1872: Battle Creek, Detroit, Pontiac, and Grand Rapids. This initiated a split in the Compact, leading to its eventual demise.

Ecci Orienti


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