How effective do you think our new President will be and do you think a fraction of the people that voted for him will pray daily for him and his family?

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Well let me say this, I think having Obama as our president, he can't do any worse. I think he's a brilliant man with ideas that stretch beyond the outter box. However once the dust clears and the charismatic speeches cease, the real work must begin in bringing this country from out of the economic depression as well as ending the wars that are going on as well as the pressure by the homosexual agenda to make marriages legal will determine who he really is once he's sitting in the most powerful seat in the world. I didn't vote for him based on some biblical reasonings, however I am reminded to submit myself to all of authorities that God in His soveignty commands me too. So yes I will pray for him and his family to lead this nation righteously and justly.

We agree with your response.


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