2012 is the year for the masses to finally hear the Message of Spirit 2 Spirit!

Kingdom Blessings All,

Spirit 2 Spirit Message Music Ministry Communications, Inc is a nonprofit Organization who’s Mission in life is to draw souls to God to advocate the sharing of our recourses to help one another in our humanitarian causes. Spirit 2 Spirit is the Vision given two brothers, Michael & Denny Jenkins. We are Singer/ Song Writers/Musicians/Producers in this endeavor, who minister through word and song, but there is much more to Ministry.  Our goal, in ministering music is to add a new genre called “Message Music” into the industry, because of it's healing and uniting potential,  However, God has placed no limit on what can be accomplished in Ministry hence we are introducing a new platform to Partnership in Ministry.  We have over a fifty year history, collectively in performing Gospel Music and have seen its face change dramatically over the years. God has blessed millions with musical gifts and talents, and millions more with the appreciation for positive inspiring forms of art.

Reality Check:

The cost associated with the production and promotion of a musical project can be staggering…even if you do the bulk of the work yourself. Without excellent credit, or investors, it is as the song says…I’m coming up the rough side of the mountain. We are not in this for the money!!! We truthfully confess, it is a labor of love as well as our contribution, and service to the building of the Kingdom. A large percentage of everything donated, pledged, and earned goes to Charity and our Partnership platform.

This Ministry was started in 2000 yet the lack of support has not destroyed our FAITH in God. We believe God will finish the work He has started in us. God gives increase, However,  He works through His people!

We need support…and the word says…You Have Not. For You Ask Not…If everyone who reads this message would give just a dollar, you would be amazed at the progress that will be made…Our goal is to give back …It is in our giving we receive!!! 

This is a short list of the areas we are in need of support…

We will keep you posted on our progress…

 1.) Radio Promotions                                                  

2.)  Partnership Donations

 3.) Production Cost                                             

 4.)  Showcase Fees & Travel

For more info about our Vision of Partnership, Please Visit the Ministry Page on our website;

Stay encouraged & be blessed!

Denny & Mike Jenkins/Spirit 2 Spirit





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